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Lesson Plan Guide

Teacher Candidate:

Lanie Riley

Grade and Topic:

6th grade Wellness

Mentor Teacher:

Date: 12/4/16
Length of Lesson:2 hours

Crockett County


Chapter 3
TSW be able to tell how to stay healthy.
TSW be able to give examples of ways to stay healthy
Each group member must participate equally.
TSW evaluate how individual food choices are influenced by multiple factors
List the State/District and/or Common Core standards addressed in the lesson. Also list ISTEs NETS*S
standard if technology use is applicable.

Standard 5: The student will understand the relationship of nutrition to healthy living.

Standard 4: The student will understand the relationship of physical activity and rest to healthy living.

A computer and access to the internet.
TSW use the computer to look up different ways to stay healthy. After all the information is gained the student
will then put together a PowerPoint or comic to present to the class of the different ways to stay healthy that
they found during their research.


This lesson builds off others and other will build off it. It shows different ways of staying healthy but in
previous lesson we have talked about physical activity which is one way to stay healthy. In later lesson we will
talk about the importance of a diet and how it affects a person health.

I will plan different lessons, along with activities to go with the lesson to keep the students mind fresh and eager to learn.


Introduction: To get the class focused and motivated, I will start by asking fun questions. Who plays sports?,
who likes carrots?, who likes cake?, etc.

The teacher will assign groups.

There will be a handout passed out the students are to do during their assignment
The teacher will then give the instructions. This should take between 10-15 minutes.
The students will the break off and begin on the project. They will have about 20-30 minutes to research.
After the research is done, each group must make a power point on prezi or a comic to present to the class.
They will have roughly 15-20 minutes to make the power point

6. Finally each group will present their Power Point or comic to the class.
Each student in the group should each get their time on the power point or comic to contribute what
they found.

To close the class each group will present to the class. After each group, the class as a whole will recall what each
group presented about and that will conclude class.

Provide the formative and /or summative assessments that are part of this lesson.
Make sure there is a clear link between the Goals and Objectives and the Assessments.

For students who need extra help I will offer a day of the week for the students to stay after school to get a
lesson and slow it down and break it down. But if they cannot come I would pair them with a student in the
class that is doing well.
For the students that are doing really well I would pair them with the student who need a little extra help for them to be a
mentor for them.