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Eric M.



Apt 2, 93 Burton Ave, Barrie, Ontario, L4N 2R5

CAD Software

Microsoft Office

DC / Air Tools
Machining Tools

BScE Engineering-Physics (Mechanical), Queens University

Sept 2012 May 2016
Awarded Degree in May 2016. Cumulative GPA: 3.14 (Deans Scholar)

Courseload equivalent of a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Physics

- Graphics and Design
- Thermo / Fluids / Heat Transfer
- Data Management and Analysis


- Laser Optics
- Robotic Manipulator Design
- Automatic Control Systems

Production Associate (Contract) Honda of Canada Mfg.

Sept 2016 Present
Gained proficiency using DC / pneumatic tools in an array of jobs manufacturing Civics
Developing familiarity with ISO 9001 and 14000 quality and environmental standards
Acquiring insight into the operation, logistics, and process engineering aspects of a
manufacturing / industrial environment
Excelling in a team-based environment, perfect attendance working shifts and overtime

IT Associate (On Call) QONXEPT Communications

May 2016 Present
Providing networking, hardware, and software solutions for businesses in Southern Ontario. My
job involves on-site assessment and delivery of client needs. Work incorporates IP networking,
Pro:Idiom encryption, network data drops, and hardware installation.

Research Assistant Queens Solar Design Team

May 2015 May 2016
Designed awnings to optimize solar gains on the QSDT self- sustaining solar home
Optimized awning design for solar and heat gains using Energy Plus / OpenStudio
Designed, drafted (Solid Edge), and built aluminum frame, vinyl cover, and mounting
Investigating use of electrochromic blinds with automated weather station control

Parts Technician Kingston Dodge

May 2015 August 2016
Tasked with the cataloging, organization, and delivery of inventory in and out of the parts
department. Maintained customer relations, product delivery was timely and professional

4 Year Thesis Large-scale Isotope Enrichment

Sept 2015 May 2016
Designed an apparatus for cost effective 100kg scale enrichment of Ca , aided by FEA
Well received with Physics department head Dr. Mark Chen, my thesis concluded that
the desired enrichment was economically feasible within a ten year time frame.
Developed a functional model for Multi-channel Countercurrent Electrophoresis

Queen's Aero Design Team Safety Officer

Sept 2013 May 2016
Workshop hand responsible for consistency in plane fabrication, adherence to safety protocol
Developed algorithms to optimize airfoil design for lift and drag
Used SolidWorks to simulate material stresses in fuselage and wing design via FMEA
Contributed to a campaign which led to an over 100% increase in team recruitment

Superconducting MagLev Train Team Leader

Sept 2015 Dec 2015
Incorporating hi-temperature superconductors in design of load-bearing MagLev prototype
Capable of achieving ~95% useful payload fraction
~5 min functional lifetime before liquid Nitrogen reapplication

Modern Physics Experiments

Sept 2014 May 2016
Mssbauer Effect, Magnetophonons, X-ray Reflectivity in Thin Films, among others. Succinctly
declared findings using statistical data analysis techniques and professionally written reports
Acquired proficiency in hardware, circuitry, and instrumentation operation + testing