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Floyd 1

Jackson Floyd
Mrs. DeBock
22 September 2016
English 4
Essential Question: How do concussions affect football players.
Working Thesis: How can we prevent concussions?
Refined Thesis: How can the NFL help reduce the amount of concussions that occur?

Annotated Bibliography
Abreu, Marcos A.1, mabreu@students.ussa.edu, Wirt 2 Edwards, and Brandon D.2 Spradley.
"The War Against Concussions." Sport Journal (2016): 1-12. Education Full Text (H.W.
Wilson). Web. 21 Sept. 2016.
This article has an insane amount of information on it about concussions. The bulk of talk
although is on how medical schools are trying to stop concussions from occurring. While the
helmet producers for football are trying to make their helmets more durable and able to take
more force without hurting the player. Although the risk of a concussion will always be there,
these companies and foundations will continue to pour money into research until it gets as safe as
it can. This document is important to my research because of all of the information it has about
research of concussions n it.

Diaz Truman, Mark. "One Hit Too Many: The Moral Responsibility Of Football Fandom."

Floyd 2
Kennedy School Review 13.(2013): 10-15. Academic Search Complete. Web. 21 Sept.
This article is from the view of a student in college who started to really watch get into
football fandom. When one night he saw the Broncos quarterback split his hand in two which
made him sick to his stomach. He says as a fan they cheer for the players who tough it out, but
he says, toughing it out, it turns out, can kill people. The article then switches over to the
dangers that all players take while playing football, it tells that the routine hits players take in
games can overtime lead to dementia. This article is important to my research because it shows
the fans perspective of football injuries.

Dodd, Johnny, Diane Herbst, and Michelle Boudin. "Taking On The Nfl His Fight To Make
Football Safer." People 85.1 (2016): 56-61. Vocational and Career Collection. Web. 21
Sept. 2016.
This article has information on the lives of former NFL players who have since passed
away. The article later explains the symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy like
nightmares, depression, drug abuse, suicidal behaviour and mood swings. It also has parents of
high school football players who have died in high school football. Although obviously the
parents are devastated by their children's loss they were proactive and started the Matthew
Gfeller Sport-Related Traumatic Brain Research Center at the University of North Carolina at
Chapel Hill. This article is important to my research because it has personal accounts of football
players who suffered from CTE.
Groce, Alicia A., and Melissa Zarn Urankar. "Evaluating And Treating Concussion." Optometry
Times 8.8 (2016): 1-29. Academic Search Complete. Web. 20 Sept. 2016.

Floyd 3
This newspaper article is about finding out if someone have a concussion. Symptoms of a
concussion are dizziness, headaches, or changes to emotions or behavior. It is imperative to find
out if you have a concussion right away for treatment. Most of head injuries happen during falls,
motor accidents, assaults and being struck by an object. Although sports and recreation head
injuries make up the bulk of these head injuries. Sports trainers have been trained to give a series
of question known as The King Devin test, to determine if the player has a concussion. This
article is relevant to the research because I now have an accurate definition of a concussion.

Murphy, Austin. "Endgame." Sports Illustrated 125.6/7 (2016): 122. MasterFILE Premier. Web.
21 Sept. 2016.
My last source will be an article published by sports illustrated called Endgame. This
document talks about how high the risk is playing football and how some people think the risk is
so high we should ban football as a sport. The document features an expert sports risk
management name Kimberly Archie whose son was killed by CTE while after playing football.
Other parts of the document talk about how the NFL is trying to step up their efforts to help this
cause. This document is important to my research because it has a variety of information about
concussions, CTE and how the NFL is trying to prevent concussions.

Taylor, Tom. "Brain And Brawn." Sports Illustrated 123.23 (2015): 74. Middle Search Plus.
Web. 20 Sept. 2016.
This article has information on the NFL and how they deal with concussion and chronic
traumatic encephalopathy. The NFL started having major problems with brain injuries in 2012

Floyd 4
after former NFL linebacker Junior Seau fatally shot and killed himself. The NFLs
commissioner said that the football league would donate 30 million dollars to the National
Institutes of Health. The NFL was trying to do its best in helping out people who had concussion.
The NFL weirdly tried to push CTE from the front page of papers to try and hide it from people.
This article is relevant to my research because its on CTE in football players which is what my
paper is on.