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Creating Desire Tips & Techniques ....................................................... 4
Setting the Mood Tips & Techniques ................................................... 10
Foreplay Tips & Techniques ............................................................... 15
Erogenous Zones Tips & Techniques ................................................... 20
Oral Sex Tips & Techniques ............................................................... 27
Multiple Orgasms Tips & Techniques ................................................... 31
Anal Sex Tips & Techniques ............................................................... 35
G-Spot Tips & Techniques ................................................................. 38
Aphrodisiacs Tips & Techniques ......................................................... 44
Supplements Tips & Techniques ......................................................... 47
Masturbation Tips & Techniques ......................................................... 52
Penetration Tips & Techniques ........................................................... 58
Female Ejaculation Tips & Techniques ................................................. 64
Fisting Tips & Techniques .................................................................. 67
Looking Sexy Tips & Techniques ........................................................ 73
Sex Games Tips & Techniques ........................................................... 76
Erotic Massage for Tips & Techniques ................................................. 82
How to End Premature Ejaculation Tips & Techniques ........................... 87
Romantic Tips & Techniques .............................................................. 92
Threesomes Tips & Techniques .......................................................... 94
Phone Sex Tips & Techniques ............................................................ 96
Role Playing Tips & Techniques .......................................................... 98
Food & Sex Tips & Techniques .......................................................... 100
Dirty Talk Tips & Techniques ............................................................ 102
Lubrication Tips & Techniques........................................................... 104
Sex Toys Tips & Techniques ............................................................. 106
BDSM Tips & Techniques .................................................................. 108
Sex in Public Places Tips & Techniques............................................... 111
Kama Sutra Positions Tips & Techniques ............................................ 113
Adding Spice Tips & Techniques ........................................................ 115
Kissing Advice Tips & Techniques ...................................................... 120
Adding Porn Tips & Techniques ......................................................... 125
Fragrances Tips & Techniques ........................................................... 130
Sexy Wardrobe Tips & Techniques..................................................... 134
Sex in the Car Tips & Techniques ...................................................... 138
Sexy Vacation Tips & Techniques ...................................................... 143


1. Stop
One of the biggest mistakes couples make is not taking the time to just
be together. Sometimes slowing down and really experiencing your
partner is all you need to create desire.
2. Look
The brain is the most powerful sex organ you have. The eye stimulates
the brain. Admire your partner; look at his or her body, naked, but
without touching.
3. Listen
Listen while your partner tells youre his or her sexual fantasies. Really
listen to what your partner tells you, and then talk about it. Talking about
sex can be very stimulating.
4. Speak
Tell your partner your fantasies. Watch your partner get excited at your
excitement, and then discuss your fantasy and how to use it in your sex
5. Kiss
Kissing is often overlooked between couples. Spend some time just
kissing and feeling each other's lips and mouths.
6. Touch
Lightly touch each other with your hands. Caress each other gently but
don't grab or grope. Feel each other's skin, curves and warmth.
7. Rub
Use a little more pressure to rub each other's shoulders, stomachs, and
legs. Try to stay away from genitalia for now to increase desire.
8. Tickle
Using your fingertips, lightly tickle your partner's most sensitive body
parts: the backs of knees, neck, back, belly, and elbows. Tell each other
way feels good.
9. Massage
Have your partner lie on his or her stomach. Rub and massage his or her
back, moving form the neck down to the buttocks. Do this with gentle
10. Grope

Touch each other's private body parts: breasts, vagina, and penis. Do
this gently to inspire desire but not urgency.
11. Lick
Use your tongue to create desire. Run your tongue along your partner's
naked body avoid genitalia, concentrate on sensitive areas.
12. Nuzzle
Using your nose and eyelashes, rub your face along your partner's naked
body. Make little circles with your nose and brush your lips against
sensitive areas avoiding genitalia.
13. Nibble
Use your lips to gently nip at your partner's erogenous zones. Avoid the
genitalia to create desire but not urgency. Necks, knees, elbows and
bellies are good places to try.
14. Suck
Using your mouth and tongue, lightly suck on your partner's erogenous
zones like his or her neck, chest, belly and the backs of his or her knees
and elbows. Try not to leave marks.
15. Play
Play a sexy game that has the potential to lead to sex. For example, go
to dinner as if you were on a first date; try to "pick up" your partner at a
16. Dress Up
Dress up in costumes. Women can use lingerie, a cheerleader costume, a
nurse's uniform. Men can use a doctor's coat, a football jersey, or silk
underwear. Use your imagination!
17. Undress
Undress each other very slowly. Start with your partner's shirt, then
pants, then undergarments. Don't hurry take a long time to build
18. Feathers
Purchase a large feather or several small ones. Run these very lightly
over your partner's naked body. Touch them with the feather to find the
most sensitive spots, and then concentrate on those spots.
19. Oils
Use massage oils and rub your partner's back, neck, shoulders, legs and
torso. Flavored massage oils can also add another dimension to mouth
and tongue play.
20. Lube

Any kind of lubrication is terrific, and applying it to your partner's

genitalia can be very stimulating. Use flavored lubes to add a special
treat to oral play.
21. Toys
Using sex toys to stimulate yourself while your partner watches or to use
on your partner can lead to mutual orgasm now or later.
22. Vibrators
Use a vibrator on all sensitive parts of your body or your partner's body.
Avoid genitalia at first to increase desire and anticipation.
23. Dildos
Dildos are not just for women, though they are the ones who use them
most often. Run the dildo over all sensitive erogenous zones to build
24. Strap On Dildos
Again, strap on dildos are not just for women. Massage the strap on dildo
with your hand while your partner wears it, or vice versa. Use your
mouth or other body part to massage the dildo as well.
25. Pornography
Watching pornography with your partner can be not only stimulating for
you from what you see, but can also stimulate both of you as you watch
each other's desire grow.
26. Movies
Pornographic movies can benefit both sexes. Before renting or buying a
video or DVD, discuss what kind of porn appeals to both of you, and then
find something that works with your decision.
27. Magazines
Purchasing a pornographic magazine can be as exciting as actually looking
at the pictures inside. Go together to buy the magazine, and then look at
the pictures together when you get home. Show each other what pictures
you like the best.
28. Online
Finding internet pornography is easier than going out to purchase it for
some people who are shy about those things. Find a free site, or
subscribe to a site that both you and your partner find arousing. Sit
together and enjoy it, discussing your favorite parts.
29. Story-telling
Take turns with your partner telling each other dreams or your favorite
sexual memory with that person. Be creative if you and your partner
are comfortable with it, discuss sexual encounters with other people.

30. Bondage
Bondage does not have to lead to whips and spankings, though this is
another great option if you are interested. Tying your partner up is a way
to take control of give up control.
31. Handcuffs
Using handcuffs can inspire a cops and robbers sex game, or it can just
add to the dominant/submissive aspect to foreplay. Use furry handcuffs
for more comfort.
32. Ties
Using men's dress ties can be a silky and comfortable way to encourage
bondage play. Once you or your partner is tied up, tickle, nibble, lick or
massage him or her to promote desire.
33. Straps
When you are experimenting with bondage, you may want to buy leather
straps to use to tie up your partner. Leather straps are a little more
intense than softer materials, but just as erotic.
34. Scarves
Scarves made of soft materials add another silky and sexy tactile aspect
to bondage play. Tickle your partner with the scarf before tying him or
her up.
35. Panty Hose
After dressing up, the female partner can take off her stockings and use
them to tie up her partner or have him tie her up. This is a great way to
extend game play into bondage play.
36. Strip Poker
Playing strip poker may sound clich, but in fact it can be a great way to
extend foreplay. Thinking about the game distracts you from the
impending nakedness.
37. Strip Monopoly
Playing any board game where the penalties involve stripping is a great
way to spice up your relationship. Instead of paying for properties and
hotels, unbutton buttons and flash body parts!
38. Strip Checkers
While you are playing this game you strategy can be distracting your
partner with sexy banter. Instead of "Kinging" the other person, remove
an article of clothing!
39. Baths

A hot, relaxing bath could be just the thing to relax both you and your
partner and urge you towards desire and sex!
40. Wash Her
Using a large, soft and soapy sponge, give your female partner a bath.
Gently wash her body with the sponge, and then shampoo her hair,
rubbing her scalp gently. Finish with a warm rinse and big warm towel.
41. Wash Him
Use a large, sudsy sponge to give your male partner a long massaging
bath. Rub his neck, back, shoulders and other areas before attending to
his private areas. Finish with a gentle rinse and a warm towel.
42. Aromatherapy
Using aromatherapy that is specially blended for romance or desire can be
a wonderful way to bring on desire. Most bath stores will carry these
items in oils, bath salts, and lotions.
43. Bubbles
A bubble bath is a fun and exciting way to have a bath without seeing
each other naked but while still being naked together. This leaves more
to the imagination, and it can stimulate arousal.
44. Bath Oils
Aromatherapy bath oils for romance or relaxation are a good way to relax
or stimulate each other while still keeping arousal on the brain. Added to
a hot bath, both partners can benefit from this technique.
45. Bath Salts
Bath salts are fun because they are a different approach to a bath. They
add smell and texture to a hot, relaxing bath. Many bath salts bubble as
they dissolve, and this can add an exciting and stimulating aspect to your
46. Soak
Once you have run your bath and added any chosen oils or salts, get into
the tub with your partner and sit as far away as you can get. Tease and
gently touch each other with fingers and toes avoiding genitals.
47. Games Physical
Sometimes a good workout is all you need to work up a healthy dose of
desire. Play soccer, football, tennis, or any other physical game with your
partner that will work up a sweat and raise your yearning.
48. Watch
Sit quietly in a corner of the room while your partner gets undressed, lies
in the bed, and masturbates. You can touch yourself or just enjoy the

49. Join In
Joining your partner in a mutual masturbation session can be highly
erotic. Lay naked next to your partner and masturbate while he or she
does the same.
50. Help Out
While you are watching your partner masturbate, you may feel inclined to
lend him or her a helping hand. Dont fight this urge! Have him or her
show you what he or she likes.


1. Room
Find a room both you and your partner are comfortable in. Remember
that this choice needs to be somewhere that is private and that you can
alter to fit the mood.
2. Space
You will need some space to make alterations to the room and once the
mood has been set. Be sure to move furniture if needed to provide an
open floor space if applicable.
3. Lighting
Lighting is very important to setting the mood for sex. Often, soft
lighting is best. Try any variety of ways to adjust the lighting before you
4. Candles
Candles are the most popular way to create mood lighting. Scented
candles can add another dimension to the mood as well. Be sure the
candles are in an open place but out of the way.
5. Dimmers
If you have dimmer switches for your lights, dim the lighting to a level
that will enable you to see your partner but is much softer than normal.
6. Lamps
Lamps are a great way to add a different lighting level to a particular
room. Move soft lamps from other rooms into the one being used. Turn
off overhead lights.
7. Smell
Smell can really enhance the mood of love. Aromatherapy oils, lotions
and incense can greatly change a mood and help your partner relax.
8. Oils
Aromatherapy oils for relaxation or for romance are a great way to
integrate smell into setting the mood. These can be burned or can be
placed in receptacles to evaporate.
9. Incense
Incense is in stick or cone form and is burned to give off a good smelling
smoke. Find a scent that both you and your partner enjoy. Place the
burning stick in an incense holder away from flammable objects and out
of the way.


10. Placement
Placement of oils, incense, lamps and candles can make a big difference.
Too much smell or light can be distracting while not enough can lead to
accidents. Be sure burning objects are in a safe place away from youre
and your partner.
11. Sound
Sound can really help to set the mood by taking your mind and your
partner's mind off your busy lives. Music and other relaxing sounds are
the best to use.
12. Music
Find relaxing or exciting music. This can be anything that both you and
your partner enjoy. Be creative there are no limits!
13. Sound Machines
Sleep machines and other sound machines can be a great way to add a
relaxing aspect to your sexy mood. Water, birds, and other sounds are
14. Fountains
If you have a small fountain in your home, move it to the room where
you will be initiating your encounter. Fill it and turn it on to add a
relaxing sound to the room.
15. Sight
The human brain is a very powerful sex organ, and visual stimulation is a
great way to arouse yourself and your partner.
16. Fire
If you have a fire place, and you have chosen that room as your place of
mood setting, start a fire and watch it with your partner. The sound of
the fire also adds to the mood.
17. Water
Watching a fountain, a river, a lake or an ocean is a wonderful
aphrodisiac. Water is both calming and highly erotic, plus the sound adds
another important quality.
18. TV/Movies
While TV and movies can be distracting, if there is a special pornographic
movie or a scene from a movie that arouses you and your partner, watch
that together.
19. At Home
Setting the mood at home is a lot easier than trying to set the mood
when you are away. Find a room you both enjoy or one you have never
made love in.

20. At A Hotel
Sometimes a change in scenery can be just the added touch you need to
set sparks flying on your sexual relationship. If you can afford it, get a
hotel room for a night. Order champagne and strawberries!
21. At A Bed and Breakfast
Again, changing the setting of love can help to set the mood. A Bed and
Breakfast in a remote area can be a calming and exciting change for a
22. At A Motel
If you want to add some kink to your life, try going to a seedy motel and
getting a room. Renting the room by the hour can also be exciting and
add a sex game aspect to the mood.
23. At A Restaurant
Eat sexual foods like oysters, wine and chocolate. Describe the tastes
and textures of the foods to each other.
24. In The Kitchen
When you are at home, try different rooms in your home to change things
up. In the kitchen, try cooking a meal for your partner to add to the
25. In The Dining Room
After cooking a meal for or with your partner, serve him or her the special
meal on nice dishes. Light candles on the table and serve exotic
aphrodisiac foods.
26. In The Living Room
In the living room, utilize the things you have there: use the stereo, the
television, and the couch to create a mood of romance or of eroticism.
27. In The Rec Room
The recreation room can add a teenage feeling to your sexual encounter.
Try kissing on the sofa while watching a movie!
28. In The Bedroom
While the bedroom is the most typical place to set the mood, it is also the
most private. Utilize candles, scented oils and music to set the mood
29. In The Bathroom
Run a bath for your partner. Let him or her enjoy the bath accompanied
by candles and music, or join him or her in the bath.
30. The Five Senses

When you are setting the mood, it is incredibly important to appeal to the
five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.
31. Eyes
Stimulating the eyes with erotic sights or romantic gestures is an
important part of setting the mood.
32. Ears
Have your partner listen to his or her favorite music or sounds in order to
help him or her relax and enjoy your company. Audio stimulation is
essential to setting the mood.
33. Tongue
Stimulation of the taste buds can add a whole new level or eroticism to
your sexual encounter. Set the mood by giving your partner a blind taste
test of chocolates or other treats.
34. Skin
The sense of touch is sometimes thought of as the ultimate way to set the
mood. By wrapping yourself and your partner in soft materials when you
are naked, arousal is raised tremendously!
35. Nose
Appeal to your partner's sense of smell by using scents that he or she
enjoys. Make sure that neither of you are allergic to any smells before
you do this!
36. Talking
Talking is the best way to know what your partner wants and how he or
she wants you to set the mood. Find out what his or her favorite smells,
tastes, and sounds are before you try to choose anything.
37. Acting
Acting on your desires and passions is a good way to set the mood and to
show your partner what turns you on. But don't forget to act on his or
her desires as well.
38. Showing
By showing your partner your pleasures and desires, you can not only set
the mood, but you will also learn a little bit more about your partner!
39. Listening
Listening to your partner's desires and pleasures is the only way to learn
about your partner and please him or her.
40. Participating
Participating in the process of setting the mood is a good way to show
your partner that you are interested in setting the mood for sex.

41. Switch
If you usually initiate sex or set the mood for sex, switch with your
partner. Allow him or her to be the one to set the mood. This, of course,
also works in reverse as well.
42. Take Turns
Take turns setting the mood for love and sex. If you set the romantic
atmosphere one weekend, let your partner do it the following weekend.
43. Encourage
Encourage your partner to take the initiative to set the mood on his own
or her own. Some people are shy and need encouragement!
44. Reassure
If your partner is shy or is concerned that something may be wrong with
the way he or she set up the romantic interlude, reassure him or her that
everything is okay.
45. Correct
If something is wrong, i.e. a smell makes you cough or the oil makes you
break out in a rash, gently let your partner know what is wrong so it can
be changed for the next time.
46. Express Yourself
Tell your partner your feelings for him or her. Vocalizing your emotions is
one of the best ways to set the mood! Never express and emotion that is
not true.
47. Love
Tell your partner how much you love him or her. Explain why you love
him or her and describe the moment when you fell in love or knew that
you were in love.
48. Desire
Feeling desire can be very exciting. Tell your partner how much you
desire him or her. Explain what it is that turns you on and why.
49. Lust
Lust is an overpowering emotion and is often contagious. Telling your
partner how much you want him or her can easily transfer to him or her
lusting after you!
50. Passion
Feeling tremendous passion for someone is another powerful emotion.
Passion can translate into love or lust. Express this to your partner.



What is foreplay?
Foreplay means different things to men and women. To please a woman, you
need to know "her" definition and obey those rules. The same holds true for
men who have their own definition of foreplay.
For Women
Foreplay for a woman is more about intimacy and communication than it is
about getting "worked up" or turned on.
For Men
Every man has his own idea of what foreplay is for him. In other words, what
he likes the woman to do to him prior to sex. Learning what he likes is half
the fun of getting to know him.
You can do a lot by simply getting the lighting level in the room right. Many
people do not enjoy sex in the complete dark. Lower the lights to a
comfortable level.
You might be surprised at how powerful aroma can be in helping both men
and women unwind. Find out what your favorite scents are and use them to
your advantage.
Ear Lobe
Many men simply overlook the ear lobe as an erogenous zone on women.
Sucking, nibbling, and soft licking on her ear lobe can turn a kitten into a
tiger. What is more surprising is that men love this type of attention too.
The side and back of the neck are two of the most sensitive places on the
human body. Very light kisses or very light stroking on these areas will melt
your partner in no time. You can also use items such as feathers on this
There are as many ways to kiss your partner. Learn how to kiss your partner
in various ways that he or she enjoys. Soft kisses are great, but hard kisses
are often needed too. Know when to use the right type of kiss and your mate
will swoon.
Kissing and light licking on bare shoulders is an all time favorite of women
and quite a few men. Pay more attention to each other's bare shoulders.

The inner elbow is a hot spot for sex, especially for women. Use your lips or
your tongue to stimulate this area.
The inside of a woman's wrist is one of nature's secret hot spots. Hold her
hand and very gently kiss or lick the inside of her wrist. Men, on the other
hand, are so sensitive here.
Hands are loaded with nerve endings and when you pay attention to your
partner's hands they will notice. Be light and easy with kisses and licking in
this area.
When it is time to touch her breasts, be gentle and understand that sucking
on her breasts or squeezing them hard and deep can be painful. Start slowly
and begin with light kisses and licks.
A man's nipples are not as sensitive as a woman's but they can be stimulated
by touch or tongue.
A woman's nipples are like two electric switches that are connected to her
vagina. Think of a triangle. When you tease and delight her nipples properly
a spark can run straight down to her lower parts.
Some men enjoy having their tummies rubbed or kissed, but this is usually
not an overly sensitive or erotic area for the male. However, that does not
mean the female should make some attempt to please in this area.
Belly Button
Run the tip of your tongue around the circle of the belly button and watch
each other squirm.
Pubic Area
Whether she is shaved or not the pubic area is a great place to begin your
tease with her. She knows where you are heading but that does not mean
you have to be in a hurry to get there. Take your time, kiss her pubic area,
run your hands over that area and lick her there. The anticipation will please
her to no end.
The same holds true for men. Men love it when their women run their hands
over the pubic area. You do not have to touch his penis yet, make me wait a
little bit.


Kissing or lightly stroking the inside of the thighs is a sure way to help
anyone relax and become aroused. You should spend a lot of time in this
general area, allowing the top of your head or the back of your hand to
gently brush against her partner's genitalia. Yes, this is teasing and both will
love it.
Try licking, biting, sucking, and blowing on the skin around the vagina (never
into the vagina, as this can cause a fatal air embolis) to see what happens.
Inner Thighs
There is a line of nerve endings that run down the center of the inner thighs.
It is well worth your time to locate this line and to spend some time gently
licking your partner there.
Of course the penis is an erogenous zone for men. But the penis has many
areas, each of which provides its own distinct sensation when stimulated.
During foreplay, the female should attempt to excite him but not cause
climax just yet.
The male scrotum is the sac that contains the testicles. This area can be
highly sensitive to touch by fingers, lips, tongue, etc. Almost any attention
paid to this area will be considered erotic by the male, but be gentle in this
area. Pain can easily be inflicted here.
Glans Head
The glans head is the top of his penis. This is the head of his penis and is
often flared during erection. The glans is loaded with nerve endings and this
area is highly sensitive to any kind of touching. It is a little known fact that
stimulating the glans alone can bring a man to climax. That is how sensitive
it is. Men who have foreskin attached are even more sensitive in this area.
This is a very small area that is on the underside of the penis. It can look like
a "Y" and this area is very sensitive to touch. Any light touching on this area
will bring about pleasure to most men, but the touch should be light and
Calves are great for kissing but they are best for light stroking.
The inside of the ankles can be a highly sensitive erogenous zone. Try very
gently kissing and licking the ankle area. Stroke this area with very gentle
touches and see what happens.

Some people are too ticklish to enjoy having their feet played with. For the
others, the key is gentle touching without being so gentle as to tickle (unless
you plan to tickle which is okay at times).
Toes can be very sensual, but as above, if your mate is super ticklish, you
may need to bypass this one. If they are not, you may want to suck the toes
or flick them with your tongue. Many women can actually have an orgasm if
this is done correctly.
Rubbing, Touching, Caressing
Everyone likes to be touched in that special way. There is no one rule that
applies to everyone, so try them all!
Whispering something romantic or something sexy to your mate can go a
long way in helping them get into the mood. Whispers are like tiny tickles to
a woman. They love them and the more you give her the more she will like
it. Men enjoy them too!
Invisible FantasyBlindfold
Tell your partner to close his or her eyes and to not peek. Tell them they are
blindfolded. Then spend time kissing and touching as mentioned above. Your
partner will love the mystery of not knowing where you are going to kiss
them next.
Invisible FantasyHands Bound
Love bondage is a favorite fantasy for many couples but some people may
not be into it. Ask your partner to put her hands above her head, hold on to
the head board of the bed, and tell her not to lower her hands. If she can get
into this fantasy, she will love the naughtiness of this one. Many men enjoy
this one as well as it allows them to be somewhat submissive.
Foreplay can include simple things like spooning. Hold her close, her back to
your front, on your sides, and gently caress her. Kiss the back of her neck
and shoulders and whisper to her. This technique can easily be reversed so
that the male is held.
One of the best things you can do to improve your foreplay is to simply talk
to each other. Ask her what she likes and what she does not like, but make
this a two-way conversation. Tell him what you like and dislike as well. This
dialog does not have to take place during the moment and probably should


Talking to one another is wasted time unless you listen to each other. One
thing a woman wants is to be listened to. When she is sharing her desires or
fears with you, listen to her. Engage her in the conversation and then do as
she asks. If you don't understand something, say so, and ask her to explain
it to you.
For men, talking about needs and desires is often difficult. Women can help
in this matter by gently asking questions and then waiting for the answer.
Stop when needed
Foreplay can be extended. By that, you do not have to move from foreplay
straight to sex.
Show Me Game
There is an old game that some people love to play during foreplay. It is a
simple game. Tell your woman to point to the place she wants you to kiss.
Then you kiss and lick her there. Then she points to the next place and so
forth and so on. It can be very exciting to watch as she gets bolder and
bolder. After a certain amount of predetermined time, he gets to point to his
body and she kisses him.
Whipped Cream
An old standby that never seems to fail. This is an old standby because it
works. Grab a can of whipped cream and squirt some on her body. You can
take turns with this one and, for some reason, women and men love it.
Feather Touch
You can use a feather or just your fingertips for this one. Stroke and caress
your partner as if he or she were delicate and fragile. Very light strokes can
really turn on the heat.
Ice Baby
Try stroking him or her with an ice cube. Again, use very light strokes, just
barely touching her body with the cube.
Lose the Manual
Understand that there is no right way to perform foreplay. Every person is
different and it is up to you to learn your partner's secrets. You can start with
the basics and move on from there, but never expect what worked on one
person to work on all people.



1. Head
A person's head is the first thing you should pay attention to. Not only is
it far from their genitalia, but it is home to the most powerful erogenous
zones: the eyes and brain. Rub the scalp and caress the sides of the face.
2. Brain
The human brain is usually the first thing that a person knowingly or
unknowingly appeals to when meeting and trying to attract someone else.
Charm your partner with compliments and sexual talk.
3. Eyes
Before you have even spoken to your partner, you have used your eyes to
feel attraction or emit attraction. Dress in sexy clothing or move
seductively to appeal to your partner's eyes.
4. Back Of Head
The back of the head has a lot of sensitive spots. The base of the skull is
sensitive, as is the top. Give your partner a scalp massage.
5. Face
A person's face has tons of receptive areas. Kiss or touch your partner's
eyelids, nose, mouth, and cheeks.
6. Lips
Lips are a very prominent erogenous zone. Kissing, licking, nibbling and
touching the lips can elicit arousal.
7. Ears
Kissing or licking ears and earlobes are some of the most erotic and
pleasurable ways to stimulate this erogenous zone. Sucking on your
partner's earlobes is very popular as well.
8. Neck
Both the front and back of the neck are important erogenous zones.
Running your fingertips or tongue along your partner's hairline is a good
9. Shoulders
Rub your partner's shoulders. Kiss and nibble his or her shoulders
towards the base of the neck as well.
10. Upper Back
The upper back is another spot for massage. While the back is not a
specific erogenous zone, many people feel massages are especially erotic.

11. Middle Back

Again, the middle back isn't actually considered a major erogenous zone;
however, using fingertips or fingernails on this body part can heighten
12. Lower Back
The lower back is quite sensitive. By using your lips, tongue and fingers
on this spot it is easy to arouse your partner.
13. Buttocks
The buttocks can be massaged to produce a relaxing or arousing
sensation. You can also kiss, lick or nibble the buttocks.
14. Arms
Your arms and your partner's arms are full of nerve endings that often get
ignored. Just lightly tickling your partner's arms is exhilarating.
15. Hands
Touching your partner's hands with your fingertips, performing a hand
massage, or kissing your partner's hand can be more erotic than you
might think.
16. Fingers
As part of a hand massage, start at the fingers, rubbing and gently pulling
your fingers down your partner's fingers. Kiss, lick or suck your partner's
fingertips, or put their fingers in your mouth.
17. Palms
Palms have tons of nerve endings. Tickle, lick or kiss your partner's
palms. Using your fingertips or fingernails, run your fingers over your
partner's palms in a circular motion.
18. Wrists
Kiss your partner's wrists. Run the tip of your tongue along the inside of
your partner's wrists. End your hand massage at the wrists by rubbing
them with your thumbs.
19. Forearms
While the inside of the forearms are the most sensitive, don't forget to
pay attention to the outside. Use your fingertips or fingernails to lightly
tickle your partner's forearms.
20. Upper Arms
Since the upper arms lead to the underarms, the inside of the upper arms
are quite sensitive. Run the tip of your tongue along the inside of your
partner's upper arms; tickle the outside.


21. Elbows Outside

The outside of elbows aren't specific erogenous zones. Pay attention to
them when giving a full body massage and tickle them when tickling your
partner's arms.
22. Elbows Inside
The inside of the elbows are a fantastic area. This erogenous zone
generally likes soft kisses and tickles. Using feathers on these parts
works well, too.
23. Underarms
The underarms can be too sensitive. Ask your partner first before tickling
them there too much. Do not tickle hard use soft, gentle touches to
produce an arousing feeling.
24. Chest
A woman's chest and a man's chest are essentially the same when talking
about the area above the nipples. This area is sensitive to kisses and
gentles touches.
25. Nipples
Sucking, licking and pinching are three great ways to attend to this
special erogenous zone. Be sure to be relatively gentle when pinching
unless your partner requests otherwise.
26. Breasts
A woman's breasts are very sensitive. This is a woman's most significant
erogenous zone aside from her genitals. Licking, sucking, nibbling,
touching and squeezing are all appropriate. Be careful as some women
have very sensitive breasts.
27. Chest Men
A man's chest is generally less sensitive, so harder touches and caresses
are generally acceptable here. Kisses, licking, and tickling are other good
28. Stomach
Running your fingertips over your partner's stomach is a good way to
gauge how sensitive they are. Tickling is a good choice, but never be too
rough as it can be painful for those who are sensitive.
29. Belly Button
The belly button is quite responsive, especially on women. Licking and
tickling are good choices here. Some people even eat whipped cream or
cherries from their partner's belly button.
30. Pubic Area


The pubic area, or area above the genitals, is extremely sensitive. Even
lightly running your tongue along this line of skin can make your partner
very excited.
31. Hips
A woman's hips are generally more susceptible to touches and tickles than
a man's hips. Make your fingers into a "C" shape, grip your partner's hip
and squeeze quickly. This will produce a tickling sensation.
32. Genitalia
Male and female genitalia are, of course, the number one erogenous
zones. There are different techniques for each area, and these techniques
depend on the personal preferences of the receiver.
33. Vagina
During oral sex, gently licking or sucking the different parts of the vagina
can induce orgasm. Touching, fondling and fingering can also produce an
34. Labia
While the labia are fairly sensitive, women who have pubic hair
sometimes cannot feel tongue play or light touches here. Woman who
shave or wax can feel these better. Licking, sucking, and gentle stoking
touches are best for the labia.
35. Clitoris
There are many, many techniques to arouse a woman by attending to her
clitoris. In general, touching, rubbing, licking, sucking and stroking are
good choices.
36. Licking
Licking the clitoris is most women's favorite techniques. There is a
multitude of ways to do this. If you are a woman, tell your partner what
feels good. If you are her partner, listen to what she says and pay
attention to the way she responds to different techniques.
37. Circular
Put your tongue on the clitoris. Moving your tongue or entire head in a
circular motion, run your tongue in that direction over the clitoris. Don't
be afraid to pay attention to the surrounding areas as well, but
concentrate on the center.
38. Vertical
Place your tongue on the clitoris and run your tongue up and down the
clitoris. You can use just the tip of your tongue or you can use your
entire tongue. Change speeds to see what she likes.
39. Horizontal

Move your tongue back and forth over the clitoris. You can move your
tongue from the top to the bottom of the clitoris while you do this. Again,
vary speeds to see how she responds.
40. Sucking
Put your lips around the clitoris. Gently suck on the clitoris. Use your
tongue to stimulate the clitoris while you are sucking on it. Only suck
harder if she requests it.
41. Touching
Using your fingers to stimulate the clitoris is also a great option. Gentle
touches are very arousing, while harder touches can obtain an orgasm.
Do not be too rough with a woman's clitoris until she requests rougher
42. Rubbing
Use the tips of your fingers to gently stroke the clitoris. You can rub in a
vertical, horizontal, or circular motion. Vary the technique and speed to
her responses. Be sure that your fingers are lubricated.
43. Anus Women
The anus is a very volatile area. Some women really enjoy anal play,
while others do not. Ask your partner before starting anal play. Use your
fingers to penetrate her anus. Lick or suck her anus during oral play.
44. Anus Men
Again, this is a very volatile area. Some men really like to have their
partner put their finger into their anus. Some men like to have their anus
licked. However, some men do not want this area attended to. Ask your
partner before you do anything.
45. Penis
This is a man's most sensitive erogenous zone. Licking, sucking,
touching, rubbing and stroking are all acceptable forms of contact for the
penis. Never be rough with a man's penis unless he requests it.
46. Massaging
Gentle massage of the penis is done by using the fingertips to touch the
penis in light or slightly firmer strokes.
47. Rubbing
Gripping the penis with your fingers or your entire hand, gently rub the
penis. Make sure your hand is lubricated.
48. Stroking
Grip the penis with your entire hand. Close your hand around it. Gentle
rub your hand up and down the shaft of the penis. Use a circular motion if
you want.

49. Sucking
Place the penis in your mouth. Pull your teeth back away from the penis
and use your tongue to massage it. Move your mouth down the penis to
a comfortable place in your mouth or throat. Repeat. Do not put the
penis too deep in your throat.
50. Licking
Run your tongue up and down and all over the penis. Use your entire
tongue to stimulate the penis. You can even move down to the testicles if
he requests it.
51. Teasing
Using the tip of your tongue to tease your partner's penis is a popular
technique to use to arouse him or create anticipation. Run the tip of your
tongue over his penis paying special attention to the head.
52. Head of the penis
The head of the penis is the most sensitive part. Pay close attention to
this area whether you are using your tongue or hands. The underside of
the head is often the most responsive spot.
53. Testicles
Leave the choice of whether or not to touch a man's testicles up to the
man. If your partner wants his testicles stimulated, use your tongue,
mouth (move your teeth away from the testicles), and gentle caresses.
54. Perineum
The space between the penis or vagina and the anus is a very sensitive
spot. Using your tongue or fingers to massage this spot is often erotic.
Some people do not like this so check with your partner first.
55. Thighs
The thighs are extremely sensitive and responsive because they are so
close to the genitals. Using your tongue or fingertips to stimulate this
area before oral play is a good was to raise desire.
56. Knees Front
The front of your partner's knees may not be very sensitive, but you
should not ignore them when giving a full body massage or tickle.
57. Knees Back
The backs of your partner's knees are highly sensitive. Just like the inside
of the elbows, this area should be attended to with kisses, soft tickles and
58. Calves


When you are beginning oral play, the calves are a good thing to use to
work your way up to the genitals. Use your tongue or fingertips to
stimulate this area.
59. Ankles
The ankles are very sensitive, especially on the insides. Use your tongue
or gentle tickling strokes to arouse your partner.
60. Feet
The feet are very susceptible to tickling. Tickle your partner's feet very
softly until you know how he or she will react.
61. Toes
Sucking or licking your partner's toes can be a very erotic sensation. This
is a fetish for some people, both as the giver and the receiver. Discuss
this with your partner before trying it.



Oral sex?
Yes! Oral sex is a very popular way to express your love to your mate with
your mouth on their genital parts.
The Clitoris
The clitoris and the clitoral orgasm are probably best thought of as the
"Main" type of orgasm that a woman can have. The clitoris is her love button
and just about any other type of orgasm will only come about if the clitoris is
first stimulated. In other words, you cannot bypass her clitoris to get to
something more intense.
Clitoris Pressure
Her clitoris is very sensitive with thousands of nerve endings in it, and hard
pressure on the clitoris can be a turn off for her. On the flip side, too light a
pressure can fail to bring about any sensation at all. There is only one way to
discover the correct amount of pressure for her and that is to ask her for
feedback. You can also keep an eye on her responses. You will know when
the pressure is right, and let her be the one who decides on that.
The First is the Hardest
Her first orgasm of the night may very well be the one that is the most time
consuming to get to. This is why it is important that you slow down and take
your time. Help her get to that first orgasm and the others will come more
quickly and easily.
Doing What the Penis Cannot
For most women, direct clitoral stimulation is what leads to fantastic orgasm.
Unfortunately, the penis of a man is often unable to provide that stimulation.
This can be especially true in the missionary style position of sex. Fingers
and tongues, however, can provide excellent contact with her clitoris.
This position has been around for a long time, which may account for why
people think of it as being a good position. In fact, this is one of the worst
positions for oral sex. The basics of this position are that she lies on top of
you, working on your erection with her mouth and hands, as you work on her
vagina. A couple of reasons why this is not ideal include the fact that you
have to bear her weight on your chest. That can become uncomfortable.
Another reason this position is not so good is that it is difficult to concentrate
on what you are doing when she is distracting you with her attentions. And
vice versa. There is a lack of focus with this position and that can hinder the
pleasure for both of you.


Many men and women love this position. In this position, she straddles his
face and presses down on his mouth. The problem most men have with this
position is one of breathing but this problem can be overcome by simply
telling her to rise or lower her hips.
On Her Back
This is a good all-around position for performing oral sex on a woman. She
lies on her back, legs apart, and you settle in between her legs. This position
allows you to hold her vaginal lips open with your fingers and offers great
On Her Back Feet On Shoulders
This is the same as above except she places her feet on your shoulders. For
some people, this position allows deeper access and easier access for play
that involves both tongue and fingers.
This is not the best method but it can be fun and will work as long as the
man is patient. The woman sits on a chair or sofa or side of the bed with her
legs open. The man kneels in front of her and does his thing. Access is a bit
limited with this one.
Performing oral sex on a woman while she is standing up may look good in
the movies but it is all but a waste of time in real life. Try it for variety, but
do not depend on it to bring her to climax.
From Behind
Performing oral sex on her while she is on her knees and you are behind her
can be tricky at best. You can experiment with this one, but be ready to
move to another for the final climax.
Licking is Good
You can start by simply licking her slit from bottom to top. Often this act
alone is enough to get her to relax a lot. You need to be gentle with this
licking, as with all that you do with her.
Tongue Action
Use your tongue in various ways. You can lick, insert, flick and circle her
inner parts. All of these actions bring about different sensations to her and
each can help bring her to a more satisfying climax.
Be gentle with this. Take her clitoris into your mouth by sucking on it. Then
gently flick and circle it with your tongue. This can drive her crazy in no time
if done correctly.

Use Your Fingers Too


You can learn to insert your wll-lubricated fingers inside of her as you also
perform oral sex on her. Move the fingers in and out.
Anal Play
You can also do some anal play with her as you are performing oral sex on
her. Simply place your fingertip on her anus and tease it gently. Be careful to
not put this same finger into her vagina later. That can lead to infections.
G Spot Stimulators
You can purchase G Spot dildos and stimulators that are small enough that
they can be used on her G Spot as you continue to perform oral sex on her.
Many women find this to be the most intense form of oral sex.

For Him
The penis is one of his most sensitive areas, but even the penis has different
areas that bring about different sensations. Some of the more common areas
on the penis that bring pleasure follow.
Glans Head
The glans head is the top of his penis. This is the head of his penis and is
often flared during erection. The glans is loaded with nerve endings and this
area is highly sensitive to any kind of touching. It is a little known fact that
stimulating the glans alone can bring a man to climax. Men who have
foreskin attached are even more sensitive in this area.
This is a very small area that is on the underside of the penis. It can look like
a "Y" and this area is very sensitive to touch. Any light touching on this area
will bring about pleasure to most men, but the touch should be light and
The scrotum can be highly sensitive to touch as well. You may want to try
this: fondle his testicles gently in one hand and then lightly suck or lick the
scrotum (try getting one or both testicles in your mouth and humming), but
be gentle in this area.
The Perineum
The area between the scrotum and the anus is called the perineum. There
are many nerve endings in this area, making it sensitive to any type of
touching. You may want to use just a drop of oil in this area and touch or rub
it for him as you use your mouth on his penis.



Some men will find that anal play is very erotic to them as you perform oral
sex on them. Others will not enjoy anal play at all, or may need more time to
get used to it. The area around the anus itself is very sensitive to touch. You
do not need to penetrate his anus to bring pleasure to him in this area. On
the other hand, some men enjoy anal penetration to a great degree. You
should talk about this with him beforehand.
For those men who are not opposed to anal penetration, you may wish to
stimulate his prostate gland as you perform oral sex on him. To do this you
will need to insert a finger into his rectum and move it nearly straight back
and downward. When you feel the prostate gland, gently massage it with
your fingertip. Do not be surprised if he comes while you do this.
Do not be afraid to use these tips in combination. You can, for example, use
one hand to massage his prostrate gland while you also perform oral sex on
Glans and Perineum
Another erotic combination is to use your tongue on his glans head as you
gently stroke his perineum area. Again, do not be surprised if he ejaculates
during this.
Some women will gag when they try to take too much of him into her mouth;
some men are not used to the wetness that a woman can produce when she
is really turned on. A good way to overcome these obstacles is to practice on
each other.
There are many books available (like this one!) that discuss the various
forms of oral sex for both men and women. You and your mate may wish to
look at some of these to get some ideas.
There are tons of videos dedicated to oral sex for both men and women. You
and your partner may wish to watch a few of these to get some pointers or
to learn some new tricks.
Can't swallow
Some women find it difficult to swallow a man's semen. If this is the case, try
taking his semen into your mouth and then discreetly spitting it out



For Him:
Can men have multiple orgasms?
Yes. But unlike women who can have several orgasms within a short period
of time, men are usually limited to two or three.
Are multiple orgasms common in men?
It depends on the male and on the circumstances. Like women, not all men
will have multiple orgasms, all the time. This does not mean that anything is
wrong with him, just that his seminal sac is empty.
Longer equals stronger
In general, the longer you play with his erection before he comes, the more
explosive the ejaculation will be, and the more semen will come out with that
one ejaculation.
Shorter equals weaker
By the same token, if you bring him to climax rather quickly, chances are
that some of the semen will not be released allowing for another orgasm
within a few minutes. This is not a hard and fast rule and, again, several
factors can play into it.
Rest period
Almost all men require some rest time between ejaculations. This is normal
and the amount of time needed will depend on the man. There is no pat
answer for how long is long enough.
Orgasm vs. Ejaculation
Many men have learned that it is possible to ejaculate without having an
orgasm (the so called wet dream), but men may not yet realize that they can
also have an orgasm without ejaculating. This is a technique that many men
should learn in order to prolong sexual pleasure.
If multiple ejaculations are important to you and your partner, you can try
practicing by masturbating him. When he comes the first time, quickly
squeeze the bottom of his shaft. You will need to squeeze hard. This should
cut off the current flow. Rest a few minutes and then masturbate him again.
If you want multiple ejaculations while performing oral sex on him, do as
above while your mouth is on him. You may also want to suck hard at the
moment you squeeze his shaft.


Feeding him or suggesting that he feed himself a well balanced diet can help
a great deal in the production of semen. In general, any healthy diet will
allow for the production of semen, and conversely, an unhealthy diet can
decrease the amount of semen that is produced.
Avoid alcohol
Alcohol will not help produce semen, regardless of what you and he may
have heard in the past. In fact, too much alcohol will decrease his
performance level.
Man to man
It is also very important to remember that men will vary in their ability to
produce semen. As mentioned above, some men simply produce more than
other men. This should not be a reflection, good or bad, on your man.
Age matters
As men age they produce less semen. Some women who have been in long
term relationships with the same man will begin to notice this. Again, it is not
you. His body is changing and this is simply the law of nature at work.

For Her
Stimulation Methods
She can be stimulated through clitoral stimulation and G Spot stimulation, as
well as through fisting and anal play and penetration.
Clitoral Orgasms
A woman can have a clitoral orgasm. This happens when her clitoris is
stimulated either by your fingers, tongue, or penis.
You cannot dismiss foreplay. Women need to be brought into the moment
and this begins with foreplay.
Clitoris vs. G spot
Do not be confused about this. The clitoris is separate from the G spot. They
are two different areas of the vagina. The G spot is close to the clitoris but it
is not the clitoris.
Finding the G Spot
One of the best ways to locate a woman's G spot is to sit between her legs.
Insert your middle finger into her vagina with your palm facing upwards.
Crook your finger as if you are doing the "come here" gesture while running
your fingertip along the top wall of her vagina. When you get close to the
pubic bone area, you are at the G spot.


Cumming and Squirting
During an ejaculatory orgasm the women will release fluid. This "cum" can
travel from a third of an inch to over three feet (known as squirting). The
first time you see this happen it may surprise you. It may even frighten you!
Be prepared for it.
Manual Stimulation
Most women love to have their vagina's stroked. Some women enjoy having
their vaginal lips stroked lightly while others prefer a more heavy touch. This
depends on your woman. Regardless of which touch she prefers, spend some
time stroking her and teasing her.
Oral Stimulation
To help get her G spot aroused you can spend time kissing her and licking
her vagina. Going down on her is a great way to get her to relax, which is a
key to G spot arousal.
Finger Stimulation
When she is moist and relaxed, you may insert your finger into her vagina
and begin teasing and touching her G spot and the area that surrounds her G
spot. You will often feel her arousal as the G spot begins to swell.
Direct Stimulation
Once her G spot begins to swell (and you can usually feel this if you pay
attention) you can begin to stroke the tissue. The pressure that you want to
apply will depend on your woman. Some like to have the area stimulated
lightly while others prefer a heavy touch. Some like the stimulation to be
slow, others prefer fast. If you are not sure which she enjoys, ask her.
Finger and Tongue
This one may take a bit of practice but it is a winner. As you are pleasing
your woman with your tongue slip a finger inside her vagina and begin
stimulating her G spot. This can feel a bit awkward but once you master this
technique, she will adore you forever.
Prolonged Stimulation
You must remember that in order for a woman to have a G spot ejaculation
orgasm she needs to be stimulated for a prolonged period of time. Now,
prolonged can have different meanings to different women. For some women
a few minutes are long enough, while for others more time is necessary.
Regardless of the amount of time it takes, investing in her pre-orgasm
arousal will pay off for both of you.
On Her Back
The woman lies on her back, legs spread apart, as the man sits between her
legs. He can easily insert his fingers into her and he can also watch her
expressions to see what is working and what is not working.


On Her Knees
The woman kneels with her knees apart. The man is in front of her. This
allows for complete access into her vagina and it also allows for her to push
against his fingers to help control the pressure that she is receiving.
Back and Side
The woman lies on her back, legs apart as the man lies next to her. He
reaches either over her thigh or under her thigh to gain access to her vagina.
For some women, this closeness is important in her journey to complete
Advanced Male Orgasm Tips

Prostate Glad Stimulation
It is possible in some men to achieve multiple ejaculations through
stimulating the prostate gland. This involves anal penetration with either
finger or toys and it should be discussed before it is attempted.
Before inserting a finger or toy in the anus, the finger or toy should be well
lubricated with a water soluble lubricant. Do not use oil-based lubes for any
type of penetration activity.
Where is it?
The prostate gland is about the size of walnut. It is located toward the front
of the male, if you are behind him.
How to touch it
With your finger inserted into the rectum, you gently massage the area that
is forward (toward his front). In most cases, he will be able to tell you when
you are touching it. In healthy adult males, this can bring about ejaculation.
Using anal toys
If you prefer to use an anal toy to touch his prostate, make sure that the
head of the toy is blunt. No sharp objects allowed! In most cases, a vibrating
toy is best for this purpose as it does not need to make precise contact in
order to bring him to climax.
Glans Head Stimulation
The very top of the penis is called the glans head. This is the most sensitive
part of his penis. You can bring him to climax by stimulating this part of his
penis with your tongue or with a gentle vibrator.



1. Anal sex is not for everyone
Though you might want to have anal sex, your partner may not, and vice
versa. But it can be a safe and pleasurable act to place objects, like
penises or sex toys into the anal opening.
2. Sanitation
Cleanliness is very important when it comes to anal sex. Be certain that
both parties wash themselves thoroughly before beginning. If you are
using a dildo for penetration, be certain to wash this as well.
3. Cleaning up the mess
If you were giving, remove the condom and wash your penis thoroughly.
If you did not use a condom, this is especially important. Urinate to force
any bacteria from your penis.
4. The Traditional Missionary
The missionary position, with the receiver on her/his back, and the giver
on top between the receiver's legs is standard, but can cause the problem
of too deep a penetration for a first timer.
5. Spooning is Fun
This position with the giver laying behind the receiver, alongside the
receiver's body, with both people on their side can give the receiver the
added benefit of being able to squeeze her/his legs together to slow the
penetration; also this will control the depth of penetration.
6. Spooning, Leg Up
Again, both people lie on their sides; the giver lies behind the receiver
alongside the receiver's body. Lifting the receiver's top leg can make
penetration easier.
7. Lying Down
The receiver lies on her/his stomach while the giver lies on top of the
receiver. Penetration and depth control are similar to the spooning
8. On Her/His Back
The receiver lies on her/his back and the giver kneels between the
receiver's knees. This position makes penetration easy but allows the
receiver little control.
9. On Her/His Back, Legs Elevated


Again, the receiver lies on her/his back and the giver kneels below the
receiver. In this version, the receiver puts her/his legs on the shoulders
of the giver.
10.Doggy Style
The receiver gets on her/his hands and knees and the giver positions
himself behind the receiver. This is the optimum position for anal sex as
it allows for easy penetrations and gives the receiver control over depth.
11.Sitting Upright
The giver sits upright in a chair or on a couch and the receiver sits on the
giver's lap. Gravity can cause deeper penetration this way, but
experienced receivers have the control in this position.
The giver lies on the bed on his or her back. The receiver straddles the
giver and faces him/her. Penetration is deep but the receiver has control.
13.Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy
The giver lies on the bed and the receiver straddles the giver facing away
from him. Again, this position allows for deep penetration but is
controlled by the receiver.
For anal sex, lubrication is absolutely necessary. You can use any type of
lube, included flavored lubes, but self-heating lubes are not
recommended. If the anus is not lubricated, physical damage to the anal
cavity can occur.
It is very important that the receiver be able to control penetration. The
giver must be receptive to the receiver's suggestions about the depth and
speed of penetration.
16.Vagina To Anal Penetration
If you have been having vaginal sex and want to switch to anal sex,
remove your current condom and put on a new one. If you are not using
a condom, clean your penis or other apparatus thoroughly.
Some receivers will have minor to intense discomfort. Some initial minor
discomfort is to be expected, but something more severe is a sign of a
problem that needs to be addressed.
Mild to severe pain is not normal and anal penetration should not proceed
in this situation.


If the receiver is experiencing any problems with anal penetration, the act
should stop immediately. The giver and the receiver need to agree
beforehand that the receiver has the final decision about whether or not
the act continues.
20.Sex Toys
For male anal penetration or for female/female anal penetration, sex toys
are a terrific option. There are many different options out there! Even
female penetration by a male can be done with sex toys!
Dildos come in all different sizes and shapes. Pick one that is on the
small side for first time users. These should be washed thoroughly before
and after use.
Strap-on dildos are a great way to switch roles or to provide penetration
for lesbian couples. A strap-on dildo should be washed well before and
after use.
Vibrators add a new dimension to anal penetration. The vibrations can
stimulate the entire anal area, including the prostate in men and the gspot in women.
Some people feel that the receiver should give herself or himself an
enema before engaging in anal sex. This is a good idea, and provides a
cleaner anal cavity.



1. What?
The g-spot, or the Grfenburg Spot, is a bundle of nerve endings located
inside the vagina. Stimulation of this area creates powerful orgasms in
2. Where?
The g-spot is located between 1"and 3" up inside the vagina on the back
or anterior wall.
3. How?
The g-spot is stimulated by penile, digital, or sex toy insertion. There are
many ways to stimulate the g-spot through each type of penetration.
4. Why?
It is not clearly understood why the g-spot works, only that some women
experience powerful orgasms when this spot is stimulated.
5. When?
Women experience g-spot stimulation induced orgasms during sex,
foreplay and masturbation.
6. Knowledge
It is important to know about your female partner's g-spot since g-spot
stimulation can lead to sexual satisfaction.
7. What It Looks Like
Scientists and researchers have not been able to actually see the g-spot.
In fact, there are many doctors and researchers who do not believe it
exists. This is highly debated, especially by women.
8. What It Feels Like
The g-spot feels rougher or more ridged than the rest of the vagina.
When the woman is aroused or when the g-spot is stimulated, it feels
9. What Happens To It
When a woman's g-spot is stimulated, the g-spot not only changes
texture (becomes spongy), but it can also grow.
10. Women Who Know
Women who are very familiar with their bodies are often aware of their gspots and how to best stimulate them. Listen to your female partner and
she will tell you how to please her.


11. Women Who Don't Know

Some women have never experienced an orgasm as a result of g-spot
stimulation. In this case, research in the form of experimentation is best.
12. Women Who Can't
Some women cannot achieve an orgasm through g-spot stimulation.
There are many reasons why this might happen.
13. Why Not? Relaxation
Some women feel inhibited during sex. This can cause a mental block to
having an orgasm. Relaxation is the best way to achieve orgasm in any
14. Why Not? Incorrect Technique
Some women have never used the correct stimulation techniques to
stimulate their g-spots. Knowledge about what to expect and how to find
the g-spot can help this problem.
15. Why Not? Communication
Women who feel inhibited during sex often feel awkward communicating
what they like. Telling your partner what feels good, what to do, and how
to do it can make all the difference.
16. Why Not? Pain/Discomfort
Some women experience pain or discomfort when their g-spot area is
stimulated. This can be the result of many things, including mental block.
However, if the pain is severe, she should see a doctor to be sure nothing
is physically wrong.
17. Women Who Struggle
When a woman is struggling with achieving orgasm through g-spot
stimulation, she should not be made to feel deficient. She should be
encouraged. If it cannot happen, that is completely normal.
18. Women Who Can Sometimes
There are some women who can only achieve orgasm through g-spot
stimulation every once in a while. Sometimes even using the same
technique or position will not produce the orgasm again. This is also
19. Women Who Always Can
While some women struggle, a lucky few can orgasm from g-spot
stimulation every time. These women usually orgasm through intercourse
and other forms of penetration, as well as masturbation.
20. Women Who Ejaculate
Female ejaculation is rare but real. This is the expenditure of fluid form
the urethra as a result of g-spot stimulation.

21. Men Who Know

Some men are very aware of the g-spot on their female partners. These
men generally have a lot of experience with women who are familiar with
their own bodies; or, they have researched the issue.
22. Men Who Don't Know
Some men are not aware of the g-spot, or they have not had any
experience with female partners who know their bodies. If they are
willing, these men can learn.
23. Stimulation
Stimulation of the g-spot can be done with any number of techniques and
methods. A sex toy, penis, or fingers can produce an orgasm if applied
24. Touching
Gently touching the g-spot can elicit and orgasm in some women who are
extremely sensitive. However, in most women, further stimulation is
25. Rubbing
Rubbing the g-spot is a much better way to produce orgasm. The rubbing
can be done with a finger, penis or dildo.
26. Back and Forth
Using your finger or a sex toy, come into contact with the g-spot and
move back and forth over it. Vary speeds and pressure to produce an
27. Up and Down
Moving your finger, penis or sex toy up and down over the g-spot can
produce and orgasm. Again, speed and pressure varies from woman to
28. Massaging
Massaging the g-spot is usually best performed by digital penetration,
though a sex toy can also be used. This involves greater pressure directly
on the g-spot.
29. Circular
Using your fingers, place your fingertips on the g-spot and move then in a
circular motion.
30. Poking
Insert your fingers, penis, or desired apparatus into the vagina and come
in direct contact with the g-spot. Push against the g-spot gently and then
progressively harder.

31. Fingers
By using the fingers, the g-spot can be more directly and accurately
stimulated. There are several ways to do this.
32. "Cum Here"
Insert two fingers into the vagina and find the g-spot. Crook your fingers
as if you were beckoning someone, and then move them back and forth in
the beckoning motion.
33. Jiggling
Insert one or two fingers into the vagina. Find the g-spot and position
your fingers in that area. Move your fingers back and forth coming into
contact with the g-spot as you move.
34. Thrusting
Place one or two fingers at the opening of the vagina. Thrust your fingers
into the vagina connecting with the g-spot when you enter. Repeat until
orgasm is reached.
35. Multiple
Using multiple fingers to penetrate the vagina and stimulate the g-spot
can be beneficial because a) many women like to feel the penetration and
b) using more than one finger ensures that you will hit the g-spot.
36. Penis
Using the penis is by far the most enjoyable way to penetrate the vagina
and stimulate the g-spot for male partners. Some women prefer this to
any other form of penetration as well.
37. Thrusting
With penile penetration, thrusting is usually the most obvious way to
stimulate the g-spot.
38. Thrusting Direct
Place the head of the penis at the opening of the vagina. Push the penis
up and into the vagina coming into direct contact with the g-spot. Repeat
this connecting with the g-spot every time.
39. Thrusting Indirect
During vaginal intercourse, penile penetration generally produces some
kind of indirect contact with the g-spot. For some women, this indirect
stimulation is enough to produce an orgasm.
40. Sex Toys
For some women, masturbation using a sex toy is the only way to achieve
orgasm from g-spot stimulation. This is also a great way to add variety to
couples' sexual encounters.

41. Dildos
Dildos are available in many different sizes and shapes. There are some
dildos that have special curves that are designed to hit the g-spot directly.
These are a good investment.
42. Strap-Ons
Strap-ons are a great way to add penetration in a lesbian relationship.
Many of these also are designed for g-spot stimulation.
43. Vibrators
Vibrators can offer both g-spot and clitoral stimulation if used at the
proper angle. Vibrations on the g-spot can produce an orgasm faster
than other methods.
44. Sex Toys Mutual
Mutual use of sex toys is a great way to stimulate each other's g-spots.
This is especially applicable to lesbian lovers, though it can apply to
45. Sex Toys Simultaneous
For lesbians, using a sex toy like a double sided dildo can make
simultaneous masturbation and g-spot stimulation even more erotic. Or,
you can both masturbate together using separate sex toys (this works for
heterosexual couples, too).
46. Sex Toys Watching
Watching your female partner while she stimulates her own g-spot with a
sex toy can be a great way to learn more about her body. It is also very
47. The Three Keys To G-Spot Stimulation
There are three main keys to producing an orgasm from g-spot
stimulation: pressure, speed, and rhythm.
48. Pressure
The amount of pressure applied to the g-spot can determine how hard
and fast your female partner orgasms. Some women only need a little
pressure, while others need a lot. Some women experience pain with too
much pressure.
49. Speed
The speed at which you stimulate the g-spot can control how long it takes
for her to orgasm. Again, it is mostly a personal preference, so regulate
your speed according to her desires.
50. Rhythm


Again, rhythm affects whether or not she will orgasm. For some women,
too much movement hurts; for other women, too little movement doesn't
work. Vary your rhythm according to her needs.



1. What Are They?
Aphrodisiacs are foods, drugs, scents, or chemicals that supposedly
produce an increase in sexual desire.
2. How Do They Work?
In truth, no one knows if they do actually work. There are many
conflicting theories about this.
3. Why Do You Need Them?
If you or your partner is having difficulties raising your libidos, you could
try aphrodisiacs to help encourage sexual feelings.
4. Where Can You Find Them?
Most aphrodisiacs are readily available. Some are foods that can be
purchased at drug stores. Others are drugs that can be purchased
through specialty manufacturers.
5. When Should You Use Them?
Aphrodisiacs are generally used before the moment of sexual encounter.
Some are used for weeks before (i.e. over-the-counter drugs), while
others can be ingested during foreplay.
6. Using Aphrodisiacs
Using an aphrodisiac that is also a food product is the easiest way to
integrate them into your sex life. These are readily available and can be
used in creative ways.
7. Cooking
Using aphrodisiacs that are food items are very exciting and delicious to
use when cooking.
8. Dinner
When you have made a meal that is made up entirely of aphrodisiacs, you
will have a delicious and exciting meal.
9. Asparagus
Using asparagus as a side dish is an easy and relatively inexpensive way
to integrate an aphrodisiac. The phallic shape also adds to the desire.
The round shape of an oyster is often cited as being one of the main
reasons why they are aphrodisiacs.

Chocolate has a small amount of certain chemicals that are present in the
human brain when you are in love. There are studies that show this is
why chocolate is an aphrodisiac.
The ovoid shape of an egg is thought to bring about thoughts of fertility,
thus the aphrodisiac properties of eggs.
There are chemicals in garlic that are thought to promote and help
maintain and erection.
Increasing blood flow to the groin area is the way that ginger can promote
sexual feelings as an aphrodisiac for women.
A chemical in honey is thought to increase testosterone levels. This can
have the effect of promoting sexual arousal.
Some spices are thought to increase sexual desire. Even the scents if
some spices like cinnamon can create arousal.
17.Spicy Food
Because spicy food has the effect of producing sweating and flushed skin
reactions that are similar to those that happen during sex spicy food
is thought to be an aphrodisiac.
18.Chili Peppers
Along with the theory about spicy food, chili peppers and other spicy
peppers can have a physical effect that mimics sexual response.
A chemical in soy can have similar effects as estrogen. This can lead to
arousal in women.
A chemical in saffron has the ability to affect neurotransmitters in the
brains that affect mood, thus its reputation as an aphrodisiac.
Some people feel that ginseng or chemicals in it produce an effect similar
to that of sexual pleasure.
The chemicals in truffles that produce pheromone-like scents are those
that also make them aphrodisiacs.

Using aphrodisiacs during foreplay is particularly gratifying, especially if
you are using them in the food or scent forms.
Some scents are strong aphrodisiacs. The smells of some flowers are
especially potent.
Perfumes and colognes that have a musk scent can serve as excellent
aphrodisiacs. Musk is a naturally occurring pheromone.



1. Performance
The benefit of most sexual supplements is to enhance a man or a
woman's performance in the bedroom. The issues addressed by these
supplements ranges in important bedroom aspects.
2. Lasting Longer
For men who have a problem holding off on ejaculating until their partner
has reached orgasm, supplements that enable them to last longer are
3. Sex Drive
Some men and women experience a lack of sex drive. This can cause
serious tension in long term relationships and marriage.
4. Libido
Libido enhancing supplements that boost sex drive work on various
aspects of the human body to help stimulate the person and create
arousal. These work differently in men and women.
5. Desire
Desire can be boosted by certain sexual supplements, though this is one
of the more questionable aspects of these supplements as it is almost
impossible to measure desire.
6. Mood
There are many different sexual supplements that address and boost a
person's mood to create desire. However, as with any mood elevators, it
is difficult to determine whether the supplement is causing the rise in
mood as mood is impossible to measure.
7. Arousal
Arousal is another major issue with both men and women that can be
helped with supplements. It is easier to measure the effectiveness in
men than it is in women.

Certain supplements boast the ability to increase a man's ejaculate.


Some men want to increase the volume of semen they produce in each
ejaculation. These supplements are generally used in the pornography
industry, though they are available to the public.

10. Orgasms

The ability to reach orgasm and the duration of an orgasm are two very
important aspects of a sexual encounter. Some supplements attempt to
treat these two problems.
11. Duration
The duration of an orgasm is thought to be able to be enhanced by
certain sexual supplements. Again, these are mostly sought after by
women, though some men purchase them as well.
12. Frequency
The frequency of erection in a man may be very important, and there are
several sexual supplements that can boost the amount of erections a man
can obtain.
13. Duration
The duration of time that a man's erection lasts is the most important
factor in these types of sexual supplements. This can greatly affect his
partner's enjoyment of sex.
14. Penis
For some men, the size of their penises is a point of embarrassment. For
these men, there are several penis enlargement supplements.
15. Length
The length of a man's penis can affect his partner's enjoyment of sex by
whether or not it reaches the g-spot. Penis enhancement supplements
can help this problem.
16. Hardness
The ability of a man to penetrate his partner depends in part on the
hardness of his penis during erection. Certain supplements can help with
this problem, though this is not generally the sole purpose of such
17. Breasts
Some women feel they need larger breasts, and this feeling affects their
sex lives. If they do not want breast augmentation surgery, they might
try a breast enhancing supplement.
18. Acetylcholine
This is a chemical that occurs in the human body; in men it facilitates the
achievement of erection.
19. Nitric Oxide
This is the chemical responsible for the engorgement of the human body's
sexual organs such as the penis and the clitoris.
20. Dopamine

Dopamine is responsible for a person's mood. This can also affect the
sexual desire, libido, sex drive, and alertness to sexual advances.
21. Serotonin
Serotonin can actually inhibit a person's sex drive. In fact, a person's
libido can be significantly decreased as the result of too much serotonin.
22. Epinephrine
Epinephrine increases a person's mood and sex drive. However, the
downfall of epinephrine is the decreased ability to achieve an erection.
23. Norepinephrine
Increasing mood, sex drive and alertness are the main things that are
affected by the presence of norepinephrine. It can decrease the ability to
achieve and erection.
24. Drugs
Certain drugs have been used to combat sexual dysfunction problems.
Some of these drugs have been tested by the FDA of the United States,
while others have not.
25. Natural Supplements
There are several naturally occurring chemicals that are used in treating
sexual dysfunction. Some of these are precursors to body chemicals and
others are herbs.
26. Placebo Effect
There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not sexual
supplements work. Some people feel that these supplements merely
convince the mind to fix the problem on its own, creating what is known
as the placebo effect.
27. Enzyte
A daily tablet that contains plant extracts to enhance the size of a man's
penis. This product has not been tested by the FDA of the United States.
28. Elexia
Elexia is an herbal supplement for men that claims to naturally enhance a
man's sexual performance and stamina. It contains L-Arginine and
29. Pro-Erex
Pro-Erex is a supplement that enhances performance by boosting sexual
desire and also helps with erectile dysfunction. It also claims to be a
penis enlargement supplement. It has not been approved by the FDA of
the US.
30. Vahard

A sexual supplement that claims to help erectile dysfunction; it also can

boost a man's libido.
31. VasoRect
VasoRect is a men's supplement that claims to increase stamina and
hardness. It also says it boosts sexual desire and performance. It has
not been approved by the FDA of the US.
32. Libido-Max
This is a natural sexual supplement; Libido-Max is thought to increase
libido in both men and women, though it has not been approved by the
33. Big Daddy
This is a sex supplement that is for men. It is thought to treat all of the
possible sexual dysfunction problems a man might encounter. It has not
been approved by the FDA.
34. Vixen
A sex supplement that is marketed toward women, this pill is said to treat
problems with libido. It has not been approved by the FDA>
35. ProLab HGW
This is an herbal sexual supplement that increases libido and sexual
function. It has not been approved by the FDA.
36. Maxaman
This is another sexual supplement for men that claims to increase desire
and performance. It contains Arginine. It has not been approved by the
37. Arginine
Arginine is an amino acid found in almost all foods. It is converted into
nitric oxide in the human body. Supplements like Enzyte, VasoRect, and
Maxaman contain this amino acid.
38. Yohimbe
Elexia, Enzyte and Libido-max contain this bark that is a naturally
occurring source of Yohimbine.
39. Yohimbine
Yohimbine is a drug that was approved by the FDA to treat erectile
dysfunction, but its primary use was to dilate pupils.
40. Ginseng
Big Daddy, Enzyte, VasoRect and Vahard all contain this Asian plant that
stimulates the release of nitric oxide in the body.


41. Ginkgo Biloba

VasoRect, Vixen and ProLab HGW contain the leaves from this type of tree
which are thought to increase blood flow.
42. Maca
Enzyte and Pro-Erex contain this traditional aphrodisiac that is actually a
root vegetable.
43. Horny Goat Weed
Libido-Max and Pleasure Pill are two supplements that contain this plant.
In myth, it was said to make goats wild when they looked at it. It is an
aphrodisiac that is used to treat libido problems and impotence.
44. Tribulus Terrestris
Enzyte, Suregasm and Vahard all contain this herb. It treats impotence in
men and libido problems in both men and women.



1. Masturbation
Masturbation is not just a great way to release sexual tension when you
are alone. It can also be a great way to stimulate and arouse your
2. Why?
Watching your partner masturbate, learning what he or she likes, and
even participating in the event can be a great way to connect to your
partner and enhance your sexual encounters.
3. Learning
Being present when your partner masturbates will further your knowledge
of what he or she likes. The benefits of this being that you will know
better how to please him or her in the future.
4. Showing
The best way to help your partner learn your body and what you like is to
show him or her. This is one of the great benefits to having your partner
watch while you masturbate.
5. Watching
It can be incredibly arousing to have your partner watch you or to watch
your partner during such a private experience.
6. Participating
While you are watching your partner pleasure himself or herself, you will
probably be overcome with a desire to help him or her. This is a good
way to get some "hands on" learning experience.
7. Where?
Finding the right place to masturbate with your partner is a dilemma for
some people. For first timers, try somewhere private and comfortable.
For the pros, try somewhere kinkier and different.
8. Bedroom
First timers will do best in the bedroom where most sexual encounters
occur. This is the most private place in your home and is also where most
people masturbate when they are alone.
9. Living Room
The living room is a less private place that can add a real sense of
adventure to a masturbation session with your partner.
10. Kitchen

The kitchen is not private at all, and aside from the thrill of being
somewhere open, you can utilize items in the kitchen to facilitate the
11. Bathroom
The bathroom is still private but is not generally where most sexual
encounters take place, which gives it a subtle sense of adventure.
12. In The Car
This is a public place where the thrill of getting caught can really add to
the thrill of watching your partner climax.
13. Where You Do It
If you have a special place where you like to masturbate, try doing it
there with your partner. He or she will enjoy knowing this intimate detail
about your private life.
14. Where Your Partner Does It
Find out if your partner has a specific place that he or she frequently
masturbates. Joining him or her there will add to the spice of the
15. Who?
Any couple who is sexually active should try masturbating together,
especially if they have been together for a while and are becoming bored
with their regular sex acts.
16. How?
How you want to masturbate is up to you and your partner. However,
remember that the purpose of the experience is to let your partner watch
or help you climax; use the same technique that you normally use to
17. Manual
Manual masturbation, or masturbation using the hands, is what most
people prefer. Use fingers, hands, palms, and even fists if applicable.
18. Sex Toys
Many people regularly use sex toys to masturbate. Even if you don't, if
you and your partner have done this other times, you may want to spice
things up by using sex toys for the first time together.
19. Dildos
Dildos are very popular for women, and some men use them too. A dildo
can be used for external stimulation or can be used for penetration.
20. Vibrators


Many women like to use vibrators for masturbation because of the clitoral
stimulation. Men use them to stimulate their testicles or anus.
21. Blow-Up Dolls
Some men like to use inflatable dolls to masturbate. This can even be
stimulating to their partner to watch the man penetrate and thrust into
the doll.
22. "Flesh Lights"
Another masturbatory aid for men is the Flesh Light, a product that is a
soft plastic mouth that a man penetrates and thrusts into.
23. Makeshift Ideas
Some people prefer to make up their own masturbatory aids. For men
these involve tight, lubricated holes. For women they are often
something that can be rubbed against the clitoris or inserted into the
24. When?
When you decide to come together for a masturbation session is up to
you and your partner. If you are first timers, the best time is when there
is little worry about time constraints or interruptions.
25. Now
As with any sexual encounter, if the time is right, do it now. Your
excitement will rub off on your partner and he or she will probably be
more than willing to participate.
26. Morning
Not many people have a lot of free time in the mornings. But weekends
can be different. Try masturbating together in the morning to start your
day on an erotic note.
27. Night
Nighttime is the time that most people have sex. For first timers, this
may be the least intimidating time to try masturbating together.
28. Afternoon
If you have a rainy day that you want to spice up, try an afternoon
masturbation session. This could be a great way to add some excitement
to your sex life and brighten your day.
29. Alone
For first timers, this is the best way to try masturbating for your partner.
Doing it yourself ensures that the job will be done properly.
30. Together


Masturbating together but separately can be very erotic. You get to make
yourself climax while you enjoy watching your partner climax while
watching you.
31. Mutual
For those who are more experienced in the dual masturbatory world,
mutual masturbation is a good way to show your partner that you have
been paying attention while you were watching.
32. Mutual Simultaneous
Masturbating each other at the same time is a good endurance trial for
those who are "professional" couple's masturbators. It can be distracting
and tricky, but this is part of the fun.
33. One At A Time
Masturbating your partner is the most often chosen method of mutual
masturbation. It is not as distracting as mutual simultaneous
masturbation, but is just as gratifying.
34. Problems
First timers may have an initial problem masturbating in front of their
partners. This is due to a multitude of reasons, but should never be
considered a personal insult by the observing partner.
35. Inhibition
Many people feel inhibited by new sexual experiences, and this can be
true for masturbation in front of a partner. Shyness can be overcome,
but should never be seen as a fault or insult.
36. Inability
Sometimes, a person can begin masturbating but is unable to climax
while their partner watches. This is related to inhibition in that the person
may feel embarrassed to climax even if they have climaxed during sex
with their partner.
37. Interruption
Interruption is a problem for all sexual acts and encounters. For those
who are not exhibitionists, interruption can cause loss of erection,
arousal, or interest.
38. Fixing The Problem Aphrodisiacs
Aphrodisiacs are not necessarily the most reliable things to refer to, but
even a placebo effect can get you or your partner to the point of
relaxation and arousal.
39. Fixing The Problem Discussion


Discuss the problem with your partner. Find out why he or she is feeling
inhibited and reassure him or her that you feel aroused watching or
helping. If you have the issue, tell your partner what is troubling you.
40. Fixing The Problem Pornography
Sometimes, the only thing missing is what you or your partner uses when
you/he/she masturbates: pornography. Find a video or online website
that appeals to both of you.
41. Fixing The Problem Relaxation
Give your partner a massage or gentle body rub. Use lotion or
aromatherapy oils to create a mood of relaxation to take your minds off
the task at hand. Gradually begin the act when you are both ready.
42. Fixing The Problem Going First
If your partner is feeling shy, show him or her how turned on you are by
going first. By taking the pressure off them and going first, your partner
may feel more inclined to try, too.
43. Fixing The Problem Encouragement
Encouraging your partner is sometimes all that is needed to help him or
her to not feel inhibited. Reassure your partner that you are turned on
and that he or she is sexy and attractive.
44. Fixing The Problem Drugs
While some people use drugs to relax, many drugs can have the
unfortunate side effect of making a person feel more inhibited or nervous.
45. Fixing The Problem Alcohol
Sometimes people use alcohol as a way to feel less inhibited. However,
keep in mind that the more alcohol imbibed, the less chance of being able
to perform and climax.
46. Fixing The Problem Hotel
If interruptions are your problem, try going somewhere else besides your
home. Getting a hotel suite and putting out the "Do Not Disturb" sign can
really help.
47. Fixing The Problem Baby Sitters
If you have children, instead of trying to squeeze in a new sexual act like
masturbation while the kids are sleeping, take the kids to a baby sitter's
house so you have the house to yourselves.
48. Fixing The Problem Try Again Later
You should never force your partner to do something that he or she does
not want to do. Instead, try again later or another day.
49. Techniques Him

Men masturbating for a partner should be completely naked and should

lay or sit somewhere where it is easy for the partner to see. Hold your
penis so your partner can easily see how you are pleasuring yourself.
50. Techniques Her
Women masturbating for a partner should be completely naked and
should position herself in a way that her partner can see her genitals.
The best way is to open her legs as far as possible and to have her
partner sit close enough to see what she is doing.



1. Heterosexual Penetration
Penetration between a male and a female partner has many different
aspects. Many people use different positions, devices or orifices to
achieve a different feeling through penetration.
2. Male/Female Penetration
A man penetrating a woman is the standard definition of heterosexual
3. Vaginal Penetration
Vaginal penetration in heterosexual sexual encounters is the primary form
of penetration. This is usually done with the penis, though other devices
are often used.
4. Anal Penetration
Anal penetration is also an option in heterosexual sexual encounters.
While this is not a primary form of heterosexual penetration, it is very
popular with some couples. Again, the penis is generally the commonly
used device.
5. Penis
The penis is usually the device used for penetration in heterosexual sexual
encounters. It is that standard for both vaginal and anal penetration.
6. Fingers
The fingers can be used to penetrate a woman's vagina or anus as a way
to both bring change to the sex and to better pleasure the woman.
7. Fist
Some couples experiment with fisting as a way to penetrate the woman's
vagina or anus. This can be dangerous and painful, so the woman should
be the one to decide whether or not the penetration should continue.
8. Sex Toys
Sex toys are often used to bring a little spice or excitement to sexual
intercourse or anal penetration. Some sex toys are designed to hot the gspot and bring the woman more pleasure.
9. Dildos
Dildos are often used in both anal and vaginal penetration as a way to
bring additional excitement to the sex. Some are shaped to precisely
touch the g-spot and assist in reaching orgasm.
10. Vibrators

While vibrators are mostly used for vaginal penetration, they can be used
for anal penetration as well. Some women do not like to have vibrators
inserted because it can cause pain if done improperly.
11. Strap-Ons
Strap-on dildos are rarely used in heterosexual sex, but some people do
use them. Again, these are sometimes shaped to come into contact with
the g-spot.
12. Female/Male Penetration
Some men like to experience anal penetration at the hands of their
female partners. Anal penetration for a man can lead to the stimulation
of the prostate and bring about a powerful orgasm.
13. Fingers
For beginners, a finger or two is the best option to try to see if the
receiving man is stimulated by the anal penetration. As with women, anal
penetration can be painful so the man should decide to continue in this
14. Sex Toys
For more experienced heterosexual couples, male anal penetration with a
sex toy can be a great way to introduce more size to the penetration.
15. Dildos
Dildos are the best way to start with sex toys. Use a small one for the
first time since sudden introduction of large implements into the anal
cavity can cause pain.
16. Vibrators
Some men enjoy the vibrations from a vibrator in their anus as it
stimulates the prostate. Other men do not like this sensation.
17. Strap-Ons
Once you and your partner have tried other sex toys, you may want to try
a strap-on dildo. This is especially pleasurable if the male has a fantasy
of being penetrated by a penis but is not homosexual.
18. Homosexual Penetration
Homosexual penetration is the primary means of homosexual sex
between men. It is also used by homosexual women but not as
19. Male/Male Penetration
There are many different types of homosexual penetration for male/male
couples. First timers to anal penetration should always be aware of the
possibility of discomfort.


20. Penis
Homosexual penetration between two men is usually done by using the
penis. Some homosexual men like to receive or be penetrated while
others like to give or penetrate.
21. Fingers
Penetration using the fingers is often used to begin penetration for other
devices or while performing oral sex.
22. Sex Toys
While some homosexual men do not use sex toys for penetration, it is
possible and many men enjoy it.
23. Dildos
Dildos can be used for homosexual anal penetration in the same way they
are used in heterosexual anal penetration. The goal is generally to
stimulate the prostate.
24. Vibrators
Most men do not like to be penetrated by vibrators, but there are some
who enjoy the vibrations since they can easily stimulate the prostate.
25. Female/Female Penetration
Homosexual penetration between two women will often include the use of
penetration. While some methods are commonly used, others are not.
26. Fingers
The use of the fingers to penetrate the vagina or the anus in homosexual
female sex is the most common of all penetration methods. One or more
fingers can be used.
27. Fist
Fisting is not a common practice in homosexual female sex, though many
lesbians do use this method from time to time. This is a severe form of
penetration and caution should be used, especially with first timers.
28. Sex Toys
Many homosexual women choose to penetrate their partners with sex
toys. This adds a degree of ease and excitement to lesbian sex.
29. Dildos
Homosexual female couples often use dildos for penetration. As with
heterosexual female penetration, dildos are used to stimulate the g-spot.
30. Vibrators
While vibrators are generally used on the clitoris, some homosexual
female couples penetrate each other with vibrators. The vibrations can


stimulate the g-spot, though some women do not like to be penetrated

with a vibrator.
31. Strap-Ons
Strap-on dildos are not as popular in homosexual female couples are they
are for other couples, but they are still used in the same way as
heterosexual couples use them.
32. Taboos
There are many sexual taboos about penetration. The most common of
these, aside from that of homosexual sex, is that of heterosexual
penetration of the male partner. Ignoring taboos and acting on fantasies
is the easiest way to rid yourself of sexual inhibition.
33. Problems
There are a lot of problems that can arise during penetration. Most of
these problems can be solved easily with a little patience.
34. Lubrication
The biggest thing to remember about penetration is the importance of
lubrication. Without lubrication, the vaginal or anal walls can be torn or
injured. Use sexual lubricants, especially for anal penetration. Saliva is
rarely enough for anal penetration.
35. Relaxation
It is very important for the person being penetrated to relax. When you
are not relaxed, your muscles tighten; penetration in this situation can
cause injury to the vagina or anus.
36. Speed
The person who is penetrating his or her partner should always begin the
penetration slowly, unless responding to a request from an experienced
partner. Quick, hard penetration can result in injury to the partner being
37. Thrusting
Thrusting is the basis of penetration, but this should begin slowly and
then gradually build speed according to the desires of the person being
penetrated. If something different has been discussed prior to the act
faster thrusting is acceptable if in accordance with a request.
38. Depth
The depth of the thrust needs to also be based on the comfort and
preferences of the partner being penetrated. Depth should be gradual
unless in accordance with something previously discussed.
39. Tightness


Some people have unusually tight orifices. In this case, steps may need
to be taken to facilitate penetration.
40. Looseness
People with more sexual experience or women who have given birth may
have looser orifices. Steps may need to be taken to tighten the orifice to
create more feeling and sensation for both partners.
41. Tips To Tighten
Have your partner keep his or her legs together when penetrating him or
her. This utilizes the thighs to make the orifice seem tighter.
42. Tips To Loosen
Your partner can open his or her legs wider when penetrated, or you can
begin penetration by using one finger, then two, etc, until the orifice is
more easily penetrated by the desired device.
43. Positions
Any sexual position can be used for any type of penetration. Doggy Style
is the easiest position for first time anal penetration and is also conducive
to first timers with sex toy vaginal penetration. Vaginal penetration with
penis or fingers is easiest when the woman is on her back.
44. STOP!
As with any sexual act (but especially with penetration and even more so
with anal penetration), if the partner being penetrated feels pain or
emotional discomfort, the act should cease immediately.
45. Threesomes
Any combination of threesome makes for interesting and exciting options
for penetration.
46. Dual Penetration
Penetrating the vagina and anus at the same time can be done in a
threesome including a woman; in a one-on-one sexual encounter between
a man and a woman; or between a woman and a woman.
47. Penis + Penis
In a male/male/female threesome, both men can penetrate the woman
simultaneously. One man should enter the woman's vagina from the
front while the other enters her anus from the back.
48. Fingers + Penis
In a heterosexual one-on-one encounter, both the vagina and anus can be
stimulated. The penis can penetrated either orifice usually the vagina is
chosen while the fingers penetrate the other orifice in this case, the


49. Fingers + Sex Toys

In threesomes, lesbian sex or heterosexual sex, a woman's anus and
vagina can be penetrated by a sex toy and fingers. The use of each
device is up to the couple or trio.
50. Penis + Sex Toys
In a threesome or in a one-on-one heterosexual encounter, the penis can
penetrate a woman's anus or vagina while a sex toy penetrates the other



1. Female Ejaculation
A mystery in and of itself, female ejaculation is the expulsion of fluid from
a woman's body during orgasm.
2. Who?
Only some women ejaculate during orgasm and only a few can ejaculate
every time. Specific stimulation is required to produce ejaculation.
3. What?
Female ejaculation is essentially the same as male ejaculation: a response
to intense sexual stimulation.
4. Why?
There is no biological or reproductive need for female ejaculation as there
is for male ejaculation. It is simply trapped fluids being expelled from the
5. Where?
While it appears that female ejaculate comes from the vagina, it actually
comes from the urethra, or, more specifically, the Skene's Gland or
Paraurethral Gland.
6. When?
Female ejaculate is expelled when intense sexual stimulation is
experienced. This stimulation can be of the urethral sponge or g-spot, or
of the clitoris.
7. How?
Fluid builds in the Paraurethral gland during sexual stimulation and that
fluid is expelled through the urethra during orgasm.
8. Squirting/Gushing
Female ejaculation is often referred to as squirting or gushing. These are
colloquialisms and are not technical terms.
9. Urethra
The urethra is the tube that carries urine out of the human body. In a
woman, this is where female ejaculate is expelled as well.
10.Skene's Gland/Paraurethral Gland
The Skene's Gland or the Paraurethral Gland is a gland with a small
opening inside the urethra. This gland is similar to the male prostate and
fills with fluid during sexual stimulation.


It is thought that female ejaculate comes from the Skene's Gland or
Paraurethral gland. There is some controversy about this in the medical
12.Urethral Sponge/G-Spot
Generally, female ejaculation is achieved through the stimulation of the
urethral sponge or the G-Spot.
13.Clitoral Stimulation
In some rare cases, female ejaculation can be achieved by stimulating the
clitoris only.
14.Is It Urine?
Much research has been done on female ejaculate and the general
consensus of the medical community is that female ejaculate is not urine.
15.Creatinine/Urea Levels
Analysis of female ejaculate shows that it has a different chemical make
up than urine: the creatinine and urea levels are too low for the fluid to
be urine. It is closer to male prostate fluid.
16.Size Of Opening
The size of the opening of the Paraurethral gland may be so small that
either only a small amount of fluid can be expelled at a time or no fluid is
expelled at all.
17.Retrograde Ejaculation
When a woman has a very small Paraurethral gland opening, or in other
cases, she may not expel the fluid through ejaculation; but rather the
fluid will travel to the bladder.
18.Amount Of Fluid
Some women do ejaculate but the amount of fluid expelled may be so
small that the ejaculation is not noticed.
19.Muscular Contraction
The fluid is expelled as a result of muscular contraction around the
urethra during orgasm. In some women these contractions force the fluid
out faster than in other women.
In the pornography industry, female ejaculation is a very popular though
not a common event.
21.Tricks Of The Trade
The women who ejaculate on film are not always actually ejaculating.
Some production companies fill the actress's vagina with a fake ejaculate

fluid and then film the false ejaculation as the actress expels the fluid.
Some actresses urinate instead of ejaculating.
Real porn ejaculations are hard to find, and it is very difficult to tell which
ones are authentic because it is hard to see where the fluid is coming
from at certain camera angles.
You can tell if a porn ejaculation is fake if the fluid is clearly not coming
from the urethra. In real female ejaculation scenes, the camera will get a
close-up of the vagina to film the urethra as the actress ejaculates.
There are a lot of scientific theories about female ejaculation. Some
researchers still doubt the existence of female ejaculation while others
agree that it does exist.



1. Fisting
Fisting is a type of penetration that is perhaps the most intense of all. It
involves one partner penetrating the other partner with his or her fist.
2. What?
Fisting is very intense penetration. It can be done vaginally or anally. It
is done to simulate the penetrated partner but can be very erotic for the
penetrating partner.
3. Who?
Any couple can take part in fisting. While vaginal fisting is obviously
limited to heterosexual and lesbian couples, anal fisting can be done by or
to either gender.
4. Where?
Both the vagina and the anus can be penetrated by a fist. There are
slightly different recommendations for each orifice.
5. Why?
There is great pleasure that can be derived from fisting. Both the
receiving partner and the giving partner can be aroused by fisting.
6. How?
Fisting is a very slow process that involves incredible patience and trust
on the parts of both partners. The hand is slowly inserted into the desired
orifice to produce sexual pleasure.
7. Vaginal Fisting
Vaginal fisting is slightly easier than anal fisting as the vagina is meant to
stretch to accommodate the birth of a child. However, the process should
still be addressed slowly.
8. Anal Fisting
Anal fisting is a little more difficult than vaginal fisting since the anus is
designed as an exit and not an entrance. It is possible to do it
successfully, but it may take more time to achieve.
9. Warnings
Remember that fisting is not a natural penetration. Where you can
generally enter a vagina fairly quickly with a penis, you cannot do this
with a fist, even after a lot of experience.


There are a lot of problems that can come from or during fisting. Keep in
mind that these can all be fixed if you and your partner are wiling to stop
the act and work on the issue. Otherwise, more serious health concerns
can arise.
Pain is the biggest problem that a penetrated partner faces during fisting.
There are two types of pain: mild and severe. Some mild pain should be
12.Body Reactions
There are many different reactions most are involuntary that the body
can have to fisting. A sudden tightening of the muscles is common for
both anal and vaginal fisting.
13.Fix Pain
Pain is the body's signal that something is wrong and the act should
cease. If the pain is severe and does not go away after the act has
stopped, see a doctor.
14.Fix Physical Discomfort
Since physical discomfort is to be expected during fisting, it is difficult to
judge when it has become a problem. That decision should be left to the
penetrated partner.
15.Fix Emotional Discomfort
Emotional discomfort should not be ignored but discussed. If the
penetrated partner is uncomfortable, the act should cease.
16.Fix Body Reactions
The body's involuntary reactions like muscle spasms can only be fixed
with patience. If this happens, wait until the spasm has stopped, then
slowly remove the fist. Physical damage can be caused by sudden
removal of the fist.
As with many alternative sex acts, there is a taboo surrounding fisting;
this is especially true of anal fisting of a man. Keep this in mind but do
not let it deter you from a fantasy.
Fisting is a very intimate act. The intimacy of the act can add to your
sexual relationship, but if you and your partner are not already
emotionally intimate, you may not feel comfortable with this act.


Respect is absolutely essential with an act like fisting. Respect on the

part of both partners leads to trust, which is the most important aspect of
the emotional side of fisting.
The penetrating partner must be able to be very, very patient with the
penetrated partner during the slow process of fisting. A lack of patience
can lead to physical damage to the penetrated partner.
21.Who's In Charge?
The penetrated partner is always the one who is in charge during the act
of fisting. The penetrating partner must allow the penetrated partner to
set the pace and decide when he or she has reached his or her limit.
Sanitation and cleanliness is very important to fisting. This is especially
true of anal fisting. Be sure that you are clean and use the proper
23.Health Problems
Health problems can occur from fisting. This act should be reserved for
only occasional times and should never be done quickly. Otherwise,
severe muscular damage can result.
24.Pleasure Vaginal Fisting
Pleasure derived from vaginal fisting comes from both the penetration,
the feeling of being full, and from stimulation of the g-spot.
25.Pleasure Anal Fisting
Pleasure during anal fisting is generally derived from the penetration and
full feeling for women. In men, the prostate is stimulated by the
Vaginal fisting is easier to perform on a woman who has given birth. This
is because her vagina has stretched to pass the child making it a bit wider
than average.
27.The Process
The process of anal or vaginal fisting should be done very slowly. Some
people require more time to adjust to each phase than others do.
Preparation for fisting involves cleaning, relaxing, and plenty of
reassurance. The most important thing to remember is that sanitation is
number one.

For anal fisting, the penetrated partner will want to give themselves an
enema before beginning. This will clean out the lower intestine and make
for a cleaner anal cavity.
For both anal and vaginal fisting, washing is incredibly important. The
vagina and anus should be thoroughly washed before beginning. Also,
the penetrating partner should wash his or her hands.
It is important that the penetrating partner scrubs his or her fingernails
and cuts them as short as possible. File your nails so they are smooth to
prevent scratching the inside of the vagina or anus.
Lubrication cannot be underestimated for this act. Plenty of lube should
be used. The lube should completely coat the entire hand and vaginal or
anal cavity; continue reapplying lube as you continue.
Protecting yourself against sexually transmitted diseases should be a
major concern during any sexual act, especially fisting. Use long latex
gloves to protect the hand and vagina or anus from germs.
34.Start SLOWLY
Never try to insert your entire fist directly into the vagina or anus. This
will cause serious physical damage to the penetrated partner. Instead,
use the following techniques and continue slowly using the penetrated
partner's reactions as a guide.
Begin by inserting one finger at a time into the vagina or anus. As your
partner adjusts to the sensation, add another finger until you have all four
fingers inside.
36."Duck Bill"
Fold your thumb into your hand to create a hand position that closely
resembles a duck bill. Slowly push a little further to insert all four fingers
and the thumb. Fold you hand as much as you can at assist in the
The hand is the widest at the knuckles, so this will be the most difficult
part of the hand to accommodate. Slowly push your hand into the orifice
past the knuckles.
38.Entire Hand


Once the knuckles have entered the orifice, slowly slide the rest of the
hand into the orifice. Try not to scratch or hurt the penetrated partner's
vaginal or anal walls.
39.Going Further
After your entire hand has entered the vagina or anus, you can try to
push up a little further if the penetrated partner desires it.
40.Making A Fist
Slowly and gently, move your fingers down towards your hand being
careful not to scratch the vaginal or anal walls. As your fingers touch
your palm, make a fist.
Make small movements with your fist inside the vagina or the anus. Do
not make any fast movements as this can cause damage. Take cues from
the penetrated partner to find out what feels good.
Never, ever thrust into the penetrated partner with your fist once your
hand is inside the vagina or anus. This can cause serious physical
Some people may not be able to accommodate an entire fist or even
more than a finger or two on the first try. Take some time over the
course of several sessions to open your partner up before "going all the
Communication is key to any sexual encounter, but it is absolutely
essential to fisting. The penetrated partner must tell the penetrating
partner how it feels and if there is any pain. The penetrating partner
must listen.
45."Good Hurt"
A "good hurt" is the kind of sexual pain that some people feel during
intense sexual acts. This is the kind of pain that is to be expected and
enjoyed during fisting.
46."Bad Hurt"
A "bad hurt" is bad pain that is not sexual in nature. This is a signal that
fisting should stop. Only the penetrated partner can decide the difference
between these two hurts.


After a sexual encounter like fisting, the penetrated partner will probably
be sore but sexually fulfilled. Intercourse may not be possible after fisting
because of tenderness.



1. Who?
Either partner can try to look sexy for the other partner. This is definitely
not limited to women, though typically it is women who take this burden
solely on themselves.
2. Men
Men can look sexy by taking care of themselves, making sure they pay
attention to their appearance, and come across as happy and confident.
3. Women
For women, coming across as confident is the hardest part of looking
sexy. Other aspects like taking pride in her appearance are easier for
4. What?
Looking sexy is the practice of the art of seduction. To look sexy, you
must seduce with your body and not just your charisma and charm.
5. Where?
You can look sexy at any time. Of course, lingerie should be left in the
bedroom, but other ways to look sexy like dressing for your body size and
being confident work everywhere.
6. At Home
Home is the easiest place for most people to look sexy. For first timers,
this is where you should start. The bedroom is the most commonly used
place, though the bathroom works well, too.
7. On A Date
On any date, you will want to be aware of your appearance and
confidence. Looking sexy on a date can come in every aspect, from
clothing to confidence.
8. At A Movie
At the movies with your partner, try to dress in a way that is sexy but
leaves something to the imagination. For women, low tops and good
fitting jeans work well. For men, shirts that accentuate the shoulders and
arms work well.
9. At A Restaurant
Get dressed up to go out to dinner! This is one of the easiest ways to
look sexy on any date, especially to a restaurant. Women should try
skirts, men should try ties.

10.On A Picnic
On a picnic, dress lightly and according to the weather. It will be warm if
you are eating outside, so women should try a sundress and men should
try shorts.
11.In The Bedroom
It is slightly easier to look sexy in the bedroom for some people because
the clothing is either something skimpy or nothing at all. Women should
try lingerie; men should try silk boxers or nothing at all.
The best time to try looking sexy is when you are feeling sexy. Never try
to force yourself to feel sexy. This can make it very hard to exude the
necessary self confidence.
13.Right Now
Look sexy right now! Nothing is sexier than surprising your partner with
a sexy outfit at an unexpected time!
Take some time to plan your sexy outfit or encounter. Go out and buy
some special undergarments or run a bubble bath and get in before your
partner comes home from work.
Try planning something out quickly, and then surprise your partner when
he or she comes home this evening. Fix a special dinner and put on a
nice outfit!
16.Your Anniversary
For your upcoming anniversary, plan a special night and find the perfect
outfit. Buy special clothes from the undergarments to the shoes and
surprise your partner with a sexy strip tease.
17.His/Her Birthday
Fix the birthday boy or girl his or her favorite meal and serve it in a fancy
outfit, a sexy costume, or special undergarments or lingerie.

18.Sex Appeal
Sex appeal is the biggest thing that you can exude to get your partner's
sexual attention. Looking sexy helps you with your sex appeal.
The first step in looking sexy is paying attention to your physical
appearance. This does not mean that you have to be a supermodel to
look sexy. Rather, you can play on your own best attributes.

Taking a shower and bathing yourself may seem like an obvious step, but
some people do not think about the importance of personal hygiene in
sexual attraction.



1. Board games
Board games are a lot of fun when you incorporate some stripping or
sexual activity!
2. Checkers
Take out your checkers board and start playing. As soon as you or your
partner gets to the end of the board, in addition to "kinging" the piece,
take off an article of clothing.
3. Trivial Pursuit
You aren't playing for pieces of the pie here you are playing for nudity!
If you get a question wrong, you have to take off an article of clothing. If
you get a piece of pie, your partner has to take off something!
4. Monopoly
When you land on your partner's property, you have to pay with a piece
of your clothing. Or to make the game last longer, start with flashes,
move to stripping, and then proceed to sex acts!
5. Card Games
Card games can be fun because they distract you and keep your hands
busy the whole time! Strip poker, anyone?
6. Blackjack
One person is the dealer; the other person is the player. After the dealer
deals the first card, make a bet for a piece of clothing or sex act, then
deal the next card. Whoever loses has to perform the act or lose the
7. Poker
Deal the cards, assess the cards you have been dealt, and then make
your bets. Bets start out low, with a flash being a low bet, a piece of
clothing being a medium bet, and a sex act being a high bet.
8. Dice Games
Dice games, like card games, keep your mind and hands busy while still
providing plenty of nudity and sexuality.
9. Mix & Match
Assign body parts numbers 1 through 6. Assign sex acts numbers 1
through 6. Roll two dice, and then determine what act will be performed
on what body part.
10. Mix & Minutes

Assign sex acts numbers 1 through 6. Then roll two dice. Determine
form one die what act has been rolled, then from the other die how many
minutes it will go on.
11. "Drinking Games"
Most college kids have played drinking games that involve some type of
game where the loser drinks a shot or a beer as punishment. Substitute
the alcohol for sex acts or articles of clothing!
12. Quarters
Quarters involves bouncing a quarter off the table and into a glass. If you
make the shot, your partner has to lose and article of clothing. If you
don't make it, you lose some clothing.
13. Other Games
Other games that many kids play can be turned sexual if you are creative.
Below a few of these games are listed, but it is by no means an
exhaustive list. Be creative!
14. Hang Man
Decide on an article of clothing or idea for a sex act. Lay it out in blank
lines la Hang Man, and then have your partner guess letters as usual. If
he or she guesses correctly, you perform the act on him or her. If not,
you receive the act.
15. Tic Tac Toe
Draw a tic tac toe board. Instead of X's and O's, use little penises or
breasts! Decide beforehand what the "punishment" will be for losing:
stripping, a sex act, whatever be creative!
16. Red Light/Green Light
Have your partner stand in front of you ready to strip. Say "green light"
to allow him or her to start, and say "red light" to have him or her freeze.
If he or she messes up, a sex act is performed.
17. Darts
Play darts as usual (preferably in your own home and not in public).
Make bets along the way about hitting certain numbers. A bull's-eye is
intercourse; assign acts to other scores.
18. Staring Contest
Both you and your partner take all of your clothes off. Stand right in front
of each other but do not touch. Stare into each others eyes without
looking at each other's bodies. If someone looks down, a sex act is
19. TV/Movies


TV shows and movies are great ways to inspire you. Use a TV show or
movie you both know well, or one that you don't know!
20. Words
Before watching the TV show or movie, decide on a word or phrase.
Every time the word is said, you have to kiss, touch, lick, etc, another
body part.
21. Actions
Every time a certain character on the TV show or movie does a specific
action, you and your partner have to kiss, touch, etc. Each of you can
choose a different action, too.
22. Sports Scores
If you and your partner are sports fans, bet on a game or a particular
score. Or, each of you picks a team. When your team scores, your
partner performs a sex act; when his or her team scores, you perform an
23. Porn
Porn is a great inspiration for sexual encounters. Turn on a porno that
both you and your partner find erotic. Act out the scenes together.
24. Scavenger Hunt
Go out and buy some sex toys or other sexy objects. Hide them around
the house and then have your partner search for them. Whatever he or
she finds is used.
25. Happy Trail Clothing, version 1
Before your partner comes home, arrange a long pathway of your
clothing. Hide somewhere completely naked and let your partner find you
by your clothing trail.
26. Happy Trail Clothing, version 2
Hide somewhere naked before your partner comes home, leaving your
clothes in a trail as described above. Leave him or her a note to take off
the same article of clothing when he or she reaches yours.
27. Happy Trail Rose Petals
Leave a long trail of rose petals and very sexually explicit notes for your
partner. The trail should lead to wherever you are hiding in some sexy
28. Alphabet
Have your partner lie naked on the bed or floor. Starting with "A",
massage body parts that start with that letter. Switch places.
29. Spelling Bee

Have your partner lie naked on the bed or floor. Trace words on his or
her back or belly. The words should be sexual in nature. Have him or her
guess the words.
30. Creative Writing
Trace descriptive sentences about what you want your partner to do to
you on your partner's naked body.
31. Questionnaire Places
Make up a questionnaire for your partner to answer. Ask about places to
have sex, places he or she has had sex, and where he or she wants to
have sex.
32. Questionnaire Fantasies
Create a questionnaire that asks about your partner's fantasies. Make
suggestions and get his or her opinions on them.
33. Questionnaire Body parts
Write out a questionnaire that asks about different parts of his or her
body and your body. Ask about activities having to do with these body
34. Questionnaire Activities
Create a questionnaire that asks about different sexual activities. Ask
about where these activities should take place and how.
35. "Once Upon A Time"
Begin a story, "once upon a time" and create a fairy tale about you and
your partner that incorporates a fantasy.
36. "Once Upon A Time" version 2
Begin a story, "once upon a time" as described above, but stop in the
middle of a scene and let your partner take over the storytelling. Switch
back and forth.
37. Restaurant
Make a meal for your partner. Before he or she comes home, lay naked
on the table and put the food on your body. Have your partner eat the
meal off your naked body.
38. Timers
Set a timer for 5, 10, or 20 minutes. Start a sex act and continue it until
the timer goes off. Start with kissing, and move to more exciting acts.
39. Food
There are a myriad of possibilities when it comes to sex games involving
food. Try real food, edible body paint, or edible underwear.


40. Main Courses

Take different types of food from your main course and eat it off of your
partner's body. Soup can be licked off, as can peanut butter and jelly or
any kind of spread.
41. Desserts
Whipped cream. Ice cream. Chocolate sauce. Fruit. Pie filling. Icing.
Marshmallow cream or fluff. Almost any type of dessert can be eaten off
your partner's body.
42. Clothing Toss Basketball
Sit or stand a short distance from a laundry basket. Begin to take off
your clothes and then toss each article of clothing into the basket. Bet
sex acts on whether or not you will make it.
43. Clothing Toss Bed post
Like ring toss, find some post or something to catch your clothes. You
have to get the article of clothing over the post to win.
44. Clothing Toss Penis
Have the man stroke himself (or the partner can stroke him) until he has
an erection. The other partner then tosses undergarments at his penis
and tries to get them to hang from his penis.
45. Shopping Mall
Decide before you leave the house what items you are looking for and
what they mean. For example, finding a purple t-shirt means you receive
oral sex. Finding a green hat means that your partner gets oral sex.
46. Shopping Grocery Store
The rules are the same as above, but this time the items should be things
you can find in a grocery store.
47. Technology
Technology has established all kinds of great ways to flirt with your
significant other and provides great games to play.
48. Instant Messages
Have a sexy and romantic conversation with your significant other on an
instant messenger program.
49. Text Messages
While you and your partner are at work, send each other provocative and
sexually charged text messages on your cell phones.
50. Picture Mail
Again, while you and your partner are at work, send each other sexually
explicit photos. Be sure to erase these later!

51. Music
Music is a great inspiration. Use music that you and your partner like to
set the mood and to play sexy games.
52. Stripping
Put on a song that you really like and that has a fun, fast beat. Put on a
strip show for your partner.
53. Dancing Alone
If you are embarrassed about stripping in front of your partner, try just
dancing in a sexy way with your clothes still on.
54. Dancing Together
Put on a piece of slow music and dance naked with your partner. Try not
to touch each other's genitals but do a lot of kissing and body rubbing.



1. How?
Doing an erotic massage on your partner involves a good deal of ease on
both your parts. The most important thing is to find a relaxing and
comfortable position.
2. Positions
The position of both you and your partner are very important because you
want to be sure that you are both relaxed and able to enjoy the massage.
3. Positions Receiver
The receiver generally wants to be laying down for their massage. Some
people like to sit up, and this is fine, too.
4. On Belly
The receiver should lie on his or her belly with his or her arms under his
or her head to support the head and keep the face from being buried in
the bed.
5. On Back
When lying on his or her back, the receiver should lay however is most
comfortable. Use a pillow if it helps.
6. Legs Open
The receiver should have his or her legs open a little bit, especially when
the giver is doing a leg massage.
7. Positions Giver
The giver's position is especially important because he or she will be doing
all of the work. Try to find a way to sit that makes you comfortable.
8. Straddle
For a back massage, the best way to sit is to straddle your partner and sit
lightly on his or her buttocks.
9. Between Legs
As you move down your partner's body, position yourself between your
partner's legs so you can reach his or her buttocks and legs.
10. On the Side
For front body massages, you may find it easiest to sit to your partner's
side. This gives you easy access to all body parts.
11. Awkward Positions


Remember that for both parties, sitting or lying awkwardly can lead to
physical discomfort and the inability to relax.
12. Thumbs
Use your thumbs to go a little deeper into the massage. If your partner
has a core spot he or she would like you to rub, try using your thumb.
13. Fingers
The fingers are the most often used parts of the hand for erotic massage.
The fingers can give all different levels of pressure.
14. Fingertips
Using your fingertips for erotic massage is the best way to give you
partner little tickles or gentle, sexy touches.
15. Knuckles
The knuckles are best used for areas where you partner wants more
16. Palms
Use the palms of you hands to rub and massage any part of your partner.
The pressure from the palms is harder than the fingers but lighter than
the thumbs and knuckles.
17. Fists
The fists offer a lot more pressure than any other part of the hands. They
can, however, be used for medium pressure as well.
18. Tongue
Once you and you partner are more "in the mood", try using your tongue
to draw small circles on your partner's thighs, neck and lower back.
19. Scalp
A scalp massage is best done with the fingers or fingertips. This should
be done gently.
20. Neck
The back of the neck can be a very erotic place for some people. Use
your fingers to rub and your fingertips to tickle. Try suing your tongue
21. Upper Back
The upper back requires a little more pressure; use your palms or
knuckles to rub and then use your fingertips to tickle.
22. Middle Back
The middle back generally doesn't need as much pressure just some
lightly tickles and some rubbing with the palms should work.

23. Lower Back

The lower back may need some more pressure; use your knuckles or
palms to rub, and then follow it up with some light tickles. Use your
tongue here, too.
24. Shoulders
Some people's shoulders get very tense. Rub with a lot of pressure using
fists and knuckles.
25. Sides
Some people are very ticklish on their sides. If you partner likes to be
tickled, do so lightly. If not, you may want to avoid this area.
26. Bottom
Depending on the person receiving the massage, you can rub the
buttocks hard using your palms and fingers. Tickling feels good here, too.
27. Spine
The spine should be massaged very gently. For most people, soft, gentle
tickles are perfect here.
28. Legs
The legs can be massaged gently or a little harder, depending on your
partner's requests. Tickles or using your tongue on the thighs is very
29. Arms
The arms can also be done hard or soft, according to your partner's
wishes. Tickles feel great after a massage or as the massage. Use your
tongue on the inside of the elbow.
30. Feet
If your partner has very sensitive feet, you may need to avoid this area.
Rubbing with the palms and fingers and tickling with the fingertips is
great here.
31. Hands
Use your fingers to rub your partner's palms and use your thumbs to rub
the backs of their hands. Also massage their fingers. Tickles feel great
on the palms.
32. Chest
For men, the chest can be rubbed with the fingers. For men and women,
the chest can be lightly tickled. Use your fingertips and tongue to tickle
your partner's nipples.
33. Breasts

The breast should not be rubbed hard unless this is something your
partner requests. Light, gentle touches are best, followed by gentle
tickles or licks.
34. Belly
Some people have very sensitive bellies, so try not to tickle if your
partner is very ticklish. Run your fingertips over his or her belly; do not
35. Pubic Area
The goal of erotic massage is not orgasm, so try to avoid stimulating the
genitals. Run your fingertips over your partner's hips and pubic area.
36. Tickles
Tickles are quick fingertip movements that produce a ticklish reaction.
This can be extremely erotic.
37. Light Tickles
Light fingertips movements that are both more gentle and slower are light
38. "Run"
Using your fingertips, run your fingers along your partner's body; this is
like one long tickle sensation.
39. "Type"
Use your fingertips to "type" on your partner's body. This provides many
small pressure spots.
40. Rub
Use any part of your hand to put a little bit of pressure on larger body
41. Small Circles
When you are rubbing your partner, use small circular motions to
massage the muscles.
Be very gentle! If you are not a masseuse, you could hurt your partner if
you are too rough.
43. Pressure
Use gentle pressure on your partner's body unless he or she requests
otherwise. Never put too much pressure on delicate body parts.
44. Oil


Use oil on your partner's body to lubricate the massage. Some oils are
made for erotic massage while others are aromatherapy oils for romance
or relaxation.
45. Lotion
Lotion also works very well to lubricate an erotic massage. Find a scent
you both like. Look into aromatherapy lotions for romance or relaxation.
46. Communication
Using good communication with your partner is the only way to
successfully massage him or her. Have your partner tell you what he or
she likes and what feels good.
47. Relaxation
Relaxation for both people involved makes for a very sensual and erotic
encounter. It also helps get both of you "in the mood"!



1. What?
Premature ejaculation is when a man cannot wait to have an orgasm
instead he ejaculates almost immediately. It can be caused by a number
of things, not the least of which are mental blocks.
2. When?
Premature ejaculation happens in the bedroom during any sexual
activities but is most inconvenient during intercourse.
3. Why?
Premature ejaculation can happen for any number of reasons. These
reasons can be different for every man.
4. Inexperience
Inexperience can be a cause of premature ejaculation. Most men
experience this problem the first time they have intercourse. Be more
aware of your body during intercourse to combat this problem.
5. Youth
Youth is another big factor in the cause of premature ejaculation. In
general, the younger you are the less sexual experience you have.
6. Sensitivity
Being aware of sensations can help you to beat your premature
ejaculation problem. Over sensitivity can be a cause.

For men who do not have a lot of experience or for younger men,
nervousness can really pose a problem in their staying power. Discuss
your feelings with your partner.


Anxiety in general can be a cause of premature ejaculation. If you are
feeling anxious about anything, even if it is not about the sexual act, you
can have a problem.


Performance Anxiety
Performance anxiety can not only cause you to have a problem getting an
erection, it can also cause you to ejaculate too soon. Talk to your partner
about his or her likes to find out how to please him or her.

10. Stress


Anything that takes your primary focus from sex will ultimately affect
your performance in the bedroom.
11. Anger
Any strong emotions can affect your sexual performance, and anger can
have a surprisingly strong effect. Discussing your anger with the person
you are angry with or with your partner can help with this scenario.
12. With Your Partner
If you are angry with your partner or you have just had a fight with him
or her, you may experience issues with premature ejaculation.
13. With A Coworker
Problems at work or an argument with your boss can cause your mind to
be elsewhere during sex, thus causing early ejaculation.
14. With A Friend/Family Member
Arguments with family members or friends tend to cause stress and this
stress will often interfere with your sex life.
15. Fear
If you are afraid of the consequences of sexual intercourse, you may very
well experience some problems with premature ejaculation.
16. Pregnancy
Getting your partner pregnant or in the cases of some couples, not
getting your partner pregnant can be a cause for premature ejaculation.
Use protection to combat this cause.
17. Getting Caught
If you and your partner have decided to have intercourse in a racy or
"dangerous" place, you may be afraid of getting caught. If you can't
handle the heat, don't have sex in the kitchen!
18. Diseases/STDs
Fear of contracting a disease can be a huge cause for premature
ejaculation. Use a condom to help fix this problem.
19. Shame
Some people, especially people who were raised in very religious families,
may have some shame associated with sex.
20. Religious Guilt
Religious guilt is the most common type of shame. Discuss your feelings
with your religious leader and with your partner.
21. Creams


Desensitizing creams are a little tricky. They go on your penis directly

and are rubbed all over. Be sure to wear a condom or your partner may
end up desensitized, too.
22. Sprays
Desensitizing sprays are the same as creams, except they are a little
easier to apply. Again, use a condom so your partner doesn't have to feel
it, too.
23. Pills
There are tons of different premature ejaculation remedies in pill form out
there. The trick is finding the right one for you.
24. Herbs
Some people like to rely on herbal supplements to cure their premature
ejaculation problems. Keep in mind that these have not been reviewed by
the FDA.
25. Rx
Some doctors will write you a prescription for a drug that can help cure
your premature ejaculation. There are side effects with any drug, so keep
this in mind.
26. Hypnosis
A lot of people rely on hypnosis to help them cure problems that are
mental or emotional in nature. There are videos and CDs of these
processes available almost anywhere.
27. Exercise
Some people find that doing physical exercise helps them to beat their
problems with premature ejaculation. It also helps lower your stress level
which helps, too.
28. Kegel Exercises
Squeezing and releasing your pubococcygeal muscle or PC muscle can
strengthen this muscle and thus give you more control over your
29. Relaxation
Relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, and using aromatherapy oils
and candles can really help you to relax and enjoy intercourse instead of
feeling stressed by it.
30. Therapy
For a lot of emotional problems and mental blocks, many men rely on
professional help from a therapist. Therapy can at the very least help you
to identify your underlying problem.


31. Awareness
Be aware of the sensations in your body during intercourse. Learning to
know your body is the best way to prevent premature ejaculation.
32. Recognizing Your Status
With awareness comes the responsibility to know where your body is at
any given moment during sex. Knowing your status when moving toward
orgasm will assist you in curing your problem.
33. Communication
Communicating with your partner is a great first step in solving your
premature ejaculation problem. Ask your partner to help you cure your
problem. Working together can be erotic and successful.
34. Health Problems
There are a few health problems that could be contributing to your
problems with premature ejaculation. See a doctor if you think you may
have a physical problem.
35. Prostate Problems
A prostate problem or infection can lead to premature ejaculation. Have
your doctor perform a prostate exam to ensure that you are healthy.
36. General Problems
The biggest and most common problem you will face as a result of your
premature ejaculation problem is the lack of sexual fulfillment.
37. Sexual Fulfillment You
You may not feel sexually fulfilled if you experience premature ejaculation
because you are not enjoying the building of your orgasm.
38. Sexual Fulfillment Your Partner
Your partner may not feel sexually satisfied because you are not able to
penetrate long enough to elicit an orgasm.
39. Helping Your Partner
Helping your partner with his problem will not only assist him in curing
the problem but will also let him know you are supportive!
40. STOP!
If you feel you are getting close to orgasm too quickly, stop what you are
doing immediately. This will help prolong your ejaculation.
41. Go SLOWLY!
Start slowly. Continue slowly. As you progress through the sex act, take
things one step at a time. Take time to feel your arousal.
42. Foreplay

The biggest mistake a lot of couples make is skipping foreplay. Foreplay

can help prolong your arousal and can allow you more time in all three
phases of arousal.
43. During Intercourse
During intercourse, enter very slowly but do not start to thrust for a
minute or so. Thrust once, and then stop. Thrust twice, and then stop.
Build up to full thrusting like this.
44. Afterwards
As a partner of someone with premature ejaculation problems, you need
to be reassuring after sex. Even if the technique used that time didn't
work, let him know it's okay.
45. Encouragement
Encourage your partner to continue his efforts to cure his problem with
premature ejaculation.



Why Romance?
Spending time with your partner in a romantic way or setting can invigorate
a relationship and keep the sparks hot as time goes by. Romance is great not
only for new relationships but also for long time relationships.
Most people love to anticipate what is going to happen; they enjoy mystery.
When you have something special planned for him or her, keep it a secret.
Just give him little teasers that you have something in store for him but don't
reveal everything. He will love it. Women, especially, love the thrill of
Back Rubs
A simple back rub can do wonders to bring someone back to life. One of the
keys to good sex is relaxation. Back rubs can help in that area a lot.
Playing relaxing music can often lead to your mate wanting to be more
intimate with you. Music has a way of relaxing a person be they male or
5. Wine and dine
This romantic never gets old wine and dine your partner. Take them out to
eat, drink a little, laugh a lot, and you'll both be ready to come home.
Trying to touch your partner as much as possible will help them start feeling
those romantic feelings. Just brush her arm or shoulder as you walk by.
Whether you rub their feet or their shoulders, a massage is always a
romantic way to say that you care.
Dress up when they're not expecting it
Try to show your partner that you care what they think even if you're been
together for decades. Wear his or her favorite outfit and then whisk them
away for a date.
Kissing Game
Tell your mate that you are going to kiss them 100 times. Kiss them softly,
all over his or her body, paying particular attention to neck and ears and

Be Meaningful

Nothing takes the place of sincerity and meaningfulness. Be playful whenever

you like, but make sure to save some time for gazing into each other's eyes
or for tender touching.
Take a Walk
Another favorite that can be very romantic is to talk a walk together. If you
have a special place, go there. Share your thoughts with each other as you
stroll along and don't be afraid to bring up the subject of sex.



What are threesomes?
Threesomes are sexual encounters where three people take part rather than
the usual two people. In some cases there are two males and one woman, in
other cases there are two women and one male.

Before a threesome
Before a couple embarks on a threesome there are many things that need to
be discussed. Here are a few of the more important ones.
Strengthen or Weaken
Will being in a threesome strengthen or weaken your current relationship?
For some couples, the introduction of a third party can be detrimental to the
relationship and may even end the relationship. For other couples, the
addition of another person may strengthen the relationship. The time to
determine which may happen to your relationship is prior to the threesome.
Deciding on the other party
You need to discuss with your mate if the added person will be male or
female. It is good to discuss why this choice is being made.
Bi-Sexual Tendencies
You should not be ignorant of the fact these arrangements often include
some form of bi-sexual activities. This, too, needs to be discussed prior to
the session.
Healthy Issues
It is vital that all parties agree to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases
and that all parties be free of any disease.
Finding the third person
You and your mate should discuss how you will find the third person. You
may already have someone in mind or you may not. This is an important
decision and it should be discussed in as much detail as possible.
Temporary or Permanent
Some threesomes are more or less one night stands. Other threesomes are
more long term in nature. It is usually a good idea to at least talk about this
beforehand. You may not be able to come to a definitive answer, but the
subject needs to be brought up.
Live In or Out
Some threesomes are more or less family units where they third person
stays in the home. The better approach to this for most couples is that the

third person leaves after the session. It is vital that you and your mate
decide which arrangement is best for you.
Other people
It is imperative that you consider the other people in your life that may be
affected by these arrangements. This might include children, parents,
neighbors, etc.
Emotional vs. Sex
It is often a good idea to discuss what the core reason is for having another
person join the relationship. Is it purely for sexual reasons or is there an
emotional need that someone needs to have filled by another person? These
questions can be difficult to answer or even discuss, but they are important if
you care about maintaining your current relationship later on.
Break Ups
You may discover that your relationship cannot remain intact once another
person has joined you and your mate. Many couples end up splitting over
these encounters. Make sure you and your mate are both comfortable with
this decision.
There is also the possibility that one person will become jealous over
another. This can lead to all kinds of problems. It is good advice to make
clear the rules of the game to all parties concerned before you take the
Other Mates
If the third person is married and his or her mate finds out about the
threesome there can be problems. It is always best to bring in an unmarried
third person.
Periodic Medical Checks
It should be agreed upon at the onset that all parties will have periodic
medical checks for STD's and other health issues. You cannot be too overly
cautious in this area.



Why phone sex?
Phone sex can be incredibly erotic for some couples. Much of that has to do
with the fact that it is a forbidden gesture, something that we are not
supposed to do. There are other reasons people enjoy phone sex as well.
Long distance relationships
For couples who are separated by distance, phone sex may be the only
avenue of intimacy that they have. While love letter and sex letters are great
too, the voice of your partner on the line can make the experience more
personal and enjoyable.
Two is better
Masturbation is fine at times, but sometimes we want to be with someone
else. Being on the phone with your partner is often more satisfying than
being alone for sex.
Wrong number
Make double sure that you are dialing the right phone number. This is
Wrong person
It is always a good idea to make sure that it really is your partner on the
other end of the line. This can be very important if there is any chance of
someone else answering the phone.
Answering Machine
Unless you know that it is perfectly safe to do so, you should not leave erotic
messages on the answering machine. If your partner comes home with
someone and plays it, it may embarrass them to no end.
Time Plan
If you can, try to arrange a certain time for your phone sex. That way no one
will miss the call. It also allows for the other person to ensure privacy if
If money is an issue, plan ahead to have a certain amount of time to talk and
that is it. Your phone bill can become a monster if you are not careful with
Not at work
It is advisable to avoid phone sex when one of you is at work. In this day and
age many companies are monitoring phone calls, regardless of what they
may say. Phone sex is not worth losing your job.

Start slow
For most couples, it is better to spend a few minutes just talking. This allows
each of you to settle in and move toward the sex itself.
Unless. . .
You are planning a surprise type of call, which can be very erotic for some
people. Some people enjoy the idea of "thinking" that they are talking to a
stranger who has called them randomly.
Role Playing
Phone sex is a great way to use role playing characters. You and your
partner may need to discuss this beforehand and set up who is who.
You instruct your partner
In this method, you basically tell your partner what you want he or she to do
to themselves. This may involve touching, positioning, etc.
Partner instructs you
In this model, your partner tells you what he or she wants you to do as they
listen. They can tell you to touch yourself in some fashion or whatever else
they want.
This is when you and your partner share the instructions but it is good to try
not to talk over one another.
You and your partner may want to spend some time writing a script for your
phone sex. This works well if you have a fantasy that you want to act out.
Your script does not have to be word for word. It can contain notes.
Cordless phones
You should know that cordless phones can often be listened to by other
people who are close to the phone base and listening on another phone. Use
a land line whenever possible.
Make sure that you have permission from your partner before you just do a
phone sex call on them. Some partners might be upset if you just spring this
on them.



What are role playing games?
Role playing games, in this case, are adult games in which the man and the
woman each assume the persona of a character. These are popular games
Role Games in General
Role playing games can be very elaborate with costumes and settings or they
can be very simple with nothing more elaborate than the people acting in
Personas are games in which you take on a personality. If you like you can
add costumes to the game to make it more fun, but you do not have to.
Master and Slave
There are many variations of this type of role playing game and this is one of
the most popular. There are entire fetish communities that base their games
on this type of role playing.
Mistress and Slave
This is similar to the above except the male is submissive in this one. Again,
this is one of the more popular games that adults play.
Tutor and Student
In this role playing game, one is the tutor and the other is the student. There
is usually some form of discipline added to the mix to keep things interesting.
Doctor and Patient
This is the old game of "playing doctor" in adult form. This can be a lot of fun
if you have a few medical items available to use. Surprisingly, this is a very
popular game for adults.
Cops and Robbers
One is the cop and the other is the robber. This game can be a lot of fun as a
"crime" is solved and the guilt apprehended.
Setting Games
Setting games may or may not use personas, but the main difference is that
they take place in some place other than the home.
Most role playing games require some kind of planning in advance. The best
way to accomplish this is to sit down with your mate and talk about what


kinds of people or places you would find interesting as a role playing scene.
Make notes of what each suggests and then pick one or two to try first.
While costumes are not mandatory you can find some wonderful costumes at
local costume rental places. Think of your role playing game as a two-person
masquerade party.
You may find it difficult to find books on adult role playing games but you can
certainly find books about themes in general. For example, the American Civil
War offers many possibilities; cowboy and cowgirls might be interesting for
some people. Again, use your imagination.
Online Search
You may have better luck finding details on particular role playing games by
doing an online search. Many fetish type communities have online areas
today and they often discuss role playing games.
Adult videos are also a good way to get some ideas of what role playing
games might interest you and your mate. You can always take the germ of
an idea and then expand on it or customize it to fit your needs.
There are also online groups that host role playing games in some
communities. You may want to look into this for some ideas or to meet other
like minded people.



Food and Sex
Food and sex have long gone together. Some foods have been consider
aphrodisiacs over the centuries, but there has been no real evidence to prove
that food alone produces better sex.
Some foods, like bananas and asparagus were thought to be aphrodisiacs
due to their manly shapes, while other foods such as honey were prescribed
to newlyweds on their honeymoon.
Aphrodisiacs or Good Health
You may notice that many of the foods and herbs that have been called
aphrodisiacs are very healthy fruits, vegetables and nuts. There is the
distinct possibility that the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and anti-oxidants
contained in these aphrodisiacs are the real key to a healthy love life.
Bananas are a great source of potassium as well as other minerals and
vitamins. Bananas also contain an enzyme called bromelain that enhances
male sexual health.
Asparagus contains folic acid, a B vitamin which is important for a healthy
heart and for having healthy babies. This is also an ancient aphrodisiac that
has been used by many different cultures.
Honey is an easy sugar to digest and contains small amounts of vitamins and
minerals that other sugars do not. You can use honey in many ways. Use
your imagination.
Avocados contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytochemicals. In some
cultures, the avocado is considered a love fruit.
Chocolate is a classic aphrodisiac. Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants and
it also contains phenylethylamine, which is like the neurotransmitter that is
stimulated when we fall in love. Chocolate may actually act as an antidepressant and it can be used in so many ways.
Figs contain more minerals than most other fruits plus a good amount of
fiber. The fig is almost legendary as an aphrodisiac.

Almonds are a source of healthy fats and vitamin E. Vitamin E is important
for male sexual health.
Pine Nuts
Pine nuts, like almonds, are a good source of healthy fats and vitamin E.
These can be used in various ways and recipes.
Black Beans
Black beans contain protein, fiber, and folic acid. Black beans also contain
tryptophan, an amino acid that relaxes us.
Oysters have long been considered aphrodisiacs and still are. Oysters contain
zinc, which is important for sexual health.
Strawberries are loaded with vitamin C and anti-oxidants that may reduce
the risk of breast cancer. When dipped in chocolate you have a very sexy



What is dirty talk?
Dirty talk is exactly what it sounds like. It is when one or both people talk
dirty to the other using words that are usually not allowed in polite
Why use dirty talk?
Talking dirty to your mate can be a turn on for some people. It should be
noted that some people, male and female, do not enjoy dirty talk. It is best
to proceed with some caution if you are not sure about your mate.
Nasty words only?
Some people think that dirty talk is restricted to using words like, "fuck,
suck, bitch, and bastard" but that does not have to be the extend of it. You
and your mate can decide what level of "nastiness" is appropriate for you
Using the pen
You can also write down some dirty thoughts and present that to your lover.
The shock may be what he or she needs to get the fires lit again.
Dirty talk on the phone
Be careful about dirty talk on the phone with your partner. You need to know
that the line is secure and that no one else is listening or monitoring your
Dirty talk in bed
This is where most dirty talk takes place. For many couples, dirty talk of
some form is a prelude to sex while others prefer that the words be used
during climax. Again, this is up to the couple.
Taped dirty talk
If your partner has to take a trip, you may want to record him or her some
sexy talk on tape or CD. He or she can take it on the trip and have a
reminder of you while away.
One of the best ways to learn more about your partner's desire for dirty talk
is to sit down and talk about it. This does not have to be a very serious talk;
it can be somewhat playful, but it is a good way to get to the bottom of what
she or he likes and dislikes.
If your partner says something to you that you do not like at all, tell him
about it. Chances are he or she did not realize that it was over the top.

One way to share your desires for dirty talk is to write down the words or
phrases that turn you on and share that with your partner. Ask your mate to
do the same for you. Exchange your notes and then talk about the words the
two of you like.



Lubrication Uses
Lubrication is used for massages and for sexual penetration purposes. It is
very important that you use the right lubrication (lube) for the right purpose.
Types of Lubrication
There are two broad categories of lube: Water-soluble and oil-based. Again,
using the right lube is important to the health of you and your partner.
Oil Based
For purposes of sexual activities you should never use oil based or silicon
based oils or lubricants. These types of oils and lubes do not break down and
they are often the cause of infections. You should avoid using them
Water Soluble
Water soluble oils and lubes will break down within the body and cause no
infection within the body when used properly. They are the oils and lube of
choice for all sexual activities. They come in scented and unscented varieties.
Lubricants for Penetration
It is important that you use lubes when you and your partner are planning
certain sexual activities. Anal sex, fisting, and vaginal sex when the female is
dry are the three most common lube uses.
Oil and Lube Change Up?
Do not mix your oils or lubes when giving a massage. Whatever water-based
oil you begin with is the one you should stay with throughout the entire
Adding More Lube
It is perfectly okay and advisable to add more lubricant to various parts of
the body as you go. If you've been thrusting a lot, the lube can start to
'wear off.'
Heat It Up
Before you apply the lube or oil put some in your hands and then rub your
hands together to warm it up. The friction between your hands is all that is
needed to warm the product to a comfortable level. Try to avoid putting cold
oil on a person's body.
Be Prepared
You will need lots of lubricant for a full body massage. Keep your oil close at
hand and kept either in a dispenser bottle or in a small bowl. A good lube
choice is Astroglide.

Warming It with Water
An easy way to keep your lube warm is to place it in a bowl of warm water
while not in use. Remember, however, that as the water in the bowl cools,
the lube will cool also.
11. Don't use anything with sugar
When you use sugar based products, they can cause a female to get yeast
infections. Avoid them.



What are sex toys?
Sex toys are items that are used to bring about pleasure during sexual
encounters. They can be store bought or they can be handmade at home.
Where to buy them
You can buy sex toys in most sex shops and you can also buy them online.
For health reasons, you should not buy used sex toys.
Gender toys
For the most part, sex toys can be used on either males or females. There
are a few exceptions to this, but not many.
There are dozens of types and shapes of dildos on the market today. Some
of these are battery operated and some of them have no power source at all.
These come in various sizes as well.
Clitoral Stimulators
There are clitoral stimulators on the market today. These are usually smaller
toys that are designed to be used on the clitoris. Most of these are battery
G Spot Stimulators
There are a lot of sex toys that you can buy that are designed for G spot
play. These are designed with a certain shape in mind so as to be effective in
reaching the G spot. Again, these come in various styles and some are
battery operated. These are great for masturbation purposes when the man
is not around. But they work well with couples too.
Vibrating Wands
These are like the above except that they have a power source and will
vibrate when turned on. Many women simply love these things. Couples can
play with these or the woman can use it for solo masturbation. Their shape
and width is usually much smaller than a regular dildo.
Vibrating Eggs
These are usually made of metal and are shaped like eggs. Inside the egg
are various components that will jiggle around when the toy is turned on.
The egg is inserted into the vagina and when the power is turned on the
entire egg will cause sensations. Many women find these particularly

Anal Toys


There are a variety of anal play toys. Butt plugs are a popular toy used by
many people in the fetish world. There are also anal dildos, which are
somewhat smaller and thinner than vaginal dildos. And there are vibrating
toys for anal play as well.
Discipline Toys
There are sex toys designed for discipline as well. Nipple clips, restraints,
cock rings are just a few.
Penis Stimulators
For men there are penis stimulators of various types. Some of these require
the penis to be inserted into a tube of some sort while others are used
externally on the flesh.
Most sex toys require some type of lubrication. If this is the case for your
toys, make sure that you use only water soluble lubes. Oil based lubes and
oils can lead to infections and should be avoided.
Cleaning of sex toys is very important. Use antiseptic soaps whenever
possible and allow your tools to dry completely before use.
Free Toys
There are items found in most homes that can be used as sex toys. Ice cubes
can be used to stimulate nipples and clitoris as well as male shafts. Certain
foods such as cucumbers can be used to tease vaginas. Back massagers can
be used as vibrators. Look around, you might be surprised at how many toys
you already have.
You can order sex toy catalogs from many reliable companies. This is a great
way to spend some time with your mate as you go through the catalog and
pick out those that interest you.



1. What is BDSM?
BDSM is 'bondage, domination, sadism/submission, and masochism.' This
can be a practice that incorporates sex or it can simply be an exchange of
power or pain.
2. How do you get started?
For most people, getting started in BDSM just means that they start trying
out things like handcuffs and silk ties for some bondage scenes, while others
like to try rougher sex and dirty sex talk.
3. Try a blindfold
To get started in BDSM, you might want to have one partner wear a blindfold
during some sexual exchanges. This will allow one person to be in power
and the other person to receive whatever the other person wants to try.
4. Try some spanking
Not limited to the schoolyard anymore, a few firm slaps on your partner's
bottom can be a great way to spice up the bedroom. Try starting with lighter
spanking and then progressing to harder spanking if your partner enjoys it.
5. Get out some ties and rope
If you're interested in the use of bondage, you just need to try it out to see
what works and what doesn't. There are also a lot of instructional books and
classes you can take if you want more experience.
6. Domination and submission
These kinds of power games involve one person giving over control to
another person. Often this is done by having one person in bondage and the
other not, but it can also be a mind control situation in which one person tells
the other what to do.
7. Choose a safe word
Many couples who use BDSM like to incorporate a safe word into their
playtime. This allows both partners to have a chance to stop the things that
are happening if they become uncomfortable or something hurts.
8. Safety comes first
Whether you're tying someone up or spanking them, you need to make sure
you are being safe at all times. If you enjoy pain or your partner does, this
is fine, but you still need to be aware of what the body can handle and what
it can not.
9. Gags


Many people have seen pictures in which one person in a couple is wearing
some sort of gag to bind their mouths. There are dozens of kinds of gags
that you can choose from, or a simply piece of athletic tape or a bandana
works well too.
10.Using rope
You can start trying out bondage ties with rope, but be sure it's not too hard
on the skin. Try looking for rope at a hardware store that's been treated
with a smooth coating. Or you can also try to find thicker rope which tends
to be more forgiving than thinner rope choices.
11. Role playing
When you use role playing in a BDSM scene, it can be easier to 'get into' the
idea of someone being in charge of someone else. Try the doctor and patient
scene or a cop and robber type scenario.
12. Change it up
If one of you is usually submissive (or the one being controlled) and the
other is dominant, try to switch your roles every now and then if you like. It
can help to create a new perspective for both partners.
13. Shop at online stores
To get more ideas of what you can do with BDSM, try shopping or looking at
online BDSM stores with your partner. They can give you a lot of ideas as
well as access to the products you need.
14. No gothic music required.
There is no 'right' way to do BDSM and no wrong way just unsafe ways.
You don't need to be serious during a scene and you certainly don't need to
wear all black or leather if you don't want to.
15. Whips, crops, floggers
If you're looking to change the sensations for your partner, you can try these
other implements to give your hand a break during spanking sessions. Many
of these items can be found online or at your local horse tackle store.
16. Electro-sex
When you're looking to charge up your BDSM play, you can also look into
buying a TENS unit for your bedroom. This is a machine that allows you to
stimulate certain parts of the body with electricity. But make sure you read
the instructions carefully before trying this out.
17. Be creative
If you or your partner like to experiment with pain, be sure to look around
your house for creative ways to spank or hit your partner. A sturdy kitchen
spoon works well as does a clean fly swatter
18. Trust is key

If you don't trust your partner, BDSM can become a scary instead of
exhilarating experience. Make sure that you talk beforehand about what you
want and don't want from the experience to be sure you're both on the same
19. Watch your breath
Some erotica books and sites will talk about breath play for a BDSM scene,
but this should only be attempted if you have a lot of experience and training
in the area. Cutting off oxygen to your partner can be dangerous and even
20. Slave and master?
Many people simply use BDSM in their bedroom, but do not use it outside f
the bedroom. Whether you want to extend your scene to your everyday life,
that's up to you. But many couples do.



Why sex in public?
Many couples find it very exciting to have some form of sex in public places.
The fact that they might get caught is usually the big thrill. For others, it is
the fact that they are doing something forbidden that turns them on.
Use caution
Sex in public might be fun for some couples but it is often illegal as well. If
you get caught, you might be cited or even arrested. Be prepared for that.
No kids allowed
Performing sex in public where children are present is a big no-no. This is the
kind of activity that can have very serious consequences if you are busted.
Your names can appear in newspapers or on the local news. You can literally
go to prison for this.
It is always a good idea to discuss any plans for public sex activities with
your partner. He or she may be completely opposed to the idea and you
must respect his or her wishes.
If you and your mate do wish to have sex in public, sit down and make out
some type of plan. Discuss the places where you think you want to have sex,
discuss whatever items you may need (such as blankets), and discuss what
will happen if you get arrested. It is a good idea to have bail money readily
available for both of you.
Don't be stupid
Let's face it, if you and your mate are humping under a blanket on a crowded
beach, chances are someone is going to be annoyed and called the police.
What you and your mate find exciting others may find disgusting. If you have
sex in public and get caught, don't whine about it. Take your lumps and be
adults about it.
You can have sex in public without actually being a public attraction. There
are many places where you and your mate can enjoy each other while not
being a spectacle to others. Wooded areas, lakeside beaches with private
areas and other areas that offer at least some privacy are ideas that may
work for you.
For many couples, the act of masturbating the other partner is just as
exciting as full blown intercourse. Masturbation is usually much safer as well.

You can masturbate your partner in many places that would otherwise be
impossible to have sex. You will usually need something to cover him or her
as you do this.
Planes, trains, and buses
You can masturbate your partner on several forms of public transportation as
long as you are careful about it. A blanket, towel, or newspaper can be used
to cover the genitalia.
Many couples have masturbated each other while in the car. While this is a
popular way of doing things, it should be done carefully so as to avoid
wrecking the car. The safest way to have sex of any form in a car is to pull
over and park somewhere.



1. Read the book
Finding a book on Kama sutra is probably the easiest way to start adding
these techniques to your bedroom time. You can simply flip to a new page
everyday to see what else you can learn.
2. Where does Kama sutra come from?
Ancient India seems to be responsible for the Kama sutra positions that are
used often today. Intertwined with the practice of working with personal
energy, the Kama sutra is meant to help two people become spiritually as
well as sexually intimate.
3. Diamond position
Have the female get on top of the male like you would normally in a reverse
missionary position, but then have the woman either sit up as straight as
possible on the penis or leaning slightly back. This will stimulate her g spot
as well as give him the feeling of more friction.
4. On the side
Have the woman lie on her side while the male takes her top leg and puts it
on his shoulder, then he can thrust into her from this position while he is
kneeling around her bottom leg.
5. Put her legs in the air
Have the female partner lie on her back, but put her legs together on one of
the man's shoulders. Then he can kneel in front of her as he thrusts into her
from this tight and erotic position
6. Bend over
Have the male stand behind the female and have her bend over as far as she
can go, as though she were going to touch her toes. This creates the perfect
position for deep and intense penetration.
7. Make up your own Kama sutra
The real key to Kama sutra is that you simply try to move each of your
bodies in as many positions as possible. Try bending out or entering from
different angles to see what other new positions you can come up with.
8. Deep breathing goes along with it
When many people are close to orgasm, they can slow their breathing in
order to let the feelings of orgasm wash over them. But if you continue to
breathe deeply at this point, you can cause the orgasm to last longer.
9. Up up and away


Have the female lie on the edge of the bed as the man pulls her legs up to
his hips with his hands as he enters her from behind. The woman should be
facing downward on the bed and holding onto something so that she doesn't
slide off.
10.Clench your muscles
When you're doing any position, clenching your PC muscles (for women) is
the best way to intensify the experience. Simply hold in the muscles that
allow you to urinate as your partner is thrusting. Calling attention to what
you are doing is the ultimate Kama sutra technique.



1. What?
Adding spice to your sexual encounters involves experimentation.
Whether you are a strictly missionary-style couple, or you have done
some kinky stuff, you can find something new to try.
2. Why?
Adding a little spice to your sexual relationship with your partner can
reignite a flame of passion that you may have thought went out long ago.
3. Oral Sex
For those who have never tried it, oral sex can be a huge experimental
step. Using your mouth on your partner's sex organs is intimate and
4. Cunnilingus
Cunnilingus is oral sex performed on a woman. A woman's partner will
lick or gently suck her labia and clitoris to stimulate the woman and make
her climax.

Fellatio is oral sex performed on a man. The man's partner takes the
man's penis in his or her mouth, sliding the penis in and out to elicit and


Masturbation Him
A male partner in the couple can pleasure himself in front of his partner.
This is a private act that, when performed in front of a partner is very


Masturbation Her
A female partner will masturbate the way she does when she is alone
while her partner watches. This is erotic and can be a learning experience
for the partner.


Masturbation Mutual
The two partners lie next to each other and assist each other in
masturbation. Hands or sex toys can be used to do this.


Masturbation Simultaneous
The partners lie next to each other and masturbate at the same time
while watching each other.

10. For The Acrobatic


For those who have moved past the above activities, you can move on to
trying different sexual positions for intercourse.
11. Sexual Positions
Try rear entry positions like "Doggy Style" or "Reverse Cowgirl". Try
having the female partner get on top for "Reverse Missionary", or try a
standing position.
12. For The Kinky
Once you and your partner are more comfortable with experimentation,
you can move on to some other, more taboos activities.
13. Sex Toys
Using sex toys like dildos, vibrators, strap-on dildos, or anal beads can
add an interesting and kinky aspect to sex. Plus, it can help when one
partner has difficulties achieving orgasm.
14. Dirty Talk
During intercourse, graphically describe what you are doing to your
partner or what you want to do to your partner. Ask if he or she likes
what you are doing and what he or she wants.
15. Fisting
Anal and vaginal fisting are very intimate and intense forms of
penetration. Caution should be used since putting your entire hand inside
your partner's vagina or anus can cause physical problems if it is not done
16. Anal Sex Her
Anal penetration is very intense but also very gratifying. The penetrating
partner uses his fingers, penis or a sex toy to penetrate the woman's
17. Anal Sex Him
Anal sex for men can be orgasmic since the prostate gland is stimulated
during penetration. The man can be penetrated with fingers, a sex toy,
or his partner's penis.
18. Phone Sex
Calling your partner just to talk can be even more fun if you talk dirty.
Describe a sexual encounter with your partner on the phone while both of
you masturbate.
19. Porn
Adding porn to your sexual encounter can be a great way to experiment
safely. Find a type of porn you both enjoy and watch before or during
sexual relations.


20. For The Adventurous

The following ways of adding spice to your sexual relationship may be
over-the-top for some people. If you and your partner are very open in
your relationship, try some of the options below.
21. Exhibitionism
There are three basic types of exhibitionists: those who like to be seen
doing sexual things, those who like to be seen with their partners doing
something sexual, and those who like to have sex in public places but do
not wish to get caught.
22. Self-Display
For those who like to be naked in front of other people or who want to be
seen doing sexual things, try leaving your bedroom windows open when
you have sex, or perform oral sex on your partner in a crowded parking
23. Couple-Display
For couples who like to be watched while having sex, try having sex in a
parked car in a busy lot; or try having sex in front of good friends.
24. Public Sex
For those who like the thrill of getting caught without actually being seen,
try a quiet public bathroom or a safe alley next to a bar or restaurant.
25. Voyeurism
If you and your partner like to watch other people have sex, try using
porn during sex. Or, ask good friends to have sex while you and your
partner watch.
26. For The Curious
Some couples have one partner (or both partners) who is curious about
having sex with someone of the same gender. Include this in your sexual
encounters with your partner.
27. Threesomes
Having a threesome is an exciting and erotic way to explore your
sexuality. Find a third party for your tryst and go to it!
28. Man/Man/Woman
Two men and one woman can provide opportunities for male/male
penetration and double penetration of the female.
29. Man/Woman/Woman
Two women and a man in a threesome give the woman an opportunity to
perform sexual acts on another woman. Activities include lesbian sex,
and simultaneous cunnilingus and penetration.


30. Man x 3
For gay men, having three men together can be very erotic and a great
way to experience simultaneous oral sex and anal penetration.
31. Woman x 3
Threesome lesbian sex is a good way for lesbian couples to branch out
and experiment.
32. Four Or More
If you and your partner have already experimented with a third person,
add a fourth or even fifth. Generally, a foursome leads to two sets of
partners that trade off during the sexual encounter.
33. Finding The Third (or fourth)
Find someone who is either a friend of yours and your partners, or find a
stranger to join you. Be sure that you check a stranger's sexual history
before inviting him or her to bed with you.
34. For The Imaginative
For those couples who have a little talent for acting or just have vivid
imaginations, costumes and role playing can be a lot of fun.
35. Role Playing
Role playing involves both partners playing different parts that are not
their normal professional roles. This can lead to taboo actions, such as
sex between a "police officer" and a "criminal".
36. Cops & Robbers
One partner pretends to be a burglar and the other partner catches him
or her in the act. The police officer says he will let the thief go if the thief
performs sexual favors for him.
37. Boss & Employee
The employee approaches the boss for a raise. The boss responds by
saying the employee can get a raise if he has sex with the boss on the
boss's desk.
38. Doctor & Patient
The doctor comes into the patient's room and begins and examination,
gradually becoming more and more sexual and ending in intercourse.
39. Nurse & Patient
The nurse comes in to give the patient a sponge bath. The sponge bath
focuses on the patient's genitals and leads to sex.
40. Strangers
Go to a bar separately from your partner. Try to "pick up" him or her at
the bar as if you were strangers.

41. Costumes
Using costumes for sexual encounters can make role playing more real; it
can also add some simple spice to a regular sexual encounter.
42. Doctor/Nurse
Get a long white lab coat and don't wear anything under it. Or, find a
nurse's uniform with a short skirt and thigh high stockings.
43. Catholic School Girl
Find a short plaid skirt and a button up white oxford shirt. Wear knee
socks and penny loafers. Don't wear panties.
44. Cheerleader
Find a cheerleader's skirt and top. Buy some pompoms and wear athletic
socks and tennis shoes. "Forget" to put on panties and jump around a
45. Professional Athlete
Find a professional football or baseball player's uniform and put it on.
Combine with the cheerleader costume and do some role playing.
46. Swinging
Some couples belong to clubs where the couples in the club swap spouses
to have sex for one night. This can be devastating to your relationship,
so discuss it thoroughly before trying it.



1. Why Kiss?
One of the lost arts of sex is kissing. Once a couple has been together for
a long time, they tend to forget about kissing even though it is an
intimate and erotic act.
2. When To Kiss
You can kiss your lover or spouse anywhere, anytime, as long as it is
tasteful. If you are looking for something a little more erotic, keep it
private for the benefit of others.
3. In The Morning
When you first wake up in the morning, you may be worried about your
breath; but if your partner wants a kiss, lay one on him or her. If you are
concerned about bad breath, do a quick brush first.
4. Before Work
Before you leave for work in the morning, give your partner a kiss to say
goodbye. This not only reassures your partner that you love him or her;
it connects you for the rest of the day.
5. In The Afternoon
Giving your partner a quick kiss during the day can let your partner know
you are always thinking about him or her.
6. After Work
A kiss hello after a long day at work can be a good way to reconnect
before dinner and any other activities that are planned for your evening.
7. In The Bedroom
In the bedroom you can get a little more intimate with your kisses. Since
this is often the only alone time that some couples get, make the most of
8. Who To Kiss
While you can kiss your children, your other family members or even
friends, the kiss you give your partner is more intimate and can reconnect
you after a long day or a fight.
9. Spouse
After you have been married for a while, kissing can fall by the wayside.
Surprise your spouse with a long passionate kiss during a free, more
private moment.
10. Lover

While you and your lover probably have a lot of passion, you may be
forgoing the intimacy of kissing. The next time you get together, start
with some kissing before getting down to business.
11. Significant Other
When you first start dating someone, you probably kiss frequently. Don't
let that fire burn out keep the kissing alive, or rekindle it with a make
out session before sex.
12. Where To Kiss
Kissing doesn't only involve the lips. You can kiss your partner anywhere;
each place you try is more and more enjoyable for both of you!
13. Lip Smacker
A peck on the lips is intimate. But, if you want passion, try a lingering,
open mouth kiss.
14. Cheek Smooch
While cheek kisses may seem impersonal, it is a great way to say thank
you or to get a quick kiss in when the kids are around.
15. Erotic Kisses
Knowing just where to kiss your partner takes a lot of practice, but no
matter if you are a novice or a master, erotic kisses are exciting and
16. Neck
Kiss along your partner's neck from his or her earlobe down to the
shoulder. Then work your way around the front go his or her neck to the
other side and go up to the other earlobe.
17. Shoulders
Once you reach the base of your partner's neck, continue down along his
or her shoulders. Kiss along the collar bone, or across the back of his or
her shoulders from behind.
18. Chest
Kissing a man's chest doesn't need to be gentle. You can kiss hard in
several different spots, or you can cover every inch with little kisses. Use
your tongue, too.
19. Breasts
Kissing a woman's breasts takes patience and delicacy. Little, gentle
kisses are perfect for the breasts. Feel free to use your tongue.
20. Hickeys


Hickeys may sound like something that only high school girls need to
worry about, but even adults get carried away. Before sucking on your
partner's neck, get permission to leave a mark.
21. "Penguin Kisses"
A cute, childish way of kissing that is completely new and different for a
lot of couples is "Penguin kissing", which is when you rub the tips of your
noses together.
22. "Butterfly Kisses"
"Butterfly kisses" are a delicate, childish kiss that can be fun and
flirtatious. Touch your eyelashes to your partner's and blink your eyes
several times.
23. How To Kiss
Knowing how your partner likes to be kissed is something that you will
need to learn on your own through trial and error. But there are some
things that are generally appropriate.
24. Lips
Of course, using your lips is the way you kiss. Press your lips lightly to
your partner's lips. You can add more pressure to the kiss as you get
more comfortable.
25. Open Mouth Kissing
Press your lips to your partner's lips. Open your mouth a little and tilt
your head to the side so that one of your partner's lips naturally slips
between yours, and vice versa.
26. Tongues
Using your tongue in a kiss is often called "French kissing". While your
lips are pressed to your partner's lips, open your mouth and touch your
tongue to your partner's tongue.
27. Deep Tongue Kissing
Once you are comfortable with touching your tongue to your partner's
tongue while kissing, open your mouth wider and gently lick or rub your
partner's tongue with your tongue.
28. Teeth
Try to keep your teeth out of the way when kissing. Accidentally biting
your partner's lip or tongue can be painful.
29. Spit Swapping
When you are kissing with open mouths or French kissing, remember that
you and your partner are exchanging body fluids. Be sure both you and
your partner are healthy as viruses can be passed this way.


30. Making Out

Making out is basically an extended kissing session that involves using
your hands to caress and fondle your partner's body. Even if you are
married, making out can be a fun throw-back to high school.
31. Quickies
If you and your partner don't have a lot of time to be together during the
day, quick little pecks on the lips can be a great way to let each other
know that you love each other.
32. Lipstick
Women wearing lipstick are often concerned about transferring it to their
partner's lips or faces. Try long lasting lipstick, or wear a neutral color.
33. Chapstick
Chapstick and other types of lip balm are a great idea, especially if you
are prone to dry lips. Kissing scratchy lips is never very fun.
34. Lip Gloss
Some women and even some men use lip gloss. Use clear lip gloss if you
don't want color to transfer. Or, try flavored glosses to add a sweet
surprise to your lips.
35. Your Face
Taking care of your face can have more of an effect on your kissing
abilities than you know. Keep your face clean and hair free for your
36. Shaving
Stubble on a man's face is very uncomfortable for most women. The
stubble can rub your partner's face until it is red and almost raw when
kissing lasts a long time.
37. Waxing
Some men and women like to get rid of excess facial hair by waxing their
mustache areas. This is a good option, but remember that the hair has to
grow back before it can be waxed again.
38. Close Your Eyes
When kissing, you may feel the desire to close your eyes. This makes a
kiss more romantic and sensual.
39. Open Your Eyes
Opening your eyes during a kiss, or leaving your eyes open during a kiss
makes the kiss more passionate and erotic.
40. Slobbering


One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is drooling too much during
kissing. Try not to let your mouth get too watery as slobbering on your
partner is rarely a turn on.
41. Licking
Some people like to have their lips licked very lightly while they are
kissing their partners. However, this can be distracting, so ask your
partner before you try it.
42. Sucking
Sucking on your partners lips or tongue during kissing can be erotic, but
some people find it uncomfortable. Ask your partner before trying it.
43. Sucking Lips
If you want to try sucking on your partner's lips, take one of his or her
lips in your mouth and lightly suck on it for just a few seconds.
44. Sucking Tongues
During French kissing, take your partner's tongue in your mouth and suck
gently on it for a second or two.
45. Breath
Bad breath is the scourge of the good kisser. If you are a smoker or if
you have a history of bad breath, brush your teeth and gargle with
mouthwash before kissing.
46. Mints
Breath mints can be a life-saving thing when you have bad breath on a
date. Try to get sugar free mints, since sugar can cause your bad breath
to return as soon as the mint is gone.
47. Gum
Use sugar free gum to combat your bad breath when you are anticipating
a kissing session. Sugar free gum is better for your teeth and better
prevents bad breath returning.
48. Gum The Don'ts
When you are chewing a piece of gum, try not to start kissing while the
gum is still in your mouth. Chances are good that your partner doesn't
want your used gum in his or her mouth.
49. Sprays
Breath sprays can have a great effect on bad breath. Keep a small bottle
in your pocket or purse so you have it handy at all times.
50. Public Displays of Affection
Many people find public make-out sessions to be a little raunchy. Try to
keep passionate kissing out of public view.


1. Pornography
Pornography is filmed sex between two or more actors for the sexual
pleasure of the observer.
2. What?
Pornography is considered taboo or immoral in some places and
sensibilities. In order for you and your partner to enjoy porn together,
you must both agree that it is erotic and not wrong.
3. Types Of Porn
There are many, many different types of porn available. It is important to
understand all of these types in order to find the right type for you and
your partner.
4. Man/Woman
Heterosexual porn involves a man and a woman. This is the most basic
type of pornography. Many different sex acts will occurs in these videos,
including vaginal penetration, oral sex, and, possibly, anal penetration.
5. Gay
Gay porn involves sex between two men. There are many different sex
acts that take place, including anal penetration, masturbation and fellatio.
6. Lesbian
Lesbian pornography is sex between two women. The sex acts included
in these videos range from cunnilingus, penetration with fingers or sex
toys, masturbation and some anal penetration.
7. Groups
Group sex in porn is very common. This can happen in groups of three
people or more. Lesbian and gay porn usually has only women or men,
respectively, but some group porn has a mix of men and women.
8. Specialties
There are a lot of niche porn categories. These are usually very intense:
anal sex, fisting, "cream pies", urination, defecation, double penetration,
stockings, costumes, foot fetishes, and many others.
9. Hardcore
Hardcore porn is porn that has explicit actions and camera shots. This
type of porn is the most popular and well known.
10. Softcore


Softcore porn has softer action like masturbation or stripping. There is

little full nudity and no explicit sex acts are shown closely.
11. Mutual Decision
It is important to decide what kinds of porn you and your partner both
enjoy. This will ensure that you both enjoy the video.
12. Who?
Anyone 18 years old or over can rent or purchase porn. Anyone who
finds porn arousing and has a partner who feels the same can enjoy using
porn in their sex life.
13. You
If you do not find porn arousing, or if you feel that porn is immoral or
degrading, you should not attempt to use it in your sexual encounters.
Explain your feelings to your partner.
14. Your Partner
If your partner does not find porn arousing or exciting, do not try to force
him or her into using it in your sexual encounters. Always respect your
partner's choices.
15. Where?
There are several places where you can find porn. You can purchase it in
a store, or find it on cable TV or on the internet.
16. Adult Book Stores
Adult book stores sell and sometimes rent porn. Finding the best video
for you and your partner may take some time, so do a thorough search of
the store.
17. Rental
Some adult book stores rent porn; but your best bet is to find a video
rental place that rents porn. You can call and ask, or you can just go to
the store. Porn videos are usually in a walled off place in the back of the
18. Purchase
Purchasing a porn video is a good idea if you have already found and
watched one that excited you and your partner. They can be expensive,
so be careful when buying one you have never seen.
19. Online
Looking online for porn is a great way to find it if you are embarrassed
about purchasing it or renting it from a store.
20. Finding Porn Online


Do some research for porn you both like before the moment comes.
Knowing what sites have the appropriate content saves you from
spending too much time hunting.
21. Free
Do an internet search for "free porn". Modify this with whatever type of
porn you want; for example, "free gay porn".
22. Subscription
Most internet porn sites require that you subscribe to the site to access
their materials. Look at porn site reviews to determine if the site is worth
your time and money.
23. When?
You can use porn in your sexual encounters whenever you want. It can
be used as an added bit of spice, or it can be used regularly.
24. Special Occasions
Birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries are great times to try something
new in the bedroom, and that includes trying porn!
25. Just For The Hell Of It
If you and your partner have already decided to try porn, surprise him or
her with a porn video any time you want.
26. Every Day
Some people like to use porn regularly to spice up their sex lives and to
add to the eroticism of the moment. However, try not to let porn be a
27. When The Kids Aren't Home
You should probably not use porn in your sexual encounters when your
children are at home. The noise and the arousal factor could be
28. Why?
Using porn can really add a much needed boost to your sexual encounters
when you and your partner have been together for a long time. Or it can
be an experiment for newer couples.
29. Fantasies
Some people fantasize about having sex while other people are in the
room. This allows that to happen but in a situation that can be stopped if
a problem arises.
30. Arousal
It can be incredibly arousing to watch someone else have sex. This in
and of itself is a main reason why many couples like to use porn.

31. Education
If you and your partner are interested in learning new techniques, porn
can be a great tutor.
32. Experimentation
Experimentation in your sexual encounters with your partner can be
overwhelming. Porn allows you to experiment in a controlled
33. How?
The hardest part for most couples is actually using the porn. The best
way to do this is to have an open line of communication.
34. Introducing The Topic
Begin by introducing your partner to the idea of using porn in your sexual
encounters. Explain your reasons and tell him or her how exciting you
think it would be.
35. Discussion
Be prepared for a serious discussion with your partner about why you
want to add porn and how you want to incorporate it.
Listen to your partner's opinions and concerns.
36. Opposition
You partner might be very upset or hurt by your suggestion. Listen to
what he or she has to say and address his or her concerns.
37. Respect
Above all, respect your partner's final decision. If your partner doesn't
want to use porn, do not force it on him or her.
38. Continuing Dialogue
If your partner is unsure about adding porn to your sexual encounters,
keep the dialogue open for future discussions. Approach your partner
again in a few weeks.
39. Watching
Watching porn together can be a very exciting thing even if you are not
having sex. It can be a form of foreplay!
40. Listening
Listening to porn during foreplay can be very arousing. Hearing someone
else's ecstasy could launch your own.
41. Service With A Smile


Let your partner watch the porn while you perform oral sex on him or her.
This can be very erotic, especially if the act on the screen is the act being
42. Watching While Doing
Both you and your partner can watch the porn while you are having sex.
Try to imitate the actions on the screens. See how long you can last
while watching the porn.
43. Listening While Doing
Just having the porn on the TV while you are having sex is stimulating,
even if you can't see the screen all the time.
44. Watching Then Doing
Watch the porn together while touching and fondling each other. Once
the porn is over, ravage each other!
45. Internet Porn Separately
If you have more than one computer, each of you go to your own
computer and watch porn online. Then meet up and have sex.
46. Internet Porn Together
Watching internet porn together is very exciting because you can select
scenes and movies together and sit close to each other while you are
47. Problems
Sometimes problems can arise from adding porn to your sexual
encounters. These problems can generally be addressed quickly.
48. Changing Your Mind
If once you start the porn you realize that it is too uncomfortable for you,
explain your feelings to your partner and turn the porn off right away.
49. Changing His/Her Mind
Your partner may change his or her mind after the porn has already
started. Allow your partner to turn off the porn and then ask what was
bothering him or her.
50. Distraction
Sometimes porn can be too distracting for the couple. If this happens,
watch the porn first and then have sex.



1. Sandalwood
Known for its musky aroma, sandalwood is an aphrodisiac from India that's
great as incense, cologne, an essential oil, or a candle. Remember that a
little goes a long way though, so don't add too many sandalwood sources to
your home.
2. Musk
Perhaps it's something from our primal days, but musky scents instantly turn
on both men and women. You can find these kinds of fragrances in your
local retailers or in soaps and washes.
3. Plain soap
If you don't want to spend any money on a high priced fragrance, you might
want to try good old plain soap. This clean smell is certain to make your
temperature rise between the sheets.
4. Cookies
Studies have continued to show that men are more turned on by the smell of
cookies than by anything else. In fact, many fragrance sellers are making
products with this very scent. Or you can always bake some cookies to turn
your partner on. The scent lingers in the house for hours.
5. Coconut
If the thought of a beach turns you on, why not try a little coconut body oil
or lotion to help take you away. Try using coconut bath gel in a shower for
two to make your island fantasies come true.
6. Vanilla
Men also seem to be turned on by the innocent scent of vanilla on their
partner. By wearing just a spritz of the scent behind your ears, ladies, you
will have him coming after you the second you walk in the door.
7. Patchouli
A stronger scent, patchouli is highly erotic when used in massage oils and
releases a strong scent that fills the nose as well as the mind. You can find
patchouli often mixed with other scents as well or you can mix it with your
favorite fragrances for a unique blend.
8. Ylang ylang
Like patchouli, ylang ylang is very powerful by itself, but when mixed with
sandalwood or vanilla, it's very sensual on the skin or in the air. Try giving
your partner a foot rub with this hot fragrance.


9. Jasmine
When you want something simpler, jasmine is an easy scent that smells good
on most people and is liked by most people. Try a jasmine scented candle in
your bedroom or perhaps in the bathroom next to a bubble bath or whirlpool
10. Rose
There's a reason why roses are so popular their scent. When you fill a
room with rose petals, you will make a hot setting for you and your partner,
without having to put forth a lot of effort.
11. On the skin
Fragrances can be put on your skin to intensify their effect. The hotter you
get, the more fragrance will be released into the air. Start with smaller
doses of fragrance first on the hot points of your skin neck, wrists, between
breasts, and ankles.
12. On your clothes
To start intoxicating your partner before you hit the bedroom, try spraying
some fragrance into the air and then walk through the spray. The scent will
stay on your clothes and linger whenever you are in the room or as you leave
the room.
13. Choosing the right candles
There are hundreds of choices in fragrant candles, so how do you choose just
one? Start by smelling the candle when you're in the store and if you like it,
buy a small version of it. Try it at home to see just how strong and erotic
the scent is. Happy with it? Buy the bigger sizes in bulk.
14. Incense bliss
You don't have to be a hippie to enjoy incense. Try a few sticks of scents
that sound good to you, then light them and blow out the flame to release
the scent into the air. You will need to be careful with these if your partner is
sensitive to smells. They can be quite strong. It can help to light a stick of
incense in the room for a few minutes and then remove it.
15. Cedarwood
A very masculine scent to try in your home is cedarwood. It's earthy and
natural rugged smell is a great turn on for women that like the outdoors and
their men rough and tough.
16. Sage
Sage fragrances can be a bit strong for some people, but when mixed with
lighter scents, they can be quite arousing. Simply light a leaf of sage and
then blow it out, trailing the scent around the room. It will linger for a long
time, so you can do this well before your partner is around.
17. Check your scent

A lot of people don't realize that everyone has a different body chemistry,
thus they will react to certain fragrances differently, causing them to smell
different when put on their skin. When you're trying a new cologne or
perfume, place it on your wrist and then walk around for a few hours. Smell
your wrist again to see if you still like the smell.
18. Lilac
Flowers tend to be popular fragrances because of their simplicity. Try adding
a little lilac essential oil to a bottle of unfragranced lotion a great body rub
lotion for your partner.
19. Lily of the Valley
If you're looking to have simple scents in your bedroom at all times, think
about growing lily of the valley outside of your bedroom window. The light
clean scent will come through the window with the morning breeze, causing
an erotic scent to wash over you as you sleep.
20. Sweat
Most of us wouldn't think of sweat as erotic, but it is. Women are attracted
to men that are musky smelling after they work out they just can't help it.
But that doesn't mean that men should stop showering either. Just try to
grab your partner when you're a little sweaty to see how she responds.
21. Deodorant
Most of us use deodorant to mask odors instead of to create them. But there
are many deodorants these days that have certain cologne and perfume
scents added. This will help increase your personal fragrance.
22. Layering scents
When you use cologne, deodorant, and aftershave that all contains that same
fragrance, you are layering fragrances. This allows your body to always have
some source of your liked fragrance in order to heat up with your body
temperature and be released into the air.
23. In your bedroom
Make sure that your bedroom always smells perfect for sex by using linen
spray when you make the bed. These light fragrances will make your bed
feel fresh and new every time you jump into it.
24. Not too much
But there is such a thing as going overboard with cologne or perfume. If
you're afraid that you may have overdone it, try using rubbing alcohol on the
places where you sprayed the scent on your body. This will help to reduce
the overall fragrance.
25. Drawer sachets
If you just want to add a little fragrance to your intimate things, you can
place a small bag of herbs or dried flowers into your dresser. It will gently

infuse your clothing with scent, rather than being too overpowering like some
detergents can be.



1. Don't forget your suit.
A sexy bathing suit can be the next best thing to being naked for your
partner in public. For women, find something that's flattering for your body
and men, try to find something that's revealing and comfortable at the same
2. New lingerie saves the day
There's nothing like some saucy lingerie to spice up the sex life. By adding a
new piece every now and then, modeling it for your partner, you will make
sure that sex is always on his mind.
3. Pick your partner's outfit
If you're interested in spicing up a date or a weekend, try buying each other
outfits that you want each other to wear. Not only will you get some insight
into your partner's tastes, but you'll also get to fulfill their fantasy of you.
4. Dress up for no good reason at all
You don't need a reason to look good for your partner and whenever you do,
it shows that you care about them and what they think. Try dressing up as
though you're going out for dinner, even if you're just sitting at home
watching movies. It's guaranteed to get their attention.
5. Tight can be good
Instead of worrying about what your body looks like, why not embrace the
body you have by wearing tighter clothes? This shows your partner that
you're comfortable with your body, which is a strong indicator that you're
ready for sex too. Try a tight top or a tight pair of jeans.
6. High heels always make an impact
When you wear high heels, it causes your legs to look longer and leaner,
which is a turn on for most any man. By stepping out in some high heels
every now and then, you will get your partner's complete and undivided
7. Show me some skin
Try showing a little more skin than you're used to when you want to seduce
your partner. This might mean wearing a shirt that's unbuttoned a little
further than you would normally have it. Or you might wear a skirt that's a
little shorter.
8. Try a little leather
The raw smell of leather is hard to resist and almost guaranteed to be sexy.
Try wearing a little leather for your partner, whether it's pants, a vest, or
even chaps. The smell alone can turn on some folks.

9. Why not try a costume?

With a costume, you can be someone else for a day and that might just be
the perfect remedy for your sex life. Try dressing up for role playing or ask
your partner what they might like to see you wear. Head to the costume
shop together to pick out some sexy attire.
10. Ditch the sweatpants
While your life may be busy, if you want it to be sexy, you need to step away
from the sweatpants and other loose clothing in your life. Try showing off
your body for your partner, even if it's just in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
By getting rid of the 'easy' clothes, you'll turn them on more often than not.
11. Clean your clothes
This should be a no brainer, but when you're trying to seduce your partner,
it's time to make sure your clothes are clean and fresh. If you've just
worked out, change into something else. If you've been in a smoky bar,
change into something else.
12. Get out the iron
Now, you don't have to iron everything in order to increase your sex appeal,
but it does show that you care about how you look to your partner. Try
ironing your dress shirts and your regular shirts in order to show just how
sexy you can look when you're all cleaned up.
13. The details do matter
Even if it doesn't seem like a big deal, the details of your outfit will matter to
your partner. This means you should make sure your buttons are lined up,
your outfit matches and your tie is straight. Take time to look at yourself
before you walk out the door.
14. Feel good fabrics
Dressing for sex means finding fabrics that feel good when you touch them.
Things like cotton, velvet, and cashmere are all wonderful on the body and
will make your partner want to touch you more. Try feeling various fabrics
before you buy them.
15. Try on the clothes you buy
There's nothing like getting home and realizing that nothing you own fits you
the way you want it to. To make sure you're showing off your sexy side at
all times, you need to make sure you're trying on the clothes you are buying
before they come home with you.
16. Add sexy touches to your outfit
Even the most boring of outfits can be made sexier. If you're wearing a
business suit, you can add a lacy camisole underneath it, for example. Or
you can wear stockings with lines down the back. Men can wear shirts that
are just a little tighter under their sports jackets.

17. Nice shoes really matter

Sexy needs to be a head to toe endeavor. So, get rid of the flip flops and the
tired old work boots when you're with your partner and slip into something a
bit more refined and sexy.
18. A v-neck answer
Whether you're a man or a woman, a v-neck shirt is a great way to draw
attention to your face and to your chest. And that's just sexy. V-necks
create a line from the 'v' to the neck and face, often highlighting delicate
features at the same time.
19. Accessorize
Whether you add a nice tie, some cufflinks or a pair of earrings, you need to
accessorize your outfit to really 'sex' it up. Try wearing delicate pieces of
jewelry or a nice watch. These items will make you look pulled together and
often richer than you may actually be.
20. Guys can have hot drawers too
While most of the attention for sexy underwear is given to women's lingerie,
guys can have just as much fun with their briefs and boxers as well. Try
wearing a tighter boxer brief or even something more risqu like a g-string
or a thong.
21. Look at yourself
You aren't vain if you take some time to look at yourself in the mirror.
Before you head out on that hot date, look at your outfit and your face to see
if you look the way you want to look. If not, change.
22. Try a new trend, but not every one
It's easy to get caught up in the idea that you need to try every trend in
order to be 'cool' for your partner. But that can just look overdone. Try one
trend at a time to see what your partner says and if they respond positively,
you'll know what to buy the next time.
23. Pay attention
Some people complain that they just don't know what to wear to impress
their partner or significant other. But if you simply stop to listen to what your
friends and family have told you in the past, you'll find out what looks good
on you. Hear a compliment? Pay attention to what they say.
24. Try going commando
Just once, try going without underwear when you're out on a hot date. Even
if you don't tell them what you've done, you will feel sexier and it will show.
Of course, then you can tell them.
25. Play up your best assets


We're not all going to look like supermodels or celebrities, so it's up to you to
find out which assets are your best ones and play them up. Maybe it's your
chest or your butt, maybe it's your hair or your neck whatever it is, find
your best feature and make sure to show it off.
26. Talk to a trusted friend
If you really have no idea what you should wear to be sexy for your partner,
talk to a friend that you trust. They will be able to help you find sexy outfits
to wear and they'll be honest about what you shouldnt ever wear too.



1. Being safe
Sex in the car should be limited to foreplay only when the car is actually
moving. Anything else is a bit too risky and might get you in trouble with
your local police officer.
2. When a man is driving
Try stoking the penis through his pants as he is driving down the road. Rub
up and down the insides of his legs to get him aroused and ready to pull
3. When a woman is driving
Try rubbing her crotch area. If she's wearing a skirt, that's easier for access,
so if you're thinking about getting frisky in the car, ask her to wear a skirt for
4. Going down
Men and women can both be pleasured while they are driving, though it
should be limited to quiet stretches of road if at all possible. Try going down
on your partner when they're driving at night to really end the night on a
high note.
5. How to park with your partner
If you ever parked in high school, it's time to try parking again to rev up your
sex life. Try parking at the back of a deserted neighborhood or somewhere
out in the country to be completely alone. Lock all the doors and start
making out like you used to do.
6. You need more room
When you're having sex in the car, you're going to need more room if you
want to be comfortable. Try pushing the seats down as far as you can to
create a sort of bench for your sexual fun. You might also want to forgo the
backseat as it's usually too cramped.
7. Try the front seat thrust
One position for having sex in the car is to have the man sit in the seat while
the woman sits on top of him, facing him. This will help the both of get a lot
of face to face time as well as thrusting action.
8. Take sex outside of the car
Instead of just having sex in the car, you can look at the hood as a great
place to have some fun. Try leaning your partner against the front hood for
either doggy style or missionary sex on wheels.
9. Put her legs in the air

You can also lay your partner on the car and then take her legs and put them
on your shoulders for maximum penetration. This on the car position is hot
and can even be done in your garage if you want.
10.Strong enough?
Try putting your partner stomach down on the front of the car and then enter
her from behind. She will need to hold onto something, but you will grab her
legs to make sure she's supported.
11.69 miles per hour
If you can slide into the backseat, why not try some 69 action? With either
you or your partner on their backs, try some oral sex fun in the backseat.
This is much easier to do in the car than any other sexual act.
12.Sit on my lap
You can also have your partner sit on your lap as you're sitting in a front or
back seat. She can bounce up and down on you as you're in a parked
position. Never try this when driving.
13.Surprise your partner
If you're looking to shock your partner and make them see your naughty
side, why not leave a vibrator in the glove compartment? When they're least
expecting it, you can pull it out and start pleasuring them as they're driving
or sitting next to you. The only trick with this is that you need to hide it well
so that no one finds it.
14.Pull over now
When you're both feeling aroused, why not simply pull over to the side of the
road and have some sex? The more deserted the road, the better. Just pull
over, do your thing and then keep driving.
15.Bring a blanket
Because your car probably isn't as clean as you'd like it to be, surprise your
partner by bringing a blanket for comfort and privacy. You can throw it on
the seats or the floor mats so that you're not grinding in any dirt or gravel
into each other.
16.Doggy in the window
You can do doggy style sex in the car if you get into the backseat. Just have
your female partner get on her hands and knees in the back and then enter
her from behind. You can also try this position from the front seat.
17.Go to a rest stop
Park far away from anyone else in your local rest stop at night and have sex.
It's hot and there's always the chance that you'll get caught, so it's exciting.
But in the dark of night, you get a little privacy.
18.Don't take your clothes off

If you want to maintain some modesty, try having sex in your car with all
your clothes on, except for your pants. Women, wear a skirt without panties
and men just unzip your pants. This will be hot and steamy before you know
19.Role playing trouble
You can really spice up car sex by playing 'cop' and 'bad guy.' Have one
person masturbate or do something else that's naughty. And the other
person will 'arrest' the person and tell them they can get out of the ticket if
they just have sex with them.
20.Play with yourself
If you're headed out on a long road trip, you might want to be the saucy
partner and start masturbating when your partner is driving. While you don't
want to distract them too much, it's certainly a great way to get them to pull
over on the side of the road.
21.Play sex games
Tell each other that you will do various sexual things at certain points of your
road trip. For example, when you get off at an exit, you have to get off too.
If you come to a certain city, you have to 'cum' too.
22.Make everything dirty
To heighten the car trip, you might want to find everything dirty about
everything you do in the car. Talk about your partner's stick shift or her
headlights. Try to be as sexy as you can, it will make you all the more
hungry for a side trip.
23.Where are we going?
If you want to make the trip more interesting, you can try blindfolding your
partner (the one that's not driving, of course) to make them unaware of
where you are going. Touch them and fondle them to really make them
aroused. Because they won't be able to see who sees them, it's all the more
24.Take a piece of clothing off
You can take one piece of your partner's clothing off as you are driving to
start making them aroused. For women, you might want to have her lift up
her shirt as you're driving and men can slide down their pants. This is best
done on the person that's not driving.
25.Keep it slow
When you're going for sex in your car, you need to slowly build things up,
especially when you're on a long trip. Slowly rub your partner until they
start to quicken their breathing and then stop for a while. This will make
them aroused more and more with every passing mile.
26.Take sexy pictures

Bring a Polaroid camera or a disposable camera with you when you're

driving. Whenever you stop for some sexual fun, try taking pictures to make
you more turned on. Polaroids are best, but developing the pictures later is
hot too.
27.Lock the doors
While it seems like common sense, many people don't lock the doors and end
up getting a rude interruption. Before you start going at it, make sure you're
all locked up and in a secluded area.
28.Listen to bass filled music at a high volume
When bass of some music tracks thumps, it can cause your whole car to
vibrate. As you're driving along, this is not only going to get you in the
mood, but if you start rubbing your partner at the same pace, that's going to
get you both aroused very quickly.
29.Bend over the seat
Guys, have your partner lean on the front passenger seat with the seat down
as far as possible. From this position, you can enter her from behind and get
the maximum friction on her g-spot.
30.Rent a car to do it in
If you're feeling particularly feisty, why not rent a limo or an SUV to have
some fun in? If you have a smaller car at home, renting a larger car for a
road trip is not only practical, but also a great way to have some feisty sex.
Try something that has an ample backseat and lay down a blanket.
31.Want to ramp up the excitement?
If you're more of an adventurous couple, you might want to try sex in your
car when it's light out. You should just head to a deserted beach parking lot
or a shopping center parking lot far from the cameras and the other cars.
There's always the chance that you'll get caught, but that's kind of the point,
32. Turn off the car's engine
If you're having sex in the car, you need to make sure it's turned off if you're
going to be inside for a long time. Carbon monoxide can build up in the car
and cause you to pass out or have other serious consequences. You don't
want to ruin your night with a hospital trip.
33.Tie your partner down
To be slight voyeuristic without being too obvious, tie your partner's hands
together when they're sitting in the passenger seat. They will be seen by
everyone around them and you can touch them to get them even more
34.Put up some curtains


In some states, having sex in your car is illegal, so try to put something up in
the windows that will block you from the world. Even just putting your
clothes in the windows and rolling them up is better than nothing.
35.Get on top
If you can be in a private place, why not have sex on top of your car? You
can do it in any position and even look up at the stars if you're out in the
middle of nowhere.



1. Surprise each other
What's better than going on vacation? Going on vacation and not knowing
that you are. Try surprising your partner with a romantic getaway for two.
Plan everything without their knowing.
2. Blindfold your partner
As you are driving to this romantic getaway, make sure you blindfold your
partner to make it all the more exciting. This way, they won't have any way
to find out where you're going and where they're going to end up.
3. Pack everything ahead of time
To ensure the surprise stays a surprise, be sure to pack all the clothes for
your partner ahead of time as well as anything else they might need along
the way. That way, you can just get in the car and drive.
4. Do it once a year
That is, go on vacation once a year. Every couple needs to get away from it
all from time to time. Make sure you're getting away at least once a year on
some surprise sexy trip.
5. Short is fine too
A romantic vacation doesn't have to be weeks long in order to be fun. Just a
few days away from the world is enough to recharge your sexual batteries
and have some fun with your partner. Try leaving on a Friday afternoon and
coming back on Sunday afternoon.
6. Have treats waiting in the room
When you arrive at your romantic getaway, make sure you send ahead all
the goodies you might want for the trip foods, wines, etc. Have these left
in your room so there's no reason for the two of you to leave.
7. Try a bed and breakfast
If you like charming, quiet, and quaint, a bed and breakfast can be the
perfect romantic and sexy setting for you. These small lodges will give you a
lot of privacy, but also a comfortable room that feels more like home than a
cheap motel.
8. Throw some flowers on the bed
Even though it seems clichd, spreading flowers all over the bed is certain to
turn on your partner. If you can't do it yourself, have the hotel take care of
this before you arrive.
9. Drape a scarf over the lights


Since most hotels don't have a dimmer switch in their rooms, you will want
to drape a few light scarves over the lights to create a sultry mood. This
darker room is perfect for a sexy adventure.
10. Bring some sexy music
If you want to drown out any noises you might make or just simply enhance
the sexy mood, try bringing your own sexy music with you. This will help
you and your partner forget about the rest of the world and focus on each
11. Spray cologne or perfume on the light bulbs
By just adding a short spray of your partner's favorite cologne or perfume
onto the lights in your hotel room, you will fill the room with a warm, sexy
scent. Be sure to use as little as possible or else you may also overwhelm
the room.
12. Sexy outfits are a must
Since you're getting away from the ordinary, why not bring sexier outfits that
you would never wear at home? Try bringing something that's a little
dressier, shows a little more skin, or is a bit tighter.
13. Alcohol anyone?
Since alcohol can be expensive when you head out of town, try bringing your
own wine and other spirits with you. Along with a set of glasses, you can
toast to each other in the comfort and privacy of your own room.
14. Bubble bath bliss
Feeling relaxed is the name of the game when it comes to a sexy vacation.
Try soaking with your partner in the bath tub with or without bubbles. You
can also find many hotel rooms that come with their own whirlpool spas, so
be sure to ask for that upgrade. It's worth it.
15. Massage oil anyone?
Bringing along your favorite bottle of massage oil will open you both up to
fun and exciting times on your sexy vacation. Try using oils with sandalwood
or musk in them.
16. Turn off the alarm clock
Many people don't realize this, but there's nothing more aggravating than
hearing the alarm clock go off in the middle of your sexy vacation. When
you get to your room, make sure you turn the alarm clock off.
17. Breakfast in bed
Call ahead to see if the hotel has room service and then order breakfast in
bed for each morning you wake up. By calling ahead, it's like a surprise for
your partner and a reason to not get out of bed just yet.
18. Room service


If the hotel has room service, make sure to use it. Sure, it's expensive, but
if you don't want to change into clothes or you want to stay in your room
until the last possible moment, it's worth every penny.
19. Ask for a quiet room
When you want to escape away with your partner, you will want to have the
most privacy you can, right? When checking in, talk with the desk clerk
about getting a room far away from other rooms if you can. In most cases,
they will be more than willing to accommodate.
20. Jacuzzi
If the hotel offers you a Jacuzzi in the room, take it. There's nothing sexier
than sitting in a hot tub that's jetting water along your muscles. Even if
there aren't hot tubs advertised, it never hurts to ask.
21. Scented candles fill the air
Bringing lightly scented candles into your room can further enhance the sexy
mood you're trying to create. Everyone looks good in candlelight and they
will help to envelop the senses. Just make sure you've tried the candles
before you head on your trip to make sure they're not too overpowering.
22. Sunrise
Heading outside before the rest of the world wakes up is a great way to start
your vacation day. Hold your partner as you watch the sun rise from a
remote location and then go back to the room to warm each other up.
23. Sunset
Walking as the sun goes down is a great way to wind down from a day of
vacationing and get you both in the mood for some late night fun. The
darker it gets, the more touchy-feely you can get with your partner as well.
24. Try a new activity
And we don't just mean sex. When you're off on a vacation with your
partner, try to do something new together. It will bring you closer and help
you both to be more in the mood later in the day.
25. Take turns planning your trips
Though it's fun to be the one surprised, it's also fun to be the one doing the
surprising. Try to take turns planning your romantic getaways so that you're
both pleasantly surprised and aroused.
26. Try romantic cities
Paris isn't just called the City of Love and romance for nothing. When you're
planning your sexy vacation, why not try out some of the romantic hotspots
around the world? Why not try to find out what the fuss is about?
27. Find a room with late check out


Because you'll want to make your romantic vacation last as long as possible
and you don't want to be rushing around to get things ready to leave, find a
hotel with a late checkout time. This will ensure that you're not rushing
aroundjust yet.
28. Room with a view
There's nothing sexier than being able to see a beautiful skyline or a nature
setting from your window. Talk to the hotel desk to see if there are any
picturesque views available. It might cost more, but it will certainly be worth
the extra payment.
29. Find out about sexy restaurants
Being as prepared as you can be is a great way to ensure your vacation stays
sexy. Call ahead to find out where the most romantic restaurants are - and
whether they have private table areas for some private fun.
30. Only do one thing
When you're on vacation, you shouldn't feel like you need to be doing a lot in
order to get the most out of your time. You're supposed to be relaxing and
having fun, remember? Instead, promise each other that you'll only plan one
thing each day that you HAVE to do.
31. Try a tropical setting
Heading to a beachside resort can be the perfect setting for romantic
success. There's nothing like sunning during the day and rubbing lotion on
each other at night.
32. Try something colder
But if you're more interested in snow covered mountains and cozy lodges, try
something that's tucked away in the mountains for your romantic getaway.
You're certain to find a lot of ways to stay warm.
33. Avoid high crowd times
While it might not seem like a big deal, avoiding Spring Break and other high
crowd times is going to help you keep your romantic mood. Instead of
listening to wild parties, you'll be able to relax and pay attention to each
34. Check their availability
But a surprise vacation can only go so far. You will want to check your
partner's availability first before you commit to a vacation. You don't want to
overstep any of their important meetings or assignments. Talk with their
work friends to see what you can schedule.
35. Gifts are always good
No matter what your partner tells you, a small gift is always great for getting
them in the romantic mood. And the more sexually flavored it is, the more
sexy the mood.


36. Relax
Even though you might go into the vacation with the best of intentions, that
still means that you need to relax and have fun along the way. Take some
time to relax when you're on this romantic getaway. Don't try to do a lot or
achieve a lot. Just be with each other.
37. Pamper your partner
While some guys might scoff at spa treatments, once they try a deep tissue
massage or a mud bath, they can be hooked. Why not try a few treatments
together as a couple? You will be able to enjoy each other's company and
then show off your polished bodies to each other later.
38. Take the train
A very romantic and sexy setting for a vacation is on a train. You don't need
to worry about anything but watching the scenery go by. Reserve a sleeper
car and you'll have complete privacy for your trip.
39. Find a secluded shower
In some tropical resorts, you can get a hotel room with an outdoor shower in
the back. This is a great place to have a little sexy fun with your partner.
Plus there's nothing sexier than feeling like you're bathing in the open air.
40. Be a tourist
There's nothing more of a turn on than learning about a new place. By
simply taking the time to walk around your new location, you will begin to
feel excited while also becoming more excited about each other.