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Sammy Fato
Mrs. Collins
ENGL 1301
14 November 2016
Preserving the Earth

In the advertisement for the preservation of the Earth, the advertisement shows a strong
correlation between keeping the Earth lively and green or turning it into a dark polluted world
ruled by industrialization. The picture is used to capture the attention of any individual who may
care rather about the Earth or the preservation of pollution free areas. What it means to preserve
is the effort to maintain resources in their original state (PRESERVATION AND
CONSERVATION). Clearly one hand in the photo shown is not preserving but more on the lines
of draining all resources that it had to offer. By not conserving the land due to farming, industry,
housing, tourism and other human developments. And we lose much of the natural areas
(Preservation And Conservation). Without any natural lands left this will ensue the failure of

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the earth, A country when we can see an environment that is green, waste less and clean is
surely a successful country (Ways of Protecting and Preserving Our Environment). By having
no natural lands, there is a huge loss of the most valued resources necessary for the survival of
life. The purpose of this advertisement is used to create a better awareness that pollution from
industrialized areas will spread as well as the industries that cause the pollution. From the use of
dark and light colors to the comparison of the hands in visual, it shows the luring of pollution in
the form of a seductive hand in the advertisement, the preservation of land demonstrates that
saving the environment will be a battle against industrialized capitalism.
With the use of darker colors on the right side and light colors on the left side of the
advertisement, they show the true nature between both hands shown in the picture. On the right
side of the picture the first thing to be notice are the dark and ominous the clouds of smoke
coming out from the chimneys of factories make the air around it look contaminated with death.
The only real light seen coming from the right side is the light of fires burning inside the
factories which produces the smoke blackening the sky. By the use of black for this dark
pollution theme for the right side there can only be a contrast of a left natural side full of white
puffy clouds and a clean blue sky. The texture of the hand on the left consists mostly of green for
all of the vegetation that grows and thrives on it to the bottom part which is dark in a rich texture
representing a healthy solid Earth. These two hands go perfectly together with their contrast of
light and darkness, grabbing the viewers attention with the use of opposite colors coming
together. The tone of the picture is highly negative on the right, the hand looks like death itself,
nothing good can come from the hand except regret and bad consequences. While the tone of the
hand on the left is full of liveliness, nothing but great things and prosperity will be coming from

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this hand. By having one hand luring the other, it shows the viewer that the darkness of
pollution works against them when they least expect it.
Using the two hands is a bold concept when comparing temptation with preservation. The
hand on the right is luring the other hand to be same as the polluted right hand, to have factories
and multiple buildings that emits nothing but black smoke. While the hand on the right looks
innocent with untouched land, part of the hand reaches out towards the right with the tip of its
fingers starting to turn black like the hand on the right. The artist of the advertisement uses the
hands as a reference to the famous art piece by Michelangelo called the Creation of Adam, a
masterpiece of art where it shows the portrait of God reaching out to his first human created
named Adam. Conveying a message of love and peace through the creation of human beings.
This advertisement shows two hands reaching out to each other in the same manner of the
Michelangelos famous art piece but with a whole different meaning. A message that presents
itself to the viewer as a warning. The manner of dark and light used throughout the image shows
which side is the correct side to be on, a side where tall trees grow and the air feels refreshingly
clean. Not a side where the light of day cannot be seen because of the smoggy air, a future that is
not sustainable for humans and non-humans alike.
What this advertisement asserts is that the environment needs preservation. There cannot
be a place for anyone to live if the world is taken over by industries, the deforestation and land
usage will lead up to more pollution. A cause that needs to be brought to everyones attention
because anyone can help the environment, even if it is something small. There are ways for
anyone to get involved like recycling, reusing old materials that still work, or reducing what
energy you give off in your house. If everybody could take a minute to do some kind of work
like that everyday then preserving the Earth can be a more manageable task. This advertisement

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holds a quick to the point message that stands out to the viewers in a broad way. Not only does
the picture holds a message, it shows two paths the viewer can take, one path is dark and polluted
world while the other path holds a peaceful clean world. Leaving the viewer to have the moral
choice of either taking action to help preserve the Earth or to keep on polluting.

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