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Kayla McFarland

Holistic Reflection
Throughout the course of ci149, I have learned a great deal of things that will help my
future instruction in a classroom. I was given several resources to learn through, via workshop
leaders, Twitter discussion questions, my CLG partners, Keeler and Otts posts, and the videos
and resources given on Google Classroom. I have gathered that I will ensure my students have a
collaborative, organized, prioritized, and fun learning environment - all it takes is a little extra
work on my part, which I am very willing to do. I am sure that I am going to incorporate many
aspects of what I have learned in this course into my future teaching so that I can have the best
classroom environment I possibly can for my students.
Through the workshops, I have learned several tools I can use online. I can use EdPuzzle
to give my students interactive videos that give them information from me and ask information
from them, Go Formative for easily accessible assessments, I can create interactive
presentations, I can use Google Spreadsheets for much more than a simple table, I can create
Badges and Quests to motivate my students to work towards learning something, I can use
Twitter as a positive site, and I can add tons of extensions and apps onto my device to make the
system more efficient and more appropriate for a classroom setting.
My CLG taught me one of the most important lessons I believe one needs to know, which
is how important collaboration is. My CLG showed me it on a number of levels. Not only is
collaboration important for your students so that they can explore more ideas and learn new
perspectives as well as get more accomplished, but collaboration will be important for me as a
teacher with my coworkers. I think this is a huge lesson to learn, especially because of how

much it is encouraged to interact with your faculty during your first two years with BTSA. This
is a crucial piece of information I took from the course because of my CLG.
A final thing I learned was how important it is to keep your classroom interactive,
engaged, and fun. Some teachers stick straight to giving the content as is, but that doesnt
benefit the students as much because they are less likely to want to learn unless there is some
kind of motivation or incentive for them to learn. When we make learning fun, it gets the
students excited to participate and helps increase the likelihood of them walking out of the
classroom having grasped that days concepts.
I very much liked this course, but struggled consistently with doing the workload. I work
3 hours a day, 4-5 days a week, as well as take 16 units. Doing the work for this class proved to
be a challenge for me weekly, as the other things I am committed to along with illness of myself
and my family members became a huge struggle; however, I believe I pulled through. If
anything, I will at least leave the class for sure having learned a lot.