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Katie Everett PCT Year One: End of Year Mentor Report 2017


Establish and maintain effective professional relationships focused on

the learning and well-being of all konga

Katie has been working on becoming more actively involved in the wider school
community in order to build positive relationships with parents/caregivers. She
has become more confident when interacting with parents/caregivers. Involving
herself in Professional development including be part of observing other classes
and schools during the year.

Demonstrate commitment to promoting the well-being of all konga

She has improved on the frequency and quality of written feedback for students
giving them a positive outcomes to develop. She can encourage students to be
risk takers. Continue to provide opportunities for them to take risks in the
classroom and fell comfortable.

Demonstrate commitment to bicultural partnership in Aotearoa NZ

Katie was part of the staff development on Ka Hikitia and Tataiako led by her
Mentor. This gave an insight how to utilise this in her classroom to improve Maori
achievement and feeling of belonging. Her mentor has collaborated by doing Te
Reo every week with her class.

Demonstrate commitment to ongoing professional learning and

development of professional personal practice

Katie visited a range of schools including schools using one to one devices and
cloud based systems to observe and discuss how this could work in her class.
She observed teachers in maths to observe how they make the most of and
extend their gifted and talented maths students. She visited her mentor teacher
to see how Te Reo Maori can be part of her program. Great to see her lead a
session on Study Ladder.

Show leadership that contributes to effective teaching and learning

Katie led the dance splash group and organised their trip to Wellington. She
coached a netball team. She shared her classroom environment in gallery tours
and ideas used in class.

Conceptualise, plan and implement an appropriate learning programme

Katie has developed using clear instructions in class. She has been encouraged
to write on the board and use a WALHT. Make sure the children know what they
are learning about and why. Her planning is evident on her Weebly and using

Promote a collaborative supportive learning environment

Katie has modelled collaboration with her mentor and worked well within her
team. She has emphasised the pit and provide an environment where students
feel comfortable to take risks, even if it is slightly out of their comfort zones.


Demonstrate in practice their knowledge and understanding of how

konga learn

Katie has had an experienced teacher assist with lessons. She is able to give
additional feedback on how she can improve. Katie has observed Kiri teaching in
room 7 and how she deals with behaviour and learning problems in class. Also
look for lesson transitions, informal assessment and how she gives clear concise

Respond effectively to the diverse and cultural experiences and the

varied strengths, interests and needs of individuals and groups of

Children in room 7 are developing ways to be inclusive using a cultural aspect.


Work effectively within the bicultural context of Aotearoa NZ

In collaboration with her mentor the past two terms we have been looking at
utilising our individual strengths to teach a rounded Te Reo programme. On
Tuesdays we swop students and teach the students Te Reo and how to form
sentences and use the language for half an hour. She teaches class Maori history
and folk stories. She looks at the culture and how it was shaped to become what
it is today. Students do art, drama, music and dance to express ideas they have
learnt with me.

Analyse and appropriately use assessment and information, which has

been gathered formally and informally

Katie has learnt different ways to assess reading writing and maths. She has
been using Iugo and an assessment book as an ongoing assessment tool to be
able to track the students progress.
She needs to develop:
Ways to communicate with colleagues about how to best use assessment data.
Come up with an action plan after assessing data

Use critical inquiry and problem-solving effectively in their professional


Katie has been using two methods of reflective journals on Iugo and her Weebly
Katie needs to develop:
Professional development on inclusive/ understanding effective communication
for Maori students and their families and how this differs for non-maori students
and parents.
Professional development around Maori wellbeing: How does if differ from nonmaori needs? (Readings, discussions, observations). How can she incorporate
this in her classroom)? Professional development one learning to speak basic Te
Reo more confidently. Attempt to use a range of Te Reo in the classroom.
Provide engaging lessons to decrease misbehaviour.

Ways to communicate with colleagues about how to best use assessment data.
Come up with an action plan after assessing data.

Mentor Teacher
Roger Graham