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Lessons of a Newborn
By Andy Ramsay

In the first 2 articles we discovered that we are not just the thinking mind, and that Life is our true
nature. We are not separate from life, we are Life. And that life is One life, not individual units of life,
but a collective whole. We realize the one life by becoming the observer of our mind, and being
more aware of the sensation of life within the body. By becoming more sentient and aware of the
present moment were able to be in the flow of life and not separate.

Who we are and what we do matters. Our thoughts, choices and actions have a direct impact on the
future of our planet.

So if youre not just your thinking mind, who are you?

A good way to describe who you are is to explore who you were when you first came here to this
place. Once we realize this state of innocence we represented as a newborn, were then able to fully
engage with life as an adult, as a being coupled with the wisdom of experience.

Lessons from the newborn child

In the innocence of the first days of earthly life, a potential was wide awake and vibrating deeply
within you.

You were the fertile ground for the flowering of human consciousness. A deep flowing stream of life
informed you, without words, of your infinitely vast and divine potential.

Your gift was simple. Your gift was Being.

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Within the innocence of non-personality you were simply here to be yourself, but you did not know

You were the Life beyond your life situation, regardless of your birth experience, you were the
observational awareness in which experience was taking place.

There was no pretense, no opinions, no mental distraction and no emotional contraction. You knew
nothing of these things.

You were beautifully yourself. You knew of no other. You were whole and at one with all of life.

Your being was the unity of all things. You did not see nature outside as separate from you.

There was not yet an individual thinking personality. There was only being and the awareness of
Being. And within that being-ness, all of nature and all of the cosmos swirled in a dance of
mysterious profundity.

This mystery was not sought after or coveted. You did not move toward or away from it. You
allowed the mystery to remain itself.

In effortless presence, you were the life that flowed in perfect harmony.

You were absolute faith, but you didnt know of faith.

Everything un-folded as it should, and there was no question about this.

You were absolutely surrendered to life as it is, but you did not know of surrender.

There was no past or future. You only experienced life in this moment. You knew not of Ideas and
memory, they didnt exist.

You didnt make any willful movement outside of this moment. Life was moving you. And you were
that life.

Effortless grace danced your body. And you were that grace. The dance of grace was not within you
or outside of you, all that was, was grace.

In this simple life you did not presume to know anything at all. You did not gather thoughts. You and
all things were already one.

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You had no choice. And you made no willful decisions. There was no need to move the mind because
there was no subject to direct it.

The stream of life was all that existed. And its flow was not linear. It flowed out and back, outside
and inside, in all directions within the same instant.

Within all movement was contained the essence of stillness.

You were stillness and movement
and yet, you knew of neither.

In your surrender was contained the entirety of existence. There was nothing outside of you.

Who you were was not yet a mental idea. You didnt know of a body. Your body was wherever your
awareness was, and there was no end to it.

The world was an extension of your awareness, a majestic array of the senses.

There was a knowing within you of this beautiful world. This world was a playground of unlimited

And so it was.

So who are you Now?

In your present life who are you? What have you created? From this place of being-ness and
innocence as a new born baby, where has your Ego personality taken you?

Its likely that your identity has taken you through the terrains of personal suffering and continues to
do so either frequently or occasionally. The reason for this comes from the reality that your ego
identity is formed by traumatic experiences. Originally as children we are very sensitive and
innocently Being our true nature. As we begin to meet with the suffering in others, we are deeply
affected by our external environment and gradually lose our innocence and connection to Being.

Our ego identity is formed by our response to our external environment and
personal suffering comes from the belief that you are fundamentally separate
from your environment and from others.

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The ground of our being is always underlying all movement. Before our personality developed, all we
were, was being. As we develop and grow, our personality develops and grows also.

In light of this, is it true that who you are is what you think about? Certainly thinking seems to have a
direct impact of who you imagine yourself to be. Especially when you consider how your experiences
have shaped you into the person you are today. But its worth considering that regardless of what
you think about, Being is always prior to thought.

Between each thought is spaciousness and stillness. Just as every material object is actually
composed of over 99% empty space due to the vast distance between the atoms and electrons. So
too your mind and the thoughts contained within it, come from and disappear into that vast void of
spaciousness. Within this spaciousness is the recognition of life. We can know directly that we are
alive due to the fact that we are feeling the hum of life within us in any moment.

Whether were aware of it or not, Being is who we are.

The realization of Being is the same as the realization of Enlightenment.

When you come to realize that Enlightenment is just a word and an idea, then all that remains is the
realization that you are aware and conscious. Beyond thinking and ideas is the awareness of Being,
your life beyond form, and this is your simple, but ultimate Enlightenment.

You are either enlightened to this realization or not, there is no in between.

Prior to thoughts and the formation of identity, Being is the undeniable life essence that you are.

With the realization of yourself as being, a shift takes place in the flow of your Life situation. Instead
of your life being created from an incessant mind constantly reacting to external circumstances, your
life begins to flow with an ease and grace not experienced since those first few days of life.

As the witnessing presence to Life, you no longer need to force a reality to happen. Life happens
spontaneously and effortlessly.

The magic of creation begins to takes place through you.

An acknowledgement of thought and emotion arises in you, this realization is something like: Even
though I am not thought, thought is causing things to happen in my body, and things to manifest in
my external world

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You become the one who is awakened to the power of thought and emotion.

And this is the topic of our next article.

Stay tuned.

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