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Teaching and learning

Learning can be defined as a process through which people acquire new knowledge, skills,
or attitudes as a result of some type of study or experience. Learning occurs over time and
should be considered a lifelong process or experience.
Body language
Body language and expressions convey a message about how you think or feel. The
following examples will help you to send important messages to support what you are

maintain good eye contact

smile frequently
Lean head or body forward

If change of some kind does not occur, the teaching is ineffective.

As a tutor, we need to motivate students to acquire new information, remember it, and
apply it, but students must do the learning and they learn best by being involved in the
learning experience.
Process of Learning:
Learning is a process. It is carried out through steps. Learning process involves
(a) A motive or a drive.
(b) An attractive goal.
(c) A block to the attainment of the goal.
Domains of learning (Bloom's Taxonomy)

Cognitive Domain
Affective Domain
Psychomotor Domain
Principles of learning-primacy, recency, intensity, freedom and requirement
Basics of teaching, Psychological Principles of Teaching and essential of effective teaching
given in an effective way.
Novel approach on Innovative teaching methods

Mind map
z-a approach like that
Multimedia learning process
Mnemonics Words- Words Words Approach


Move from projects to Project Based Learning

Teach concepts, not facts

Distinguish concepts from critical information

Make skills as important as knowledge

Form teams, not groups

Use thinking tools

Use creativity tools

Reward discovery