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Jaime Puente

2011 Marshall St. #20

Houston, TX 77098
832 475 1522

Robert Jarrett, Phd.

Department Chair- English
UH- Downtown CHSS
1 Main St. S-1045
Houston, TX 77002

Dr. Jarrett,

It is my pleasure to submit my English Portfolio to you and the Department of English. I have
carefully chosen essays that I am confident will show my aptitude and ability to engage in
scholarly discourse. While my primary field of study is English literature, I have also worked to
enrich my perspective by taking classes in related fields. Courses in both philosophy and history
have given me a greater ability to contextualize, theorize, and analyze literary texts. For this
reason, I have included four essays produced in upper-level English courses, and one essay each
from upper-level history and philosophy courses. I have also included the required reflective
essay where I will discuss in detail the driving themes of my chosen research.

Looking across my body of work, I can safely say that it is informed through sound academic
research, and shows my ability to engage in a current scholarly discourse. I submit this portfolio
as an example of my ability as a student and scholar, but I would also like to propose that, while
my formal degree is a BA in English, I have really earned a degree in American Studies. The
multiple avenues of exploration afforded me by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences,
simultaneously English, philosophy, and history, have given me the chance to study how being
an American as a social construct. This collection of my essays shows that I can do scholarly
work, and that I meet the basic requirements of an English major. I hope that it can also show the
importance of the education I have received at the University of Houston-Downtown because it
has influenced every facet of how I understand my identity and my role in society.

This portfolio is an example of what I have been able to accomplish so far, and what I want to
accomplish in the future. I look forward to expanding on this body of work by continuing a
multi-disciplinary approach to study the concept of the border zone in American culture when I
pursue my own doctorate. My application of modern and post-modern theory to literary texts
reflects the scholarly foundation I built as a student in the College of Humanities and Social
Sciences. I am extremely proud to submit this as the culmination of my educational experience at
UH-Downtown. I am proud to be associated with the students, faculty, and staff who have helped
me complete my degree. I hope that my future endeavors, as a graduate student and professional
scholar, will reflect how thankful I am for their support.

Jaime Puente