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Observation 1:







6 boys, 4 girls



Preschool classroom at the Children’s Campus on R.V.C.C Multi-Age (3-4 years old) classroom, 10 students, 1 head teacher, 2 teacher assistants



The purpose of this observation was to study the layout of the classroom and the arrangement of the furniture and learning tools inside as well. With these observations I

can see an example of what a classroom setting is like and what I may take from it in the

future. I also classroom.

looked out for any changes that I would make if I were the teacher of that





The preschool classroom was pretty big with a lot of shelves and tables. Before you even enter there is a gate that keeps the students from leaving the classroom. There are books in the front as well as two computers. There are cubbies on the other side for each student. There is a long table in front of it that it used for activities and crafts. There are six stations. In the very front there is the math center by the cubbies. Right by the books there is a large rug that kids use to read on and build blocks. Next to the reading center is the exploration center where kids experiment with magnets and other building tools. On the opposite side of this is the arts and crafts station with a shelf for supplies and a table for kids to sit at and make their own creations. Next to this station are the bathrooms. Across from the bathrooms is the dramatic play station. There are two shelves here with different props for the kids to play with and use their imaginations. Next to this is the building blocks station with shelves filled with different shaped blocks and toy cars. Across from this station is where the teachers and assistants keep any supplies for the children. Next to the supplies is a table filled with either sand or water. An easel is placed right next to it for kids to paint.



VIII. Reccomendations:

There are a couple things I would improve for this classroom. I would get rid of the computers because I feel in this day and age, kids are already exposed to technology at home. I also placed all the shelves lining the walls instead of placing them in the middle of the classroom. A lot of the kids tend to run in each station and there isn’t much room in between for them to walk to each place. This would decrease risk of running into anything. I would also turn the table around in the art and crafts station so it’s also not sticking out in the middle of the classroom.



It was very enriching to see a setup of a preschool classroom. This is the age and group I might want to teach someday so it definitely showed me different ideas I might want to use or things I would change. The children warmed up to me right away and were very welcoming. The head teacher showed me around and told me a little about each station. Throughout the two days I observed the setting she continued to tell me different things, such as the rules of the classroom. She encouraged me to ask any questions I may have had. I look foward to going every week and continue to observe different aspects of the classroom and the students and teachers within it.



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