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Jasmine Nguyen

3 October 2016
Morality and Human Sexuality by Vincent C. Punzo
Punzo argues that sex is not just only an action of pleasure, but rather, a
connection and emotional commitment between two people. He does this by
understanding the sexuality of human being. He mentions how society has affected
the way we look at sex, where it seems to have no difference between any other
activity. Everywhere we go, we see how sex is advertised and how its ruining the
morality and value of intimacy in todays society. Punzo states how sex should only be
engaged between two people when they are intimately committed with each other. He
doesnt necessarily mean not wait to marriage though, but hes making a point that sex
is much more than what most see it. He really believes that two couples must be really
committed to make love. He believes that its morally right to make love to someone
who you know you are committed to and whom you are willing to stay with. If were
talking in sense of morality, then I do agree on everything Punzo has mentioned in his
article. However, I dont think theres anything wrong to engage into casual sex. I
think the only time sex is truly immoral is when it is happening between two or more
people who have significant others. On the other hand though, I can understand and
see why casual sex can be portrayed as an immoral act. The thing with sex is that
people view it in some cases, a spiritual thing; that one shares privately and vulnerably
with their lover. Its a natural and beautiful thing between two people, and its
somewhat seen as immoral when people object the term and the action to a very
simple matter of term, when its much more to them than that. I agree that sex

shouldnt just be for pleasure but I also can agree to disagree that sex isnt just about
love commitment with one person, because its a fun thing.