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Many have argued against the church and religion as a whole has brought
more bad than good todays society. To deny this would be hypocritical in the
highest sense due to picture the church has depicted over the recent years.
The church has lost its meaning and we should not blame the atheists or
other non-believers. We should blame ourselves and try to reform our ways.
The church is tainted by corruption, immorality, greed and all vices that we
can think of. In Kenya for example there has been cases of fraudulent church
pastors and other leaders examples being Pastor Kanyari and Pastor
Nganga. Other allegations such as pastors sleeping with his church
members, priest being in gay scandals are just but a few examples.

However despite all that bad there is some good still that comes out of the
church. The church has some significance in our society. Politically speaking
the church has the power to influence and to bring out the best out of
politics. In our society for example most politicians claim to be Christians
who go church. Hence in this point of view we can note that the church is an
avenue of changing political views and can influence the countrys politics in
various ways. Many political functions also recognize the church and give
them the opportunity to dedicate the same political functions with a word
from church leaders
The church is also an avenue where the needy, the poor and the homeless
can be reached. The church today works so as to provide for the needy and
the poor. They do this by building children homes, funding the available
children homes, providing scholarships and even education to these needy
kids. Many churches today have developed these programs and this is highly
significant to the society pursuant to our goals of poverty and illiteracy

eradication. All this is pursuant to the biblical virtues of spreading love and
helping out a fellow neighbor. The church has taken the mandate of helping
out these neglected individuals by providing and helping give them the
necessary skills they need for their own future

The church is also an avenue where Godly and biblical virtues are spread and
taught to the people. We could argue that most biblical values promote
peace harmony and all the proper ways in which humans should relate with
each other. These virtues are preached by the church hence we can note
that the church promotes proper values that are needed for the peaceful coexistence of all human beings. Furthermore the church opposes vices that
are not acceptable in the society and gives sanctions to the same said
people who commit these vices through excommunication and other various
ways. All in all we need to note that the church promotes good virtues and
condemns bad vices.
Societal and national unity is promoted by the church. This is done through
the meetings and church services that are held by the church. Many people
congregate on various days so as to worship and pray hence unity is
promoted since people will relate together caring not for the race or the tribe
or the societal class you are from. This will promote peace throughout the
country and in addition to peace there will be togetherness during country
building or society building events. The society will grow into one peaceful
heaven where everyone is appreciated and basic human needs are there for
all to enjoy.