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MetGlobal Established MetGlobal Academy

Istanbul, Turkey, December 06, 2016 --(PR.com)-- The world's leading travel and accommodation
supplier MetGlobal Group of Companies, established its travel industry-focused MetGlobal Academy.
Aiming to introduce company culture, business essentials and systems to new employees, this new
learning and development program offers important opportunities especially for young talents.
MetGlobal Academy allows young graduate newcomers to gain crucial information about the travel
industry and easily be adapted to the company. New MetGlobal employees from different regions all over
the world gather together within the program. Being the first module of MetGlobal Academy, the
induction program offers important sessions including company overview, world of e-travel, business unit
information, IT systems, technology ecosystem, information & data security, B2B & B2C business
overview, business intelligence and technology products. After the induction program, the participants of
MetGlobal Academy continue with professional and technical modules which differs by department
needs. Being introduced to all new employees within Metglobal Group of Companies, this program is
also supported by e-learning system.
We strongly believe that the future will be brighter with the next generation. Therefore we wanted to
design a special development program mainly for young talents. Our aim is to give these brilliant,
ambitious, young talents an opportunity for gaining crucial information about travel industry and easily
being adapted to the company. We are looking forward to see the difference that this valuable experience
will create, said Nevgul Bilsel Safkan, the Managing Director of MetGlobal B2B Brand.
About MetGlobal:
Metglobal is a world leading technology powerhouse that aims to provide individuals and businesses with
simplified experiences that improve productivity through multiple online effectiveness tools. Metglobal
houses a variety of brands in their portfolio established in online travel and travel related technologies and
products allowing its partners to operate in over 205 countries and territories across the globe with an
inventory of over 342.000 hotels and 15.000 destinations. The brand that MetGlobal houses are HotelsPro
(global B2B wholesaler), Otel.com (global B2C discounted hotel bookings provider), Tatil.com (the first
online tour operator of Turkey), Gezi.com (global travel comparison website) and PayTrek (global
payment provider).

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