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Maxine Curry

Dayjob Limited
The Big Peg
120 Vyse Street
Birmingham B18 6NF
T: 0044 121 638 0026
E: info@dayjob.com

A cost conscious and technically savvy Engineering Manager who has a track record of working
with senior executives to develop project plans and drive tasks accordingly. Maxine can manage,
lead and develop an engineering team that is capable of delivering within tight deadlines and in a
fast-moving environment. She will always ensure that products are designed using sound
engineering principles and that a project team is able to deal with changing customer needs and
product specifications. At the moment works in an environment where she is frequently exposed to
moving mechanical parts and hazardous substances. As a true professional she has a suitable
engineering degree, demonstrable technical ability and strong personal drive. Right now she would
like to work for a technically diverse and rapidly expanding organization that cares deeply about its

Engineering Manager - Start Date - Present
Employers name - Location
Responsible for minimising unplanned engineering equipment downtime and maximizing
equipment reliability.

Managing the Maintenance and Repair budget.

Implementing continuous improvement initiatives in the engineering team.

Directing the work of professional engineers.

Participating in the sales and marketing of engineering services.

Attending events, conferences and trade shows to seek out more efficient engineering

Writing engineering reports for colleagues, senior management and customers.

In charge of near and long term capacity planning of all workload within the department.

Presenting engineering results and conclusions in verbal and written format.

Interpreting company policies for workers.

Monitoring and tracking progress against set project plans.

Hiring, training and developing engineering personnel.

JOB TITLE - Start Date - End Date

Employers name - Location
JOB TITLE - Start Date - End Date
Employers name - Location



Ability to compute rate, ratio and percentage and to draw and interpret bar graphs.

Can get things done without direct line authority.

Strong technical, team and risk management skills.

Construction and installation experience.

Identifying project risks.

Ability to reach consensus on technical direction and engineering matters with work

Experience with lean manufacturing.

Managing competing demands.


Able to work well in a collaborative and resource-constrained environment.

Ability to influence others.

Knowledge of proper chemical handling.

Driving performance
Capacity planning
Efficient resource utilization

Managing security
Personnel development
Talent management
Salary planning

University name - Degree details
College name
- Qualifications
School name
- Subjects / Grades
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