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Adhesive Melters
Concept Diamond
Touch-screen I Integrated control AS with monitoring I
Network ability I USB I Factory data software


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Gluing Technology

Concept Diamond

Adhesive Melters

Copyright Robatech AG 2011 I Part No. EN160891 I Subject to change

The hotmelt applicators of the Concept

series are products which have been tried
and tested in the industry for decades.
Latest technologies are applied in the
extension of the product range to Concept
Diamond. These are in particular the new
network-capable electronics ICS Net,
the touch-screen RobaVis for operator
convenience, the integrated application controls AS IK and monitoring AK.
The combination with the visualization
software results in many new application
possibilities. The development focussed
again on the well-proven Robatech compatibility. The equipment is supplied in
the energy-optimized GreenLine execution exclusively.
RobaVis touchscreen
The 7 colour touch screen serves as
information and operating terminal. It is
normally accommodated in the appliance,
but can also be installed in an external
housing. You will find more details on the
functions in the RobaVis flyer. A 12 touch
screen is also available as an option for
external use.
Application control AS IK
Thanks to the modular structure of the ICS
Net electronics Robatech is one of the few
manufacturers offering a fully integrated
application control AS IK with adhesive
monitoring AK. The integration in your
equipment is simplified and provides a
clear overview with operation over the
RobaVis touch screen. Even complex pro-

cesses are presented in a straightforward

way for the operator.
Adhesive monitoring AK
In the case of the integrated control up
to 8 applicator heads and 8 adhesive
sensors can be connected. Different
sensor types are available depending on
the requirements as regards speed and
precision. The automatic learning process
simplifies an otherwise difficult task for
the operator.

InfoPlus Factory data software

The reliability of processes such as adhesive application, identification, labelling, etc. becomes ever more important to
reach the high availability targets set for
the overall equipment. The basis here is
provided by the Weihenstefan standard
of the beverage industry.
With this in mind Robatech developed an
InfoPlus software for the hotmelt applicators with ICS Net electronics. Consumption and operation data such as number of
adhesive applications, glue consumption, operating times, etc. are continuously
recorded, evaluated and presented in
comprehensible terms. This yields also
information for preventive maintenance.
In this way the user can correctly service
the equipment during standstill periods
in order to achieve full availability in the
high season.

GreenLine energy-optimized
Bus connections ICS Net
Robust electronics
Ethernet network
Straightforward operation with
Factory data software InfoPlus
Flexible in the installation
Modular for expansion
Integration in machine control
Windows CE software
Minimum operator training
High availability of the system
Plannable maintenance
Fewer standstills
Analyses for improvement
Enhanced efficiency
Lower energy consumption
Lower costs
Life cycle supervision
Quality pays dividends

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Gluing Technology