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Title: Bend, Stretch, & Shake, Parachute Fitness, Basketball Skills, and Pigs Fly Lesson
plan (Pangrazi & Beighle, 2013).
II. Environmental Analysis:
a. Students prior knowledge of activities: This is a compiled four-part lesson that
has components from previous lessons presented and earlier in the semester.
There is no additional time required to introduce any portion of the lesson and its
b. Limiting Factors:
i. There are no more than 20 second graders in one class period.
ii. The children are organized via their home classroom.
Physical Education classes will be held indoors inside the main gym.
iv. No additional equipment is necessary.
c. Rationale for selection:
i. The introduction of Bend, Stretch, & Shake will encourage students to

listen and execute proper movements per instructors directions.

The Parachute Fitness will encourage mobility and spatial awareness.
Basketball is a piece of equipment that can be used individually and/or a
partner without much movement required. The activity is designed to


promote eye & hand coordination.

The game Pigs Fly will encourage mobility, spatial awareness, listening,
and creativity skills.

III. Block Plan:


P.E. (30 minutes)


P.E. (30 minutes)


IV. Lesson Plan:

a. Objective: By the end of the lesson students will be able to learn:

Execute the chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, how to receive a
pass, offense & defense, rebound, jump shots, and lay-ups.


Understand the differences of moving and pivoting in different degree

angles. (Cognitive)


The benefits of eye & hand coordination, use of tactile senses, and

individual and teamwork benefits. (Affective)

b. Pretest: No pretest necessary, because Destiny and Austin have already been
assessed on the TGMD test and scored within the Superior range. Willie has high
function in upper extremities.

c. Equipment:
i. (Fitness Portion) Parachute will be used in the middle of the class.
ii. Music.
iii. (Lesson portion) Basketballs will be placed inside Hulu-hoops around the
perimeter of the classroom.
V. Introduction: Upon entrance of the gym, students will execute a loco motor movement.
Willie will be the exception and move in the same direction as the others in his wheelchair
throughout the gym.

Intro: Bend, Stretch, and Shake (p. 14)

1. Controlled jog while spaced out from others throughout the floor.
2. On signal, all students will bend, stretch, or shake any chosen body


Fitness: Parachute Fitness (p. 34).

1. Fitness challenge that promote agility, cardio-respiratory
endurance, upper body strength, abdominal strength, and balance.


Lesson: Basketball Skills (pp. 49-50).

1. Work on chest pass, bounce pass, overhead pass, how to receive a
pass, offense & defense, rebound, jump shots, and lay-ups.
2. Individual skills and partner skills.


Game: Pigs Fly (p. 11).

1. Leader will call out an animal movement and the class will mimic
that movement.

VI. Modification:
a. Intro: Willie can pivot in his wheelchair; he has to be cognizant about his spacing
before he stops to execute a movement.
b. Fitness: Willie can be part of the parachute challenges. When it is time to execute
a loco motor movement, Willie will leave the circle and follow the class in the
same direction and return back to his saved spot in the parachute for the next

c. Lesson: No modification needed.

d. Game: All students who are in close proximity to Willie and his wheelchair, must
have a good buffer of space between them.
e. Modifications for Destiny and Austin: Only modifications that are necessary for
Destiny and Austin are repeat instructions or demonstrations if they need it.
VII. Modification Rationale:
a. Intro: Without consciously knowing Willies own space, he may hit another
student when stopping to execute a movement.
b. Fitness: Willie needs both hands to control his chair and this is why he can not
hold onto the parachute during loco motor movements. A space will be saved for
Willie to return for the next fitness challenge. Adequate time is required for
Willie to separate from the parachute before the rest of the class can move with
the parachute.
c. Lesson: No modifications are required, because Willie can execute many
movements from his chair. During the basketball portion, he can do all the same
movements without the need to propel into the air.
d. Game: All students must be aware of Willies presence when moving around the
e. Destiny and Austin: Giving extra instructions or demonstrations provide a better
chance that they both understand the concepts and the objectives of what the P.E.
teacher is asking.

Pangrazi, R. P. & Beighle, A. (2013). Dynamic physical education for elementary school
children (17th edition), pp. 11, 14,34, 49-50. Glenview, IL: Pearson Education.