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Group 14 or IVA

Catenation is the ability of

(a) atoms to form strong bonds with similar
(b) elements to form gaint molecules
(c) an element to form multiple bonds
(d) an element to form long chains of
identical atoms


The inert pair effect is most prevalent in

compounds of which IV group element ?
(a) C
(b) Si
(c) Ge
(d) Sn



The group IV element oxide exhibiting the

strongest basic properties is
(a) SiO2
(b) PbO2
(c) SnO2
(d) PbO
Which tetachloride is not hydrolysed by
water ?
(a) Cl4
(b) SiCl4
(c) SnCl4
(d) PbCl4


Pb Cl2 dissolves most apreciably in

(a) water
(b) dil. NaOH
(c) Conc. NaOH
(d) Conc. Hcl


The best reaction to give Sn Cl4 is

(a) SnO + Conc. HCl
(b) Sn + Conc. HCl
(c) Sn + dry HCl
(d) Sn + dry HCl


Given the bond enthalpies in KJ mole1

CC +3448. SiSi +176
GeGe +168. SnSn +155/
Its clear that
(a) C can catenate best
(b) Si Catenate to a small content
(c) Ge an Sn do not catenate
(d) all the above


Which of the following statement about IV

group elements (C to Pb) is not correct?

(a) The thermal stability of hydrides

decreases from Ch4 to PbH4 as bond
enthalpy for MH
bond decrease
(b) all form tetra fluorides, tetra chlorides,
tetra bromides
(c) only Sn and Pb form dichlorides
(d) all form tetra iodides

SiF4 dissolves in Conc. HF to form

(a) H4SiF6
(b) [SiFe6]2 ion
(c) SiO2.xH2O
(d) SiF6

10. The most commonly used reducing agent to

reduce Fe3+ to Fe2+ , Hg2+ to Hg+ , I2 to I is
(a) SnCl2
(b) Na2 SnO2
(c) PbCl2
(d) Na2PbO2
11. An effective redicing agent and industrial
fuel is
(a) CO2
(b) CO
(c) CH4
(d) C2 H5OH
12. What is not correctabout carbon monoxide,
(a) Carbon is CO is Sp hybridised and is
linear molecule
(b) CO is a ligand because it has a lone pair
of electrons on the carbon atom
(c) CO is the reducing agent in metallurgy
of iron
(d) Co has the structure CO
13. Carbon monoxide can be estimated by
(a) reaction of Cl2forming COCl2
(b) reaction with I2O5
and estimating
liberated I2
(c) reaction with NaOH and estimating
molarity of HCOONa
(d) reaction with Ni at 60C
14. Which is not correct about CO2 ?
(a) C in CO2 is Sp hybridised and its is a
linear molecule
(b) Solid CO2 is a molecular solid
(c) CO2 is a leavening agent
(d) CO2 is an important ligand

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15. Which is not true about SiO2

(a) it is a net work solid
(b) it is attacked by molten NaOH
(c) it is attacked by HF
(d) it is the basic structural unit of silicates
16. Silicones are

22. The best dehydrating agent used for most

commercial purposes is
(a) Conc. H2SO4
(b) CaCl2
(c) P4 O10
(d) Silica Gel

(a) O Si O Si (Chain )

23. Glass is essentially mixture of

(a) sodium and calcium silicates
(b) sodium silicate and aluminate
(c) Sodium silicates and borates
(d) Silicate, borates, aluminates

O Si O Si O ( 3 dim ensional cross linked )
O Si O Si O

24. Which oxide is used in Crookes glass to

cut off U.V. rays ?
(a) BaO
(b) BeO
(c) PbO2
(d) Ce2O3

(c) polumers used for making silicon

rubnbes lubricants
(d) all of above

25. Glass is a
(a) liquid
(b) Solid
(c) Super-cooled liquid
(d) transparent organic polymer

17. When red lead is treated with HNO3

(a) PbO (brown ) is formed
(b) darks brown PbO2 is precipitated
(c) Pb(NO3)2 IS FORMED
(d) NO2 is evolved

26. Lead pencil contains

(a) Pb
(b) FeS
(c) PbS
(d) graphite

18. Which species ios likely to be planer ?

(a) NH4+
(d) ClO3

27. Which is not hydrolyzed ?

(a) Vcl4
(b) TiCl4
(c) SiCl4
(d) Ccl4

19. Qhixh M-M bond has the highest enertgy

(a) C C
(b) Si Si
(c) Ge Ge
(d) Sn Sn

28. Commercially important ore of Pb is

(a) Siderite
(b) galena
(c) cassiterite
(d) Haematite

20. SiCl is hydrolysed because

(a) the bonding in SiCl4 is ionic
(b) Si Can eexpand its co-ordination
number beyond ix
(c) SiCl4 can form H-bonds
(d) Si is non-volatile

29. The dissolution of lead by water in presence

of Oxygen
(a) leads to the formulation of Pb(OH)2
(b) is called polumbo-solvancy
(c) is health hazard
(d) all the above

21. The tendency to form pp multiple

(a) is prominent for carbon
(b) is less prominent for Si
(c) is non-existent for Sn and Pb
(d) all the above

30. White lead

(a) is prepared by combined action of
CH3COOH, CO2, moisture
perforted lead sheets
(b) is 2PbCO3.Pb(OH)2
(c) is white pigment

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(d) all the above

31. Oxides such as WO3, MoO3, GeO2 are
reduced with which substance to get metal ?
(a) H2
(b) C
(c) CO
(d) Al
32. Very pure germanium is obtained by
(a) Krolls process
(b) Van Arkels process
(d) Zone-refinig
(c) TLC
33. Lead is most readily dissolved in
(a) H2SO4
(b) HCl
(c) HNO3
34. Carborundum is the commercial name of
(a) CaC2
(b) SiC
(c) Al4C3
(d) B4C3
35. Which of the folowing is not a net-work
solid ?
(a) Dry ice
(b) Silica
(c) GeO2
(d) SnO2
36. Layers of carbon atoms is graphite are held
(a) covalent bonds
(b) dative bonds
(c) free electrons
(d) vander walls forces
37. Two elements frequently used for making
transistors are
(a) C and Si
(b) Ga and In
(c) P and As
(d) Si and Ge
38. A form of carbon used for refractory lining
(a) Charcoal
(b) coke
(c) Carbon black
(d) Graphite
39. An allotropic form of Carbon used for
cutting drilling is

(a) diamond
(b) bones block
(c) charcoal
(d) amorphous carbon
40. Automonbile emission are nota major
source of
(a) NO
(b) CO
(c) hudro carbons
(d) SO2
41. Dry ice is effectie in seeding clouds become
(a) CO2 and H2O have similar crystal
(b) it increases water content of the cloud
(c) CO2molecules fooer nucleus for
(d) upon sublimation, it lowers the
temperature of water
42. Which of the following hydrocarbons
would be most likely to contribute directly
to smog
(a) CH4
(b) C2H4
(c) C3 H8
(d) C6H6
43. Of the follwoing fuels, which one produces
the lowest concentration of pollutants ?
(a) Coal
(b) wood
(c) natural gas
(d) petroleum
44. Green house effect is consequence of
increase in concentration of which gas in
the atmosphere
(a) CO
(b) CO2
(c) NO2
(d) SO2
45. Which of the folwoing species cannot act as
a ligand to a transition metal ?
(a) NH3
(b) H2O
(c) CO
(d) CO2
46. Which one of the following hydrocarbons
would be most likely to contribute directly
to smog
(a) CH4
(b) C2H4
(c) C3H8

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(d) C6H6

(c) Sn
(d) Pb

47. Automobile emssion are not a major source

(a) NO
(b) CO
(c) Hydrocarbons
(d) SO2

54. Which M - M bond has the largest energy.

(a) C - C
(b) Ge - Ge
(c) Sn - Sn
(d) Pb -Pb

48. Of the following fuels. which one under

ordinary condition produces the lowest
concentration of pollutants?
(a) Coal
(b) Wood
(c) natural gas
(d) petroleum

55. The uniqueability of carbon to form C=C,

CC. CN bonds is due to its ability to
(a) p - p multiple bond
(b) p - d
(c) d - d
(d) none of these

49. CO emissions can be decreased by

(a) burning fuels at higher temperature
(b) mixing combustion reactants more
(c) passing combustion products over hot
(d) all of above

56. Elemental silicon exists in th diamond

structure only due to it
(a) reluctance to form p - p bonds
(b) low bond energy of Si - Si bonds
(c) availability of D - orbitals
(d) all of these

50. CO seems to be removed from the

atmosphere mostly by
(a) dissolving in the ocean
(b) reacting further with O2from CO2
(c) thermal decomposition to C and O2
(d) consumption by soil micro-organism
51. Which is a false statement ?
(a) in diamond all C- atoms are in Sp3hybrid
states and are connected to one another
strong sigma bund
(b) in graphite all carbon atoms are in Sp2
hybrid state and are connected to one
another by sigma bounds
(c) in graphite the layers are held by vender
Waals forces
(d) graphite and borazole ar iso electronic
52. The effect of adding MgCO3 to molten
silica, SiO2, include would all the following
except ?
(a) Bubble of CO2 would form
(b) silicate chain would be broken
(c) the resulting glass would have softening
point lower than that pure sileca
(d) the resulting glass would be an excellent
conductor of electricty
53. The inert pair effect is mass prevalent in
compounds of which group 14 elements ?
(a) Si
(b) Ge

57. Which is a false statement ?

(a) (CH3)3N is pyramidal and has no
(b) (SiH3)3 N is planer and has p - p
(c) the majority of carbon compounds are
eithe three or four Co - ordinate
(d) p - p bonding is a feature of group 14
58. p - p is least common in
(a) Carbon compounds
(b) Silicon compounds
(c) Nitrogen compounds
(d) germanium compounds
59. The gas princi;ally effective for greenhouse effect is
(a) CO
(b) CO2
(c) CH4
(d) SO3
60. Fluoro carbons are effective scavenger for
o/one due to
(a) photolytic reaction of O2 producing Cl
(b) photolytic decomposition
of O3
producing O2
(c) Photolytic decompression of O3 into Cl
and O2

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(d) photolytic production of oxides of

61. Tungsten carbide is
(a) one of the hardest substances known
(b) an interstitial compound
(c) a Bertholloid compound
(d) all the above
62. Which of the group 14 elements are known
to form chlorides of the formula Mcl2 ?
(a) all except Carbon
(b) all except C and Si
(c) Sn and Pb only
(d) all
63. When a solid dioxide of group 14 elements
was warmed for a time with dil. HNO3
containing a Mn2+ ions, and the suspension
was the filtered. a pink filtrate was obtained
which one of the folowing oxide was used ?
(a) SiO2
(b) GeO2
(c) PbO2
(d) SnO2

65. The hydrolysis of (CH3)2 SiCl2 produces

(a) (CH3)2 Si = O , Hcl
(b) (CH3)2 Si(OH)2, Hcl
(c) CH4, SiO2, Hcl
CH 3
CH 3
CH 3
(d) H O Si O Si O Si OH, HCl
CH 3
CH 3
CH 3

66. When Pb3O4 heated with conc. Hcl, the

products are
(a) PbCl2 + H2O
(b) PbCl2 + H2O + Cl2
(c) PbCl2 + PbCl4 + H2O
(d) PbO2 + PbCl2 + H2O
67. The Carbon-metal bond in carbonyl is
respresented as:
(a) M C O
(b) M O C
(c) M C O
(d) M O C

64. Which of the following statements about

PbCl4 and SnCl4 is not true ?
(a) both are liquids
(b) both are obtained by heating the metals
in Cl2
(c) both combine with NH4Cl to give salts
of the type (NH4)2, Mcl6
(d) both lose Cl2 on heating to form Xcl2
and Cl2

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