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Directions: Place an X or check mark in the box for each skill practiced for each
day of the week.
Day/ Date:
1.WISE MIND: Be aware of Emotion Mind, Reasonable Mind, and Wise Mind. The
way out of Emotion Mind is through Reasonable Mind
Emotion Mind+ Reasonable Mind+ Balance= Wise Mind
2. OBSERVE: JUST NOTICE: Look at the situation without emotion or judgment.
Just notice what is happening without trying to change it.
3. DESCRIBE:PUT WORDS ON:Express without judgment or emotion. Just facts.
4. NON-JUDGEMENAL STANCE: Avoid judging yourself, situations or other
people. Acknowledge but dont judge. Judgments often lead to anger and hostility,
which brings us back to Emotion Mind.
5. ONE-MINDFULLY: IN THE MOMENT: Focus all of you attention on one thing
you are doing in a particular moment. If you are bathing-bathe, worrying- worry.
6. EFFECTIVELY: Focus on what works to meet your objectives.
7. OBJECTIVES EFFECTIVENESS: DEAR MAN: Describe the event or desired
outcome. Express feelings. Be Assertive. Reinforce desired responses (It feels good
to know you care.) Be Mindful, stay focused on goal. Appear confident, dont
necessarily feel confident. Negotiate. Be prepared to bargain.
8. RELATIONSHIP EFFECTIVENESS: GIVE: Be Gentle in your approach. Be
Interested, listen to the other person. Validate the other persons viewpoint. Use and
Easy manner.
9. SELF RESPECT EFFECTIVENESS: FAST: Be Fair to yourself and others.
Make no Apologies for asking for what is rightfully yours. Stick to your values. Be
10. REDUCE VULNERABILTY: PLEASE: Treat physical illness. Balance eating.
No mood altering drugs. Balance sleep. Get exercise.
11. BUILD MASTERY: Find something you know you are good at and experience it
over and over. Build on skills you already have.
12. BUILD POSITIVE EXPERIENCES: Do things you enjoy. Make changes in
your life so positive events occur more often.
13. OPPOSITE-TO-EMOTION-URGE ACTION: Be mindful of emotion urges
and act contrary to them: e.g., sometimes we are angry and have the urge to throw
something-try hugging something instead.
14. DISTRACT: ACCEPTS: Exercise focusing your attention on something other
than the emotion. Distract by activities, contributing, comparison, emotions, pushing
away, thoughts, and sensations.
15. SELF SOOTHE: Soothe any or all of your five senses. Sight: look at something
pleasing to the eye. Hearing: listen to music. Touch: take a bath, put bubbles in it.
Smell: surround yourself with pleasant odors. Taste: eat or drink something pleasing.
Do these things mindfully!
16. IMPROVE THE MOMENT: Do something that will improve the moment you
are in. Focus on just that moment. (Imagery, Meaning, Prayer, Relaxation, One thing
in the moment, Vacation, Encouragement).
17. PROS AND CONS: Make a list of reasons for and the reasons against tolerating a
crisis or engaging in a particular activity, then make a list for and against doing its



18. RADICAL ACCEPTANCE: When all else fails and your situation cannot improve
accept the fact that this is the way it has to be for right now. Turn your mind back to this
over and over.