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October, 31 2016

Lesson Plan Template

Number of students
Math: Counting
up to 5

24 Students


Personal Aims (What do YOU need to work on in order grow professionally?)

I would work on developing my Teacher voice, Time Management and Classroom Management

Learning Outcomes:
(Link to the ADEC / MOE K-5 curriculum

Students will be able to count numbers from

1 to 5.
Students will recognize and identify
numbers from 1 to 5.

Whole group activity: 5-10 minutes

Count and Match cards

Learning Outcome sheet

Lesson Introduction
Question (Blooms Taxonomy)

What will you do in order to
introduce the concept to the


Ask questions.
Ask them to count and repeat numbers from
1 to 5 after me.
Show them different count and match cards
and ask them to help me.

Active Engagement:
After youve modeled the concept,
what activity will you have the
students perform while on the
carpet to ensure that they

Remembering (low level):

I will ask the students to count from 1 to 5.
Understanding (low level):
I will explain the activity by showing the students
different cards and ask them questions such as:
What animal is this? and How many animals do
you see?
Applying (low level):
Allow the students to count and match the cards
with me.

understand it?

I will hand out count and match cards for

each student and have them work

Remind the students in kid friendly language how
they can apply what they did whole group in their
independent learning centers

Analyzing (high level):

Explain to the students the activity in simple and
easy steps.
Evaluating (high level):
Observe the students and evaluate them using the
student assessment sheet.
Creating (high level):
Students will work individually and try to match
the picture cards with the correct number cards.

Learning Center Resources or Materials

Learning Center 1
Learning Center 2
Math Center:
Count and Match cards
Learning Outcome sheet
Learning Center 3:
Circle Time:

Literacy center:
Learning Center 4:
Art center:
Colored buttons

Small Group Learning Centers:

Learning Center 1:

Students will actively engage in the lesson.

Students will work individually.
Students will answer direct questions from
Students will count and match the cards.

Learning Center 3:

Students will count the blocks while

building towers.
Students will interact with fellow students.

Learning Center 2:
Literacy center:
Students will read a book that involves
counting pictures and objects.

Learning Center 4:

Each student will trace and form a

different number from 1 to 5 on the paper
using buttons.

Closing activity: Time: 5 to 10 minutes for each student

Allow children to discuss what they did during their learning centers time
Remember that.
Allow the students to share with the teacher and fellow students about what they learned, if they enjoyed
it and would like to do this again.
Assessment for Learning:
I will determine if the student understood the lesson by allowing them to work independently and check
the final results. I will use the student assessment sheet as evidence that the students have understood
the learning outcome.