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PrologueMy name is not John, but for the sake of sharing this very personal tale

it is my moniker of choice. I have been a fan of literotica for some time now,
and particularly the mother-son stories, probably because of my own experiences
you are soon to read. I have felt compelled to share my experience with others w
ho would understand, but have always feared persecution. Literotica has now prov
ided me a forum in which anonymity is assured. I realize that a lot of other aut
hors who post here are probably writing fiction portrayed as fact, but that does
n't bother me. The fact that people are reading it tells me that I am not the on
ly one who feels these desires that some may consider perverse. Also, some of th
ese stories must be true. Mine is. What follows is my attempt to relieve the wei
ght of what I have kept to myself... until now.I had a very normal upbringing, a
nd felt loved by both of my parents. The only thing that was slightly atypical t
o me was how much younger both of my parents were compared to my freinds' parent
s. Mom (Claire) got pregnant with me when she was 17 and dad (Dan) was 19. I was
an accident, (or a "surprise" as my mom phrased it) but my parents were very re
sponsible and competent. Dad was always very handy and started an auto-shop with
the help of his parents. It flourished in an underserviced market with unmet de
mand, under dad's expert ability. He worked a lot while mom's primary job was to
take care of the baby, me.I should amend my previous statement. I had a very no
rmal upbringing and felt loved by both of my parents, until the age of 9. That's
when dad passed. He died very suddenly. He was side-swiped on an icy road by a
pickup truck that was going a little bit faster than it should have been in thos
e conditions. The car he was driving spun and rolled down a hill into a shallow
river. The coroner said that dad was unconscious from his head hitting the airba
g before he drowned. He felt no pain. The man who side swiped him called for an
ambulance. Dad's parents and mom didn't think it was necessary to press charges.
It was an accident and the man felt awful about it. The irony of my dad the aut
omobile mechanic dying in a car accident, is not lost on me.It devastated us, mo
m and me. I loved my father very much, almost as much as mom did. We recovered a
fter mourning him and never wanted for anything. Dad had taken out a large life
insurance policy, had some money tucked away, and his company, (then employing o
ver 50 mechanics, managers and secretaries in three different locations) was boo
ming. Mom decided to keep the company in lieu of selling it. She is a very savvy
woman and dad never kept anything from her. She was very familiar with his busi
ness when he died and although she knew nothing about fixing cars, she had an ex
pert staff in place and managers that she and dad had both trusted. One of whom
is my godfather Max. She promoted him to CEO of the company and gave him 15% of
the company as a very generous bonus. My grandparents thought it was a foolish m
ove at the time, but it provided Max an incentive to keep the company profitable
and benefit from the profits. He handles all the work and the company has conti
nued to grow under his watchful, loyal eye. Meanwhile, my mom retains 85% of the
company and profits.Chapter 1That was all 10 years ago now. Mom never dated oth
er men, before or after my dad. She took a couple years to get over dad and then
devoted her time to me. She volunteered at my school events, hosted my friends
after school, drove me to my sporting events like rugby and basketball in the su
mmer, hockey and swimming in the winter. She doesn't need to work anymore so she
reads a lot, paints and sculpts, is an accomplished chef, works out, runs and d
oes yoga. She is a true renaissance lady of the modern era.I am 19 now and mom i
s 38, but she doesn't look a day over 30. It is hard to des
cribe her without sounding like I'm embellishing. She is divine. She stands abou
t 5'6" next to me at 6'2". She has a beautiful face with large pouty lips and bi
g blue-green eyes. Surrounding this face is long, cascading blonde hair that shi
mmers in the light. She has long slender legs that widen as they reach her thigh
s and continue to widen into perfectly shaped hips and a perfectly shaped ass th
at still turns heads when she walks down the street. Above that fantastic ass is
a small waist with a flat stomach. Yet further up is her most appealing physica
l feature. Mom has the most incredible breasts that I have ever seen in my entir
e life. They are large, firm and perky. They are perfectly shaped and each is la
rger than my hand. Her skin is soft and porcelain smooth. Obviously I can't incl

ude a picture of her, but I remember the first time I saw a picture of a young A
nna Nicole Smith I was struck by the similarity between her and my mother.I reme
mber the first day I started to see my mother as more than a mom. It was a Thurs
day near the end of the school year. I was in my final year of high school and c
oming downstairs for breakfast. I could hear mom in the kitchen humming along wi
th the radio as I approached the kitchen."Mornin' mom."She was standing at the s
tove and turned to me with a smile as I sat at the kitchen table. "Good morning
sweetheart. Did you sleep well?""Like the dead." I smiled back."Well that's good
, I'm frying you up some turkey bacon and eggs. What would you like for lunch?"A
t this point I made a seemingly insignificant decision, which in retrospect, cha
nged my perception of my mother and everything between us."How about tuna for a
change?""Sure sweety." She put down the spatula in her hand and walked across th
e kitchen.Mom walked over to the cupboard where we keep our canned goods. Tuna w
as an unusual request for me so it's kept on the top shelf. Mom stood on tip toe
and reached for the tuna. This is when I first noticed what she was wearing.Mom
was in a black skirt that went down to about mid-thigh. She was wearing a low-c
ut tight red top that didn't quite cover her midriff. When she reached to get th
e tuna on the top shelf I had an unobstructed view of her side-profile. Her legs
were long and the muscles in them tensed as she rose to her tip toes. Her butt
stuck out and was accentuated by the close fitting fabric of her skirt. As she l
ifted her arms the red shirt she was wearing rose up her back and belly a little
exposing her midriff even more. What really caught my eye though was her lovely
boobs sticking out as she extended upward for the can. I noticed all of this in
the 3 seconds or so it took for her to reach the can and a lump stuck in my thr
oat. As she turned towards me I was still staring at those beautiful tits that n
ow faced me squarely. I tore my eyes away and up to hers, which were already loo
king in to mine. She paused mid-step for just a split second, hardly noticeably.
She knew where I had been looking moments before. Apparently she didn't really
think anything of it, because she immediately re-engaged our conversation."So do
you have any plans after school this evening?" She placed the tuna next to a bo
wl already on the counter, then picked up the spatula and stirred the fryi
ng pan on the stove. She had her back to me again."No not really" I stated bland
ly with downcast eyes. Eager to keep talking about something other than what jus
t happened I told her: "This girl Jill suggested we go to the mall and hang out.
I don't really see the mall as an attraction in itself though."Mom found this a
musing. She whipped her head around with a gleeful laugh. "Wow John. It's a good
thing you have your father's more dashing features because you sure are cursed
with his inability to decipher the subtleties of women. It sounds like she wants
to spend time with you."There was no Jill. I was just happy to have diverted my
mom's attention. She leaned over the stove and started to place the bacon and e
ggs on a plate next to her. My eyes hungrily ran over her body. It felt like a t
hrilling discovery, and it also made me feel guilty for some reason that I still
don't completely understand. God, how could I have not noticed that ass before!
? It was like I was seeing her for the first time.Mom turned around, but I had a
lready averted my covetous gaze. She moved towards me with my breakfast."Well?"
She asked."Well what?"She rolled her eyes at me in exasperation. "What are you g
oing to tell Jill?""Oh... Yes? Yes. I'll tell her I'll go to the mall with her."
Mom smiled as she leaned over my left shoulder to place my meal in front of me.
For a moment my face was inches from her right breast. I could smell her womanly
scent. My eyes glanced toward her cleavage while I kept my head still. I could
see the top of her right breast, the inside of her left breast and the portion o
f her black bra between her two wonderful tits. I started to get hard at the tab
le. I was worried about this because I am eight and a half inches long with a gi
rth to match. Not easy to hide. "Well that's lovely" she said as she pulled away
"but try to muster a bit more enthusiasm when you tell her John."I could only n
od and stare at my plate. The rest of the breakfast was uneventful. I continuall
y glanced at mom's body as she made my sandwich and packed my lunch. Honestly, h
ow could I have not seen her before, this stunner that I have lived with all my
life?Chapter 2School passed unremarkably as ever. The final bell rang at 3:30 an

d I had time to kill before I could go home after my 'date'. I walked through ou
r local ravine and various neighbourhood parks and schoolyards. It was only 4:30
when I found myself a few blocks from my house.I knew that a proper date would
have taken longer, but I figured that I could come up with some sort of excuse f
or why she had to cut it short, or possibly mom would be out for one reason or a
nother. She usually goes for long runs late in the afternoon.As I approached my
house I could see mom's car in the driveway. I came closer to the house and clim
bed our front stairs. As I reached for the door I was looking