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Gods and Goddess of the Drow Pantheon

Alignme Titles
Intermedia CG
Dark Maiden, Lady
Silverhair, Lady of
the Dance,













The Sun Lover,

Kissing Light,
Mothering Sun,
Lady of the
Blackened Sun,
The Obsidian Sun
The Lady of Masks,
The Eclipse Thief,
Lady Sun Stealer,
The Eclipse
Maiden, Mask of
The Masked God
Night, The Shadow,
Masked Lord, The
Night Stealer

The Spider Queen,

Queen of Spider,
Blackspider, Lady
of Chaos, Our Lady
of Betrayal



Beauty, bards,
dancing, dark
elves, hunting,
moon and
redemption, song,
and swordplay
illusions of beauty,
love, marriage,
pleasure, sex, and

Chaos, Charm,
Good, Healing,
Moon, Nature,
Song, and War

Beneficial chaos,
eclipses, illusions,
wizards, magic,
playfulness, and
Assassins, cunning,
fighters, honor,
knives, lies, new
moon, poison,
planning, and
Betrayal, chaos,
darkness, death,
drow, hatred,
revenge, and

Chaos, Charm,
Illusion, Magic,
Moon, Sun,
and Trickery
death, Evil,
Trickery, and
Evil, Trickery,
and Undeath

Chaos, Charm,
Good, Healing,
Pleasure, and

The Sun Lover, Kissing Light, Mothering Sun, Lady of the Blackened Sun, The
Obsidian Sun
Lesser Goddess
Alignment: Neutral Good (chaotic Tendencies)
Portfolio: Enchanters, illusions of beauty, love, marriage, pleasure, sex, and

Allies: Anistrial, Arsthyrtiaurathearvoral The Matriarch Dragon, Eilistraee, The

Seldarine, and Vhaeraun.
Enemies: Ashardalon, Gruumish, Falazure, and Lolth.
Holy Symbol: .
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Good, Healing, Pleasure, and Sun
Typical Worshiper Alignments: LG, LN, CG, NG, CN
Favored Weapon: A rod (A +2 Holy Rod of Bliss called Kiss of Bliss that functions
as a +2 holy club)
Anistrial is a generous goddess, her primary goal is to encourage caring
marital relationship between drow and sex should be enjoyed by all parties. She is
the patron goddess Enchanters and any spellcasters who use charms and Illusion
spells for attracting a partner. Traditional rituals in honor of The Mothering Sun
involves the highest Ranking Priest or Priestess engage in sex in the noon day sun in
a clearing with either another Priest of the lower rank or a lay worshiper while a
bowl of cherry blossoms burn as an offering.

Masked Lady
The Lady of Masks, The Eclipse Thief, Lady Sun Stealer, The Eclipse Maiden, Mask of
Lesser Goddess
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Good Tendencies)
Portfolio: Beneficial chaos, eclipses, illusions, wizards, magic, mysteries,
playfulness, thieves.
Allies: Anistrial, Eilistraee, Erevan Ilesere, Arsthyrtiaurathearvoral The Matriarch
Dragon, and Vhaeraun.
Enemies: Ashardalon, Bahamut, Falazure, and Lolth.
Holy Symbol: A longsword behind a black full-face mask outlined against a lunar
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Darkness, Healing, Illusion, Magic, Moon, Sun, and
Typical Worshiper Alignments: CG, NG, CN, NE
Favored Weapon: A baster sword (+3 Singing Bastard Sword of Spell turning
called Sun Stealer) and A Cloak of Elven kind (A Spell Absorbing Cloak of Elven kind
and Protection that can turn into A +3 Dancing Bastard sword of Spell Absorption
call The Eclipsing Moon).

The Masked Lady is a mysterious being, she takes great pleasure in hiding all
things about her and enjoys that act of discovering secrets wither it be herself or
her worshipers. She is both the patron deity of Drow thieves (though her coverage
of thieves is mostly limited to those who consider themselves thieves and those
who steal in unusual ways not commonly used by traditional thieves), wizards, and
magic-users of all kinds and she has a particular fondness for Illusions. As such her
lay worshipers tend to thief/wizards or Illusionist who uses their talents for the
stealing arts, in essence you can say she is the Patron Goddess of Im Not that
Kind of Thief. Of the deities in the drow pantheon she spends the most time on the
material plane, so much so that her cleric adamantly believe that she has no home
plane to speak of, wither this is true or not is not known and the Mask of Mysteries
is not willing to speak on the subject. She has a very mischievous and playful nature
to the point that she not only goes out of her way to pull harmless and intriguing
pranks (which tend to often include flirtation) on mortals, but on gods themselves
especially on the other deities of the Drow Pantheon. Because of this Lolth and
Vhaeraun often dislike interacting with the Masked Lady on daily bases as all of
them can agree that she can only be handled in small doses. In point a fact the
Masked Lady admits often and very loudly to her worshipers and anyone else who
will listen that her name and entire attire is one long running prank on Vhaeraun,
said god refuses to talk about his feelings on the matter.
The Masked Lady is happiest when thieves steal successfully from those with
more than necessary, any time any form of magic is learned or created in her name
(as goes with being a goddess of magic), when someone discovers some kind of
mystery or discovering the secrets of such mysterious, or anytime anyone for any
reason might think that she might be really any of the other drow deity behind her
black mask (and yes, some have even thought that she might one of Vhaerauns
avatars on more than one occasion, much to his great annoyance).
The Masked Lady is angered whenever a thief goes out of their way to harm
or kill an individual that was not in any way capable of hindering their attempt to
steal, whenever any magic item is destroyed or magic-users are unnecessarily
killed. Any thief who steals from those in dire need will feel her wrath, and never
every give way the answer to any mystery ever (hints are ok though). People who
have no sense of humor or are completely aggressive to people who pull harmless
pranks sadden her deep and she hates anyone who harms or attacks the weak or
needed for selfish means, especially when it could be easily avoided.
When she appears to worshipers or really anyone she likes, she has the
appearance of a tall (around 8 foot) Pitch-black as the emptiness of space skinned
Drow (though its tends to be had to tell with how much of her is covered), she is of a
fine yet athletic build. She wears tight fitting black leather pants and sleeveless
leather tunic, complete with Striding Boots of Elvenkind that lets her move at twice
her normal speed and her signature Black Cloak of Elvenkind that can not only
function as cloak of protection, but can absorb any one spell of 7 th level or lower
once per round. Her cloak can also transform into a +3 Dancing Bastard Sword that
not only continuous to have its spell absorption property, but can also fly up to 30
feet per round with simple a single thought from her and can attack a creature

within range as if she was using it with her own hands. Floating at her right hip is
sheathed a +3 Singing Bastard Sword which can once per round, turn any spell of
5th level or lower as if under the effects of a Spell Turning spell. Her face is covered
by a black leather full-facial mask (it cover her from her brow to her chin) her deep
blue eyes with every changing color flecks (like that of every color of the rainbow)
and her long hair which look a different color to every person who see her (the color
tends to be whatever color that person finds is the most attractive hair color to
them and can even flash between multiple hair color for those who have no deep
down preference. Her mask is unusual though as it can be interacted physically if
she wants (grabbed, stretched or refitted, and cloned if desired by her), however
unless she desires otherwise any attempt to grab or interact with the mask acts as
though her mask wasnt there (there hand would seem to make contact, but it
would feel like the instead were touching her bare face instead). As such she can
interact with her face as if her mask wasnt there (you can imagine what uses that
might serve if you want), it never hinders her ability to speak, breath into the air, or
fell breezes. Furthermore, the mask protects her from any kind of supernatural,
extraordinary, or magical effects that requires eye contact or to breath it in unless
she allows it (this also applies to any copy mask that she creates, which can be
given to any creature except those copies only last for one year before fading
The Masked lady always radiates an aura of supernatural beauty around her
anyone who is within 120 feet of her or who can see her instantly knows that she is
heavenly beautiful and for as long as they are in either range of her or look at her
take a -5 penalty on attack rolls against her and take a -10 penalty on saving throws
against charm and illusion effects she casts on them. She has all the abilities of a
drow of her effective level would in additions to being able to cast any 1 st level
wizards spell as many times as she wants per day, she can use both suggestion and
dominate monster three times per day, detect lie and mirror image twice per day,
and can cast True resurrection once per day all of which are spell like abilities.
Whenever she is in darkness or it is an eclipse she regenerates 5 hit points per
round and can regain lost limbs, she also gains a shadowy aura that gives her a + 5
bonus to Armor class and allows her to shrug off the first 5 points of damage from
anything other than +3 or greater magical weapons. She fights as both a 20 th level
fighter and Rouge and functions as a 30th level wizard except she can automatically
spontaneously replace her prepared wizard spells with a cure wound spell, revivify,
Resurrection, or True Resurrection spell of the Proper Level. As a goddess, she never
fails on saving throws unless she rolls a one and gains the same benefit to any
thieving related skill (search, spot, open locks, move silently, hide, and disable
traps) as well.