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AMR is a public company, listed on the stock exchange

Focusing on this statement, we should certainly bear some important roles and
functions in mind when managing our finances;
1. Accounts Receivable and Revenue Tracking (Money In): We always
need to track from where we are generating maximum revenue or earning.
We should concentrate more focus on our all accounts from where we can
accumulate revenues. To manage our finance, its important to be always
keen eyed on every possible receivable accounts.

2. Account Payable (Money Out): We need to pay every vendor on time to

keep a good business relationship and focusing for future business tracking. If
we manage this thing, it could be the best for AMR to manage its finance.

3. Payroll: We must ensure all of our employees should get paid on time
because it helps to motivate them and it generates more willing to go forward
and make best for every possible aspects. Proper tax is assessed and tax
assessment should be reviewed very importantly so that no problems on this
particular issue may arise.
4. Financial
implemented with view toward compliance, fraud and theft prevention need
to be observed setting up best financial control mechanism. We are to
ensure procedures set up properly to manage that process without errors.
5. Reporting and Financial Statements: For budgeting, forecasting and
other decision making for managing finance, we can use customized business
accounting and finance software to manage all of our accounts and track

Considering the above key roles and functions should be illuminated by AMR fianc
team so that it could be possible for the whole team to manage our finances under
any particular circumstances.


AMR should have some other accountabilities apart from responsibilities to the
firms owners;
1. Showing a True Commitment: We should show true commitment to all of
our people including internal, external, social, and governmental. This will
help to enhance the company profile more highlighting along with core
2. Social Media Visibility: Now a days, its the era of social media. We should
be active in social media so that everyone could get knowledge about our
company what we are doing; what we are planning; what are our future
agenda for a particular project or assignments etc.
3. Public Relations Benefits: To avail good PR is the best way to do business
now a days. We should remember to build up Public relationship so that every
possible business opportunities could be possible to be matched up.
4. Government Relations: To do business, smooth relationship with
government is mandatory. For this, we obviously follow government rules and
regulations for the best relation to keep uphold.
5. Building a Positive Workplace Environment: We all can give our best
effort if our workplace is cozy to us from the point of view; there will be no
discrimination, no frustration or no limitation of doing the right task.
Those are the important accountabilities AMR should consider apart from putting
emphasis responsibilities to the firms owners.