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Danira Ortega
Professor Batty
English 28
20 November 2016
Future in the Right Hands.
Immigration is one of the most important issues America is facing today. This was one of
the main topics during the presidential election because more immigrants have been coming to
the U.S in search for a better future. We had to pay attention to the policies that each candidate
for presidency had proposed because it was going to affect all the citizens in the United States.
Some people would be more affected than others, especially those who are immigrants or the
ones who come from an immigrant background, but it would affect us all on a certain level.
Because of this, we had to find the policies that were most likely to benefit much of the
population in the U.S. Although many of the Trump supporters may argue that immigrants are
the cause of the crime rate increase and because of this, they need to be stopped, I believe that
Trumps policies are not the solution for this problem. Between Trumps and Hilarys policies for
immigration, Hillarys policies were the most reasonable ones. She was going to work to keep
families together under the law and work with the programs that were created by President
The policies by Clinton tended to share a similar concern, families. One of the most
important consequences that immigration laws have caused is the separation of families. One of
the laws that have caused this consequence is the three and ten- year bar. The American
Immigration Council explained what types of individuals this law may be applied to and the
consequences they will face: individuals who accrue more than 180 days, but less than one year,

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or unlawful presence are barred from being re-admitted or re-entering the United States for three
years; those who accrue more than one year of unlawful presence are barred for ten years (The
Three-and Ten-Year Bars.) These laws will affect many of the children who were born in this
country, since many of them have immigrant parents who came illegally. Under this law the
country would take them away from their parents, leaving the children with nobody to take care
of them. Because this type of situation has happened very often, Hillary and her policies
presented a solution to this situation. In her policies, she suggested ending the three- and ten-year
bar. Sonia Nazario states in her book Enriques Journey, For most migrants, the biggest
downside to coming to the United States is the damage caused by the years of separation for
parents and children. (Nazario,278). With this proposition, we will avoid leaving children
without parents or someone to guide them through their life and most important moments.
Clintons policies could have made the damages described in the book a thing of the past.
Another proposition that Hillary made was to do everything in her power to give immigrant
families legal protection. In her policies, she claims Hillary will enact a simple system for those
with sympathetic cases-such as parents of DREAMers, those with history of service and
contribution to their communities, or those who experience extreme labor violations-to make
their case and be eligible for deferred action (hillaryclinton.com) She will try to provide
protection to the families in this country who are immigrants, but since there are many of them,
she was going to prioritize families who fell into the description that she had made in her
policies like people who contribute to their community and people who have been exploited in
their jobs.

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Furthermore, Hillary presented another policy and it was to expand the healthcare to all
families and to make healthcare more affordable. In her website, she described why we should
open the opportunity to immigrant families to have access to healthcare. She states We should
let families-regardless of immigration status-buy into the Affordable Care Act exchanges.
Families who want to purchase health insurance should be able to do so (hillaryclinton.com).
Healthcare needs to be accessible to all, regardless of where they come from, because
immigrants are people too. All people have the right to be able to be assisted to a hospital when
we are sick or have an accident; its necessary for the good of our health. These policies have the
same purpose, to provide immigrant families protection under the law and help them to be
secured in this county, after all, having them in our country helps us in a wide variety of ways.
During President Obamas term, he created many programs to help immigrant children to
create a better future for themselves on their journey of pursuing the American dream. Hillarys
policies included working with the programs that he had created, improving them to further help
the immigrants and to rearranging them so there would not be any mistakes that would harm
immigrants. The programs that Obama created were DAPA and DACA. The American
Immigration Council describes DAPA as: an exercise of prosecutorial discretion that provides
temporary relief from deportation (deferred action) and eligibility for work authorization to
undocumented parents of U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents (Defending
DAPA).Furthermore, on the same article they describe DACA as: an exercise of prosecutorial
discretion that provides temporary relief from deportation (deferred action) and work
authorization to certain young people brought to the United States as Children-often called
DREAMers (Defending DAPA). Hillary believes that these types of programs are important
and need to be continued. In her policies, she states The estimated 5 million people eligible for

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DAPA-including DREAMers and parents of Americans and lawful residents-should be protected
under the executive actions (hillaryclinton.com). From my point of view, her statement is
correct because its important to provide programs for the individuals who come to the U.S for a
better future. They need to be provided with education and work. Sonia Nazario states in her
book Enriques Journey Today, one in four children in the nations schools is an immigrant or
the child of an immigrant-up from 6 percent in 1970. By 2020, these children will constitute 30
percent of the nations school population (Nazaro, 277). The programs that the president-elect,
Donald Trump, provides for these children will change their future. It will either help them move
towards their goal of having a better future or harm them by making their journey harder.
Although I dont agree with Donalds Trump policy of building the Wall, there are people
who may argue that this is the best way to stop illegal immigrants from crossing into our country.
Many of these people would agree with the statement that Jeff Lukens articulates in the book
Illegal Immigration the installation of a physical barrier between the two countries is the first,
most important step in addressing the problems associated with illegal immigration (Haugen,
68). Some of them may argue that since many of the criminals today are immigrants, the next
ones to cross the borders are more likely to become criminals and they need to be stopped before
they bring more crime to this country. They fear mostly the Latino and Muslim community.
There is some truth in their point of view but they are usually basing their ideas on races. They
tend to generalize the community from one experience theyve had before. Donalds view in my
opinion is unrealistic. Even though he may think that building the wall will stop immigrants from
coming to the U.S., I believe that this is incorrect. Every day, individuals create new innovations
and these innovations will help immigrants come to the U.S. which would make all the work that
hes planning on having useless. Besides, not all the immigrants who come to the U.S. are

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criminals, as Trump believes, which is the reason behind the idea of building the wall. Much of
the immigrants who come to this country, come here in search for a better future. They have faith
that this country will supply them with their needs and help them in a way that they will be able
to cover all their needs. Instead of Trumps policy, I believe that Hillarys policy is more
reasonable. In her policies, she states Immigration enforcement must be humane, targeted, and
effective. Hillary [would have focused] resources on detaining and deporting those individuals
who pose a violent threat to public safety, and ensure refugees who seek asylum in the U.S. have
a fair chance to tell their stories (hillaryclinton.com). I believe this policy would have benefited
all immigrants. Since she was not going to deport all the immigrants, the policy would avoid
spending time and money on this topic and use it for other things that will impact more in all
communities in the U.S.
The policies that each candidate for presidency proposed were very important and we
needed to pay attention to them since they were the plan that each candidate had for their period
in office. It will affect all the citizens and immigrants in this country alike. We could have
prevented having the wrong policies that will affect all of us when we went vote since we
oversee our future. Because of this, we had to be critical about the policies that the candidates
present since it can interfere with our plans and it can make them be harder than it should be.
Over all, Hillary would have been the best candidate for presidency since she was making
policies that were going to fit to most the population living in the United States. Now that the
verdict of the election has been published, is our time to assure that our future will not be
affected by the policies that president-elect Donald Trump. From my point of view, the best way
to avoid this is to prove Trump wrong. We should stand against everything that may be a threat to
us or the people who surround us. After this election, there is a large probability that the racism is

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going to increase and its our job to assure this wont happened. The best way to start is to stand
for the people who has been publicly affected after this election, act against the type of acts
weve seen during this period and to defend each other. We cannot make the situation better
overnight; this is going to take some time and mostly cooperation from everybody to assure our
country future. One way to fight this cause is by protesting, but for those who dont feel
comfortable protesting, there is a way we can help. We could support the people who are fighting
for our cause and even donate to the organizations who help the communities that have been
targeted after this election, after all, if we were in their situation, we would like to see a nation
who is fighting for our cause and for the peace of the country.

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