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Video Critique Guide

In this exercise, your task is to provide constructive feedback for the instructor in
the video.
Attend to and describe the instructors specific actions as well as his or her overall
instructional strategies. Focus also on student reactions and engagement; student
reactions may be indications of the lessons effectiveness, and practicing attending
to student reactions may help you better recognize cues from your own students.
Please address the questions below in your written response (450-600 words).
Please do not respond to each question independently, but rather provide an overall
critique that incorporates your responses in a single, coherent body of feedback.

Did the instructor state the instructional objectives of the lesson and
summarize the lessons main ideas?
What techniques, if any, did the instructor use to ensure that the
presentation followed a clear logic, including transitions between
topics, and did/how did the instructor convey the organization to
students? (e.g. Did the presentation include an outline showing the
relationships between different concepts? Did the instructor
summarize the main ideas?)
Was the instructors vocabulary appropriate for the audience, reflecting
a sensitivity to the prior knowledge of the students?
Did the instructor incorporate a variety of instructional strategies to
reach the instructional objectives? If so, which strategies did he/she
use? (given the brief nature of the video clip, the instructor may only
have used one strategy [e.g. lecture, discussion, small group activity,
independent writing assignment, etc.])
Was the content and depth of that content appropriate for the
audience and instructional objectives? Did the instructor define new
terminology, provide concrete examples of abstract concepts, and
present multiple perspectives from different theories or backgrounds?
Was the presentation paced so that the audience had sufficient time to
process new information and integrate it with their prior knowledge?
How did the instructor use audiovisual aids to complement the material
presented? Did the instructor provide adequate time for processing of
audiovisual materials?
In what ways did the instructor use questions to assess students prior
knowledge, understanding, or ability to apply their knowledge? What

techniques did the instructor use to encourage students to ask

questions to advance the conversation?
What did the instructor do particularly well? What strategies,
techniques, or materials did the instructor use that was novel or
What might you have done differently from this instructor and why do
you think that would have better facilitated student learning?