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Begging is the social problem, used for asking for money or food.
Due to unequal distribution of money among people, poverty in
our society causes begging. Beggars can be seen on roads,
hospitals markets and traffic signals. They mostly seen in old
clothes and carry begging bowls in their hands. Some people take
pity on them and give them alms. Some lepers and handicapped
It is very hard to give one specific reason to give reason for
begging. But main causes for begging family poverty,
unemployment, the collapse of family business create a situation
that cause begging.
Economic reasons:
The main cause of economic poverty is job less, or lack of
employment, and business income.
Poverty is the major factors that force people to make a miserable
The lucrative business: because of easy profits and income from
begging some people make it for their own career instead of
doing honest labor. Not only this some people make it as business
and exploit other by investing some money in this business. There
are group active in large cities. Which forces many children to this
Social Causes:
The main reasons are lake of parental control, disorganized
communities, breaking joint family system and social custom.
Disorganization family: family is the part of relationship of our
society, which affect our parents of behavior and activities. Any

disruption of our home state, especially in the case of poor one

leads to the breakdown of the family. Which arises begging.
Biological causes: it includes illness, physical disability, mental
disability and old age.
Begging in Pakistan: one of the most humiliating and difficult
profession to adopt is beggary. It needs great courage to accept
insulting remarks and abuse from other fellow beings. Among the
180 million 25 million are professionally beggars. This figure is
alarming. it is increasing day by day. The majority of baggers are
afghan refugees who lost their limbs in war. the community enjoy
luxuries of life without much ado. They deprive the noblest
persons because of these professional beggars. These people are
professionally trained. They are given the targets by their
teachers. So they can do any think for this.
Most people adopt this as they think that it is the easiest way to
earn money in Pakistan. Beggars have a rode business in cities.
They mostly found in market, traffic signals. Sometime their
behavior is very irritating. People hated them or avoiding them.
They chased people for money. On roads while driving the cars or
other vehicles or on foot, a barefooted child, a seeming healthy
woman caring a bandaged infant, or an aging man waving a few
pages of eveningwear at you. They have become a big source of
distraction for the public most of them shamelessly shock
commuters in an attempt to generate sympathy. They have
horrifying appearance
or disabilities that are a convenient tool for extorting.
Whatever little money they can, walking, limping and rollerskating with amputed legs up a road all day.

Methodology: I am the student of polymer engineering. And my

task was to study about beggars.
The method a adopted for studding about beggars were quite
easy. I went to roads talked them in home and roads. Made few
I made a survey and talked with beggars which things forces you
to asked for begging. I asked some questions.

Are you married
Is your parents alive
Is your parents forces you for begging
Is there any source of income for you
other than begging
Do you satisfy from begging form others
Are relatives financially help you
Beggars never tried to work hard to earn
money is it true
Do you think you can ever make
respectable job
Do you have savings too
Is the home in which you living is your
Do your other family members go for




Do you think you should go for education

instead of begging
Is there no source of income after your
husband death
Are people misbehave with you

Result : mostly people give an answer on agree on my questions

while few of them strongly disagree and some give no answer to
my few questions
Conclusion: begging is very common think in our society. Some
are pure needy ones and mostly are professionally beggars. They
beg you, tease you by chasing you they acts are totally
misbehaving government should take sever steps to decrease the
begging ratio. And give them a respectable job.