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Davis Cockrell

Practicum Blogging
R. Andrew Brown
UWRT 1103-011
Cubing- Knightdale Medical Care Facility
Write down the topic or subject (or assignment) under examination. Underneath, list each of the
following sides: Describe; Compare; Associate; Analyze; Apply; Argue; Explain. Leave ample
room between each. When finished preparing, ready to freewrite. Express as much as possible
for a side in three to five minutes, as with focused freewriting, then move on to the next side. A
mnemonic tool for cubing is to think seven swift sides. When consider each aspect, their
factors include:
1. Describe: Look at your topic and tell about it (use only factors that can be
determined via your senses, including colors, shapes, sizes, sounds, tastes, etc, as well as
intuitive senses; consider even social movements have size, and they may even be
color/race concentrated)
The topic I chose is the medical care facility located in Knightdale. From the outside the facility
is a very large, light brown brick building with many cars coming and going, some in a rush,
others not. As one enters the lobby it has that distinct doctor's office smell, which consists of
hand sanitizer and clorox wipes. Once taking a seat on the rigid window seat I take in the busy
lobby, which consists of many elderly people, with a surprisingly large amount of men and
women in wheel chairs.With pop music playing and the sounds of the sliding glass door
constantly making their way open I felt more of a Best Buy type atmosphere as the woman at the
front desk asking how she may help to the majority of the customers. Also in the lobby included
various green/blue chairs along with coffee tables to which people could sit and socialize.
2. Compare: Your topic is similar to what? Your topic is different from what?
This medical care center is very similar to a hospital. Hospitals include waiting rooms,
pharmacies along with designated areas of blood drawing as does the facility in Knightdale.
What differs from the facility in Knightdale and in hospitals is trauma patients are admitted in
hospitals along with having overnight stays as many of the offices in Knightdale have regular
office hours.
Although the facility does have a gym it is far from just the regular gym many people attend.
Along with containing a pool, it also has a track along with the medical offices that other gyms
do not contain.
3. Associate: What does your topic make you think of? What makes you think of
your topic?

The topic I chose to study makes me think of a place I only come to when I am sick or injured.
Although I have never gone there when I did not feel well, I saw countless people that did. Many
people came and went under in under an hour so it is very resourceful and quick when time is
limited. Something that makes me think of the topic I chose are needles. As much as I hate
needles, I should hate this place, as I have had my blood drawn many times in the blood works
office along with getting multiple flu shots from the pharmacy. When needles are presented there
will never be a time that I will not think of this place.
4. Analyze: How is your topic made, or what is it composed of? How did it
originate or evolve; what is its history or background? Does it have context, and if so,
what? How does your topic work?
The medical care facility is composed of various independent offices but is overall owned by
UNC and Rex medicine. It was first opened around 2005 with the growing population in
Knightdale and the closest offices being in Raleigh, which is about 15-20 minutes away. Many of
these offices are open regular office hours while the express care is open seven days a week.
5. Apply: What can be done with this topic? What is the goal of this topic? How or
why is this topic useful? When is it not useful?
Many come to this facility to be diagnosed with an illness or to fill a prescription, others coming
to make sure their organs are all working correctly as they age. All of these facilities goal is to
serve and better this community that we live in and to do that in a convenient manner. This
facility is not useful for those with more serious injuries and internal problems as they do not
have the resources to treat more complex problems.
6. Argue: Take a stand FOR your topic (PRO). What can you claim? Next, take a
stand AGAINST your topic (CON). What can you claim now? Writing from both
perspectives is incredibly important, as it helps anticipate audience concerns.
The medical care facility is the most convenient and accessible office to go to with sickness or
injuries on the east side of the county. With very few other facilities to go to this is by far the best
option with many of your medical needs.
The medical care facility in Knightdale constantly busy and does many offices rush you through
so they can get to the next patient. With always being busy and few doctors the patients could be
pushed through the system so that they will not have people waiting for hours.
7. Explain: Consider that true cubes have a seventh side, the inside. Explain the
topic to someone who is wholly unfamiliar with it; the person has never heard of this
concept, so what do you need to tell him?
The topic I chose to study was the medical care facility in Knightdale, North Carolina. Within
this building there happens to be the Rex Family Practice of Knightdale, an Orthopedic
Specialists of North Carolina office, a lab for bloodwork, and a pharmacy among others. It is
open to the public to better serve the community and help those with an array of medical needs.