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Jake Fields & Lovell Tufts

Grade 2

Dance in De Line: Lesson Plan

National Standard: Creating, Performing
O.A.C. Standard: Creating, Performing
Concept: Listen to a piece of music, discern the steady beat and
be able to show where it occurs. Also work together with
classmates to create a unison dance.
Objective: Students will demonstrate their ability to show the
steady beat of the music. Students will also be able to work
together to create, and perform a corresponding dance that
shows the beat as well.
Materials: Cell phone/laptop to play song, speakers, students,
classroom, lesson plan

Introduce ourselves
Organize students into a big circle
Ask students what steady beat is and explain
Play a little bit of the song (JITL) and show the steady beat
with pats on the leg as a group
Once students have a grasp, stop the song and stop the
Explain to all students that we will split them up into groups,
and they will have to come up with a dance move that shows
the steady beat.
Explain that students must not move around, set boundaries
for where theyre allowed to move (2 feet in each direction,
roughly still)
Explain that students must work together to come up with a
unison group dance move that they will perform for the class

Demonstrate a few dances, including one in unison with your

teaching partner (if applicable)
Split students up in groups of 6 or so, depending on class
size, aim for around 5 groups
Give students a moment to come up with a dance move they
can all perform together
Have students come back and sit with their groups, in a
circle. Five group blobs in a circle
Explain that all students will sit together and keep the beat
while other groups perform their dance for the class
Explain that a signal will be given to students when they
should stand and begin dancing, similarly, students will be
given a signal to stop dancing and sit back down too. The
signal will be given by gesturing downward with both hands
for the students to sit, and gesturing upward with both hands
for them to stand and take their turn performing
Encourage applause between groups
Once all groups have performed, we will stop the song and
applaud one last time for everyone
Have students sit back in a big circle
Closure/questions: Once all students are back in the circle, ask
them again to state some characteristics of a steady beat. Tell
them theyve done a wonderful job performing their dances with
their steady beat
Assessment/extensions: Check for rhythmic competency,
rhythmic understanding. For a longer lesson, or to try something
new, have the student groups learn each others dance moves, or
have a freestyle at the end!