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Nathan Saylors

Mrs. DeBock
18 October 2016
Essential Question: Are current behavioral methods effective with autistic kids?
Working Thesis: Current behavioral methods could have mixed results on autistic kids.
Refined Thesis: Current methods on behavior could have positive or negative effects on kids
with ASD.

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As of recently, developers and scientists believe that certain apps can help Autistic kids
with social life. Normally, autistic kids have a hard time differentiating from sarcasm and
seriousness. However, new creations such as Sosh, a slang dictionary, can help them learn certain
terms used in everyday life and understand what they mean and how to use them. It also has 5
sub-categories that help developed conversational skills. Researchers are hopeful about the
results of Sosh and its effects on kids and teens with ASD. I chose this article to show that even
now, new methods are being created help ASD kids, teens and adults.

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The symptoms of ASD of range from a massive variety of reactions. Normally, it is either
the wrong reaction such as questions about a joke or no reaction at all such a blank stare at a
birthday present. This is not deliberate though. ASD has been becoming more and more
prevalent in the world, primarily in young boys. Although it ranges in forms of diagnosis, they
share in common the lack of understanding emotions. With the new wave of understanding,
researchers are hoping to get kids integrated into society. I chose this article because it outlines
the difficulties faced with ASD.

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Researchers all over the world are learning more about ASD. Each year, more and more
kids are being diagnosed with a form of this disorder. As this happens, psychologists and
psychiatrists are using many different methods to learn about the forms of ASD. Among the lack
of emotions, there is also a lack of social relationships and picking up on social skills. For
example, ASD kids have a very hard time understanding sarcasm or idioms. Hopefully, with the
help of technology, these kids can learn what they are and how to use them. I chose this article
because it illustrates the exact situation going on in the world with ASD.