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One of the students from Shioshishio.

She has feelings for Hikari but is afraid

to admit it after realizing he is in love with Manaka. She is afraid it will rui
n their relationships and hides her feelings. Chisaki is the only person among h
er Shioshishio friends who avoids hibernation after the Ofunehiki festival. Sinc
e the Ofunehiki festival, she has been staying with the Kihara family and also s
tudying in a nursing school. When she reunites with her Shioshishio friends, she
feels left out as she is now much older than them. Chisaki fears change, and fe
els guilty for having lived a relatively happy life during the time skip despite
the absence of her friends. She has been clinging to her old feelings for Hikar
i as a means of claiming she hasn't changed over the past five years, but she is
really in love with Tsumugu. They then become a couple. In the last scene, she
still continues to live in the Kihara residence with a now-healthy Isamu, while
Tsumugu is away for college.
Chisaki is a beautiful young woman but has a complex about her "oversized" body.
Before the time skip, she has long, wavy, purple hair that she usually wears in
a high-side ponytail on the left side, aside from two thick locks of hair next
to both sides of her face that reach her shoulders. She has short bangs that han
g to her eyebrows. Chisaki has fair skin and her eyes are blue like all the peop
le from the sea. To her embarrassment, she is commonly described as curvaceous a
nd she usually gets attention from boys because of it. Before the timeskip, Chis
aki is usually seen wearing her school uniform, but wears other clothes from tim
e to time, too, like long skirts and blouses. Chisaki wears her uniform with a p
air of white crew socks with blue rims and decorates her ponytail with a cornflo
wer blue scrunchie-style hair tie with an attached pair of dark blue ribbons.
After the timeskip, Chisaki's hair is cut so that it hangs slightly past her sho
ulders and is slightly wavier than it was before the timeskip, and she wears it
down with a small side braid tied with tiny blue bows on the right side. She is
also taller and more curvaceous. After the time skip, she usually wears casual s
weaters and denim shorts and skirts with thigh-high socks. She is occasionally s
een in a pale purple pajama set, which she sometimes wears loose twintails with.
Sometimes she is seen in her nurse uniform. She also seems to prefer high top s
Chisaki is a kind and peaceful girl. She cares a lot about people she loves. She
's sisterly and tries to act mature. She doesn't want to let her friends change
because she fears change. Despite her usually non-violent nature, she can have t
he occasional angry outburst. Chisaki seems to have a complex about her body.
When Manaka and Chisaki were kids, there was one time they got lost. They had go
ne to the outskirts of the village into the outer sea to look for coral. Unable
to find home, the two were saved by Hikari, and the feeling of him holding her h
and caused her to have feelings for him.
Chisaki protecting Manaka
Chisaki protects Manaka.
On their first day of going to school on the surface, Chisaki walks with Kaname

and Manaka and greets Hikari just as he arrives and runs past her. Seeing him be
rate Manaka for wearing the uniform of the surface school rather than that of th
eir underwater school, Chisaki gets between the two of them and tells him to lea
ve her alone. Manaka decides to change, leaving Chisaki and the boys to go on. A
s they arrive at the surface, Chisaki leaves with Kaname for school but on the w
ay they see that Manaka has been caught up by mistake in the net of a fishing tr
At school, Chisaki takes part in introductions in the morning before having to b
reak up another argument between Hikari and Manaka. Later, giving her P.E. cloth
es to Manaka to help her stand out less, telling her she has no use for them and
advising her that Hikari truly cares for her. The two girls then look out the w
indow at the running track and spot Hikari racing Tsumugu Kihara, quickly losing
his footing and knocking both of them down.[1]
The next morning, before school, Chisaki and the group arrive to pick up Manaka
from her house but find that she refuses to come out, forcing Hikari to go get h
er. At school, a group of girls take Manaka into the sun to inspect her supposed
ly shining skin. Chisaki attempts to stop them but is unable to do so as Manaka
is quickly embarrassed and makes a run for it. Notifying Hikari and Kaname, the
three go looking for her.
Chisaki upset with Kaname
Chisaki upset with Kaname
Looking through the city, Chisaki and the group come to the conclusion that Mana
ka did not return home. As they notice their skin beginning to crack from sun ex
posure, the three take refuge in the water temporarily, before Hikari leaves to
continue the search alone. As Chisaki begins worrying about him, Kaname comments
that she and Hikari look like parents to Manaka and tells her if anything happe
ns to Manaka, she will be next to his side. This upsets Chisaki as she tells him
that he's not funny, adding that she loves Manaka and does not want anything to
happen to her.[1]
Tsumugu KiharaEdit
At the beginning, Chisaki disliked Tsumugu because Manaka seemed to be in love w
ith him and she feared that this would cause the group to "change" by drifting a
part. However, after interacting with him and coming to an understanding, the tw
o become much closer, so much so that she dives into the ocean to save him after
his boat is capsized by a large wave from the Sea God during the Maiden Sacrifi
ce. She proceeds to save him with the assistance of Kaname, cradling him in her
arms once he is safe.
Years after the freezing of the sea, their relationship has developed. They are
now living together and seem to have a special bond. After the 5 years they spen
t together Tsumugu admits to Kaname that he is in love with Chisaki. He even tho
ught it would be better if Manaka, Hikari, and Kaname didn't wake up because he
was scared that Chisaki would disappear from him. He confessed his feelings for
Chisaki and told her that she was like the beautiful sea. Chisaki rejects his co
nfession and cries that she is not in love with him. When walking back home, Chi
saki admits her feelings for Tsumugu by lamenting about how quickly she fell in
love with him, after only being together for five years, in comparison to having
been with Hikari and the other since they were born. Kaname helps Chisaki reali
ze her true feelings though Chisaki believes she isn't allowed to love Tsumugu d
ue to her loyalty to Manaka, whom she thinks has feelings for Tsumugu. Chisaki a
lso thinks that by admiting her love for Tsumugu, she would be betraying everyon
e that was still sleeping. Chisaki insists to Kaname that she is in love with Hi
kari no matter what. She also believes that she can't accept Tsumugu's feelings

since Tsumugu is needed in order to awaken Manaka's "feelings of love" for him.
Tsumugu revealed that Manaka was in love with Hikari to Chisaki which leaves Chi
saki happy but still conflicted as she believes she shouldn't be the only one ou
t of her friends to achieve happiness. After the second Ofunehiki, the two becom
e a couple.
Manaka MukaidoEdit
Chisaki is the best friend of Manaka, and they were always together in the past.
Chisaki helps and protects Manaka, because she doesn't want Manaka to change, i
n fear of the group going their separate ways. Also it is very hard for Chisaki
to be with Manaka, because Chisaki has strong feelings for Hikari although he lo
ves Manaka. She can't accept Tsumugu's feelings because she thinks Manaka is in
love with him. But, Manaka is in love with Hikari and the only reason she kept i
t from everybody was because she thought it would make Chisaki sad.
Hikari SakishimaEdit
Early in the series, Chisaki has a crush on Hikari, who is also one of her child
hood friends. She admires his ability to change those around him and his