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Republic of the Philippines

Bulacan State University

City of Malolos, Bulacan
A Detailed Lesson Plan in English 10
Prepared by: Rosanna B. Cruz

After the 60-minute period, each student with 85% proficiency will:
a. explain the literary devices used in the poem.
b. give technical and operational definitions.
c. analyze the figures of speech utilized in the poems.


Subject Matter
a Topic: Laura, The White Doe by Francesco Petrarch.
b References: Celebrating Diversity through World Literature, Learners Material
(page 171 176) and Teachers Guide (page 152 157)


Materials: text book, visual aid, chalkboard

Learning Tasks
Teachers Activity

Students Activity

A Daily Routine
1 Prayer
Let us pray first. May I ask Nikki
to lead the opening prayer?
Thank you Nikki.

Bon journo! 10- Franklin

Let us pray. Almighty God (Students


Its nice to see you also. You may

sit down.

Good afternoon Madam Rosanna! It is nice to

see you!

3 Classroom Management
a.) Groupings
At the count of 15 go to your group
mates and form a semi-circle. Go!
(Teacher counts 1-15)

The first to finish will be given two

(Students will go to their proper groupings.

precious pearls.

And forms a semi-circle.)

(Teacher gives pearl to the 1st group.)

b.) Checking of Attendance
At the count of 10 leaders, write down

A representative of the winning group will post

the pearl to their flag.

your group name, date and the names

of your members present today on
sheet of paper.

(Teacher counts 1-10)

(Leaders will write the name of their group,
(The first group to finish will earn a

date and members, then passes it to the



(The teacher checks the list of names

written on the paper.)

c.) Cleanliness
In 10 counts check all the kingdom if
they have trash, 1 point per trash.
(the teacher does score check to excite
the students.)
(Inspector per kingdom will check each groups
d.) Textbook


(Teacher calls the groups one at a time

and count the text books)
(Assigned inspectors checks all the kingdoms)
(The teacher checks the books of each

(students bring out their books)

B.) Review ( 3 minutes )
Let me check your understanding on

the topic we had yesterday about bias

(Students shows their books)

and prejudice, Im going to assign each

group with a picture. Tell me if it
express bias & prejudice. Then tell me
Group Air you take picture no.1
Group Earth you take picture no.2
Group Sky you take picture no.3
Group Water you take picture no.4
Group Fire you take picture no.5
(The teacher posts the pictures one at a



It shows prejudice because they judge the

religion of the other boy.


It has bias because the restaurant favors only

the white people.


It has prejudice because people tagged

Muslims as terrorist.

It is bias because it shows the inequality


between men and women.

Will someone reminds the class what is


Very good! How about Bias?

It does not have prejudice and bias because it

shows the unity of different races.

Maam Prejudice is a feeling of like or dislike

for someone or something especially when it is
not reasonable or logical.

Remarkable answer!
C.) Checking of Assignment
Leaders at the count of fifteen

Bias is a tendency to believe that some people,

ideas, etc., are better than others.

check the notebook of your

members if they have an
assignment. And report.

D.) Motivation
Our activity class is called

Minding the Objectives

Unlocking of Difficulties through
matching the words with its

Reading the poems
Answering the comprehending

Finding the Rhyme Scheme
Explaining the literary devices used
in the poem by completing the grid.
Each group would be given an
objective to act and chant three
times, and utter the other
objective once to signal the
passing of objective.be careful
with the pronunciation. Wrong

(Group leaders will check the assignment of

the members and report the students who have

pronunciation means
elimination. Last group standing
earns the pearl.
E.) Presentation of the Lesson
Unlocking of Difficulties
Each group have a representative to
unlock the difficult words on the
board. You have 2 minutes to do this.

Any dry, easily flammable material,

esp. as formerly used for starting a fire
from a spark made by flint and steel

struck together.
Smoothly agreeable or polite.
A clear, yellowish-brown gemstone
The mighty king of the gods. Roman

a soft gentle breeze

(Each group tells whether it is technical or

operational definition.)

(Teacher lets the representative read the word

and its meaning. The correct answer is
equivalent to 1 pearl.

F.) Lesson proper

1) Reading of the poems and
answering the questions
(Laura). 5 minutes.
(Teacher post the poem on the

(Representatives match the words with the


Class listen to me as I read the
poem so you will be guided with
the proper intonation, pitch,
juncture, stress and proper
Now it is your time to read.
Answering of the pre-assigned
I want you to read the question first
and then post your answer here on
the board.

(Students do silent reading.)

(Students read the poem Laura.)

Comprehending Question for Laura

Team Air
1. In the poem Laura, how was Laura
described by the speaker? (Answer)
Team Sky
2. In Lauras present and past, what are the
common details the speaker
remembers about Laura? (Answer)

Team Fire
3. How does Laura seem to have changed?
Team Earth
4. Though years passed, what aspects in the
poem Laura remain
unchanged? (Answer)
Team Water
5. What is the other meaning of though the
bows unbent the wound bleeds on?

Reading and answering the questions

for The White Doe. (2mins.)
(Teacher posts the poem on the board.
Same activity as Laura)

Possible Answers:
1. The speaker described Laura as a
beautiful lady that has a Golden hair,
deep eyes, angelic
moves, and that she is divine.
2. The speaker remembers the beauty of
Laura in the past and according to him
nothing has changed about her though
time has passed.
3. Though the bows unbent means: she is
older and does not have her original
beauty. The bow referred to is Cupid.
4. What remains unchanged is the
authors undying love for Laura.
5. It means that the one you love doesnt
feel the same way towards you.

The White Doe

Team Air
1. What details in the The White Doe tell
about time and season?
Great Answer!.
Team Sky

Good Job!

2. What is a doe?

Great reader!
Team Fire
3. How is the doe described in the poem?
Team Earth

4. To whom is the white doe compared in the

Team Water
5. What emotion does the last stanza evoke in
Possible answers.

2.) Literary Devices Used

a. Background of the writer
These sonnets are written by Francesco

1. The time is sunrise and noon;

and the season is winter as in the
expression, seasons bitter cold.
2. Maam a doe is a female deer.
3. The author described the doe as a purewhite doe in an emerald glade, with
two antlers of gold.
4. The doe is compared to a lovely woman
who is Laura. Petrarchs great love.
5. Maam the emotion evoked in the last
stanza is sadness because He falls in
love with her and tries to pursue her but
she was out of reach and He must end
his pursuit.

Each writer has their own unique style

in writing sonnets and these are
Rhyme vs. Rhyme Scheme

(The teacher lets the student

differentiate rhyme from rhyme
(The Students read aloud the background od
What is Rhyme?

the author.)

Thank you! How about Rhyme Scheme?

He is Francesco Petrarch - born
Francesco Petrarca on July 20, 1304, in
Arezzo, Tuscany. He is the "Father of
Good job!

Humanism," Petrarch's writing includes

well-known odes to Laura, his idealized

To find out the rhyme scheme listen to

the last sound of each word and assign

love. He died at age 69 on July 1374, in

Arqu, Carrara.

letters to the word that rhymes

(The teacher uses the first quartet as

example. And calls the students for the
next stanza.)
Allegory vs. Oxymoron
Now let us move on to Figures of speech,
lets just focus on two types, which are
Allegory and Oxymoron.
Rhyme - the correspondence of two or
(Pulls the arrow and let the student read

more words with similar-sounding final

the meaning.)



(Student pulls the arrow and read the



The Lion, the Witch, and the

Rhyme Scheme is the arrangement of

Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis is a

rhymes in a poem or stanza.

religious allegory with Aslan as

Christ and Edmund as Judas.

The Wizard of Oz - The lion

represents cowardice. The
scarecrow stands for the

(Students assign letters to the lines.)

agrarian past and the tin man

the technological future.
Please read the definition of
Very Good! Here are some examples of
"The same difference."
"A business that makes nothing but
money is a poor business." - Henry

ALLEGORY- is a piece of art or literature, like

a poem or story, in which people, things or

Class Ill be giving you 5 minutes to

happenings have a hidden or symbolic

look for allegory and oxymoron used in


the 2 poems. Write it on the colored

paper Im going to give you.
G. Generalization
What are the literary devices used in the 2
Marvelous answer!
Very good! What is Rhyme?

How about Rhyme Scheme?

What is allegory?

OXYMORON - two words placed close

together which are contradictory, yet have truth
Good Job!

in them.

What is Oxymoron?
Well Done!
H. Application
Class Ill be giving you 5 minutes to
do this task.
Direction: Go through the poem
The White Doe again. This time
focus on the structure of the poem.
And write the rhyme scheme of the
poem on the space provided.

The White Doe

Translated by Anna Maria Armi
Maam the literary devices used are Rhyme,
A pure-white doe in an emerald

Rhyme Scheme, Allegory and Oxymoron.

Appeared to me, with two
antlers of gold,
Between two streams, under a

Rhyme is a repetition of similar sounding

words occurring at the end of lines in poems or

laurels shade,
At sunrise, in the seasons bitter

Rhyme scheme is the pattern of rhyme that

comes at the end of each verse or line in poetry

Her sight was so suavely

That I left work to follow her at
Like the miser who looking for

Allegory is a piece of art or literature, like a

poem or story, in which people, things or
happenings have a hidden or symbolic

his treasure
Sweetens with that delight his
Around her lovely neck Do not
touch me

Oxymoron - two words placed close together

which are contradictory, yet have truth in them.

Was written with topaz and

diamond stone,
My Caesars will has been to
make me free.
Already toward noon had
climbed the sun,
My weary eyes were not sated
to see,
When I fell in the stream and
she was gone.

Five minute is finished. Lets have your



Evaluation (5 minutes)
Direction: complete the Grid with the proper information asked.



List 4 words that

Get the rhyme



Figure of speech used

The White Doe



a. Copy a sonnet from other reference and figure out its Rhyme scheme.
b. Read the news article on page 178
c. What is the source of the news article?

a. Other reference
b. Celebrating Diversity through World Literature pp.178

Prepared by:

Approved by:

Rosanna B. Cruz

Mrs. Soledad Labrador


English Department Head

Checked by:

Mrs. Cecilia C. Martin

Mrs. Rosario L. Tamayo

Cooperating Teacher

School Principal III

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