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Stasis Theory Questions Annotated Bibliography


Elias Panzardi
Annotated Bibliography
Professor Gomez
University at Texas at El Paso
November 16, 2016

Stasis Theory Questions Annotated Bibliography


Dieter, R. C. (2003, October). DPIC. Retrieved from International Influence on the Death
Penalty in the U.S.:http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/node/984. This article discusses the
many types of influences on the death penalty around the United States. It contains topics
about the new world opinions on the issue, the past opinions, and the progress of solving
death penalty issues. Also it involves the influences on opinions of people based of their
geographical location internationally. This pertains to my topic because In my rhetorical
analysis I discuss why certain people oppose the death penalty and why some people
believe in it strongly.
Muhlhausen, D. B. (2007, August 28). The Death Penalty Deters Crime and Saves Lives.
Retrieved from Testimony on Crime: http://www.heritage.org/research/testimony/thedeath-penalty-deters-crime-and-saves-lives. This article argues that the death penalty
actual helps as a deteriorator for crime rates. It gives an overall view of the death penalty
as a life saver and as a good system used. It argues that allegations towards a prejudice f
ederal system are considered false. This relates very much to my topic as in the original
article used for my rhetorical analysis stress the fact that discrimination exists in our
federal court system.
Boys, D. D. (n.d). The Death Penalty: Right or Wrong, Good or Bad? Retrieved
November 6,

2016, from cstnews.com:

http://www.cstnews.com/code/trymfrym.html. This Article is

in complete

favor of the death penalty. The Author uses facts of the murder rate to help
convince the readers of the positive entities the death penalty creates.
Overall the article was made to state certain "right" actions the death

Stasis Theory Questions Annotated Bibliography


penalty contains even if it has

"wrong doings." This article is very

important in relating to my original topic because it

states some positives

the death penalty brings to America, and how much more safer it
makes the U.S, While my original topic states if the death penalty was
an actual reliable source.
Blecker, R. (n.d). 5 ways to improve the U.S. death penalty. Retrieved
November 07, 2016, from

improvements/index.html. This article introduces five ways to

possible improve the

death row system of the U.S. Robert Blecker includes;

making sure the trial is fair,

finding a better execution method, finding

better definitions of who should die, taking a

closer look at inmate

lifestyle, and making sure mistakes are addressed when made.


these five simple steps, Blecker believes the death penalty could be ensured

more reliable and fair system for even the murderous criminals. This

correlates directly

to the original topic because it discusses ways to

improve certain problems of the death

penalty, especially one of the main

problems, its reliability and fairness.

Quinton, M. (2016). The problem with the death penalty. Retrieved November
08, 2016, from


11e6-a2cc- 03a14464ec45.html. The author states facts and her personal

opinion towards the

death penalty. She finds it as a negative system

because it is clear that decisions made

are often bias. Criminals are

Stasis Theory Questions Annotated Bibliography


sentenced based off their race or class. Quinton states the failure of the
system as many innocent criminals may have been killed for crimes not
committed. This relates to the topic in such a way that maybe the
system is not as reliable as we make it out to be. Maybe the decisions of
criminals are sentenced to

death for bias prejudice reasons.

Berry, D. (n.d). The Death Penalty: A View of Opposition. Retrieved from

http://www.truthinjustice.org/deathpen.htm. This article challenges the
use of the death penalty as a sure way to solve issues. Fighting violence
with violence in this article

is said to be the wrong approach of

punishment. Berry believes more humane ways

could be utilized

to best resolve all issues of crime. He exclaims that overtime that

overtime guilt will catch up and wound those who chose the vengeful
route. Pertaining to the original topic, we see relation to certain aspects of
once again possibly changing

the way of the death penalty due to

reliability and emotion. Murdering criminals makes

us just as bad as all

Study: 88% of criminologists do not believe the death penalty is an effective deterrent. (n.d.).
Retrieved November 08, 2016, from http://deathpenaltyinfo.org/study-88-criminologistsdo-not-believe-death-penalty-effective-deterrent. This is a short article that includes
many graphs of different opinions on the death penalty. Showing the many different
scales of change on opinion throughout the years. The deterrence of the death penalty
was found less majority of the time as the rest find it as no help in lowering the murder

Stasis Theory Questions Annotated Bibliography


rate. This correlates to the idea of views on the actual help of the death penalty. Majority
find it as an ineffective way just as the topic discusses and questions its effectiveness.