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Rangsimon Pholcharoenchit

Jordan Ruyle
Philosophy 3
Report One Factor
2 October 2016

Thai Values on Premarital Sex

Thais place double standard on the moral of premarital sex for men and
women. This double standards reinforce the need of prostitution in the
functioning of Thai society. In a study of urban secondary school students,
teachers and students are surveyed of their attitudes toward romantic
relationship and premarital sex. Teachers reported that the best age for
developing romantic relationship of any sort is 21 to 25. It is seen that the
romance between adolescents [are] precocious and inappropriate
(Taywaditep et al., n.d.) The same study also finds teachers differing view
on the appropriateness of premarital sex. While 75 percent of male teachers
and 58 percent of female teachers believe that men should have some sort
of sexual experience before marriage, only 15 percent of male and female
teacher believe that the same should be for women (Taywaditep et al., n.d.).
The pressure for Thai men to be sexually experienced and for Thai women
to remain chaste necessitate the social roles of prostitution. This notion is
illustrated by volumes of research on Thai military conscripts. The research
surveying men age 20 to 22 found that 97 percent has reported having
sexual intercourse, with a surprising 54 percent reporting having lost their
virginity by age 16. Of those that have experienced sexual intercourse, 74
percent reports having lost their virginity to a female sex worker. This
number contrasts with 12 percent with a lover and 8 percent with a

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girlfriend (Taywaditep et al., n.d.). Thai men justifies this behavior by

believing that they are protecting the purityof other females by having sex
with sex workers, who are seen as already tainted.

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Thai). In International Encyclopedia of Sexuality.