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Unit Title: Industrial Revolution

Established Goals:
Standard: 1C. Analyze the complexity of events in world and United States history.
Standard: History 1E. Analyze continuity and change in eras over the course of United States history.
Standard: Economics 3B. Explain how economic choices by individuals, businesses, governments,
and societies incur opportunity costs.
Understandings: Students will understand
Essential Questions:
How do scientific, economic, and political
The Industrial Revolution was a pivotal
changes impact societies?
time in America.
How do actions of certain people impact
Students understand the impact in which
thousands of others?
the Industrial Revolution had on the future
How do events in the United States impact
of the United States.
countries all over the world?
All events are connected through a series of
What impact did labor unions have during
causal happenings and a resulting effect.
this time period, and how are they a
prequel to future events?

Students will know:

Three main fossil fuels used during the
Industrial Revolution as well as natural
Cause and effects of inventions created
during this time period.
Describe what a monopoly is as well as the
impact they have on society.
What was the idea of progressivism and
what was it trying to change?
What the long-term impact of this era was.

Students will be able to:

Keep considering what the impact of
immigration during the industrial
revolution was, and how it impacted the
United States.
How eras in history are labeled and
The cause and effects of periods in United
States history
Read and interpret different pieces of
writing to better grasp the overall impact
during the industrialization period.


Performance Tasks:
Students will create a brochure relating to
fossil fuels and natural resources.
Complete Venn-diagram comparing
Robber Baron & Cartoon Analysis

Other Evidence:
Paragraph quiz in which students give a
summary on the impact of inventions.
Immigration quiz requiring students to
identify key places in which immigrants
came from, as well as what they sought to
find in America.

Source: Understanding by Design, Unit Design Planning Template (Wiggins/McTighe 2005)

Design Topic ____________________________ Subject(s) ______________________ Grade(s) _______ Designer(s) ___________________________

Invention Presentations.
Film Notes
Labor Union Worksheet.

Unit test over Fossil Fuels, Inventions,

Immigration, Big Business, and other
important primary documents.

Key Criteria:

Key criteria for this unit will be for me to hit all of the expectations that I have for this unit. To
make this possible, I must make adequate daily lesson plans as well as maintain student
engagement throughout each lesson.
In order to get through all material, I as a teacher must make my lesson plans flexible enough to
allow students to maximize their learning ability, while remaining on schedule.
Technology must be used for this unit to be successful. During this unit, students will use
technological material such as:
1. Ipads
2. Apple TV
3. QR Codes
4. Cell Phones (On Occasion)
Each of these technological devices will allow students to learn as best they can, while using
them to research both secondary and primary sources.

Summary of Learning Activities:

Fossil Fuels and Natural Resources:
This lesson will be at the beginning of the unit, and will open the door for what we will be learning
about during this unit. I will start by talking about current fossil fuel uses as well as defining what a
natural resource is. This will allow students to make comparisons and relate the lesson to today. Students
will then learn about what fossil fuels were used for during the Industrial era, as well as discover uses
for each. Students can then create a brochure realizing just how important fossil fuels were to the
advancement of this country, as well as analyze the long-term effects.
Inventions & Inventors:
Inventions and inventors during this era are what made this time so significant. It is in this lesson that
students will research certain inventions along with who invented them. When students do this, they are
using QR codes, which allow them to use technology, while independently learning. Once students have
found each invention and each inventor, they can then use this information to discover the significance
of each, as well as make comparisons to the impact they have on people to this day.
Big Business:
Big business during the Industrial Revolution was something that had never happened yet in American
history. Because of monopolies and Robber Barons, certain people figured out how to rig the System
Source: Understanding by Design, Unit Design Planning Template (Wiggins/McTighe 2005)

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in which made them some of the wealthiest people in the world at this time. Students in this lesson will
then be able to define the term monopoly, as well as identify Robber Barons and Captains of Industry.
Each student will use worksheets to make these comparisons. Along with this, students will learn how to
analyze political cartoons and explain what objects mean to a deeper aspect. In doing this, students can
then identify how Robber Baron and Captains of Industry treated their employees, as well as the overall
working conditions during this time. In the end students will be able to relate monopolies of the
Industrial era, to monopolies today.
Immigration during this time had a lot to do with the success of this nation, and for America to become
so powerful. Students will play the role of immigrants and research what each immigrant had to go
through. They will be able to analyze what it was like to be an immigrant at this time. They will explain
why immigrants left their country, how they came to America, the types of jobs they sought and got, and
also what types of living conditions immigrants received. This will put into perspective all that these
people had to go through to get to the United States, and the sacrifices in which they made for their
families and their future.
Once people during this time period had enough of the way they were being treated, events came about
to change the nation. Students will learn what the idea of progressivism was, and really be able to see
how the nation changed for the better. By defining what this was, students can talk about certain labor
movements and what they stood for. In doing this, students will see just how powerful people in
numbers are, and how strong alliances can be. Also, by seeing labor unions and movements, students
will get an idea of movements much like the civil rights movement in which they will be exposed to
later in the year.
Spanish American War:
The Spanish-American War is an important piece to learn in this unit because it allows students to
understand how the United States came to be a world power. Students will learn How we created a navy,
and that this new navy now allowed us to become a world power. Also, they will take notes on the actual
war as well as see how this new force was used to win the war in only a matter of months. With this too,
comes the idea of the Monroe Doctrine, and Roosevelt Corollary. Students will analyze each of these
documents to see how they are related, and how the United States would then violate them in the near
Source: Understanding by Design, Unit Design Planning Template (Wiggins/McTighe 2005)

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Source: Understanding by Design, Unit Design Planning Template (Wiggins/McTighe 2005)