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About Interflow Communications (Pvt) Ltd.

Our commitment is to Brands and only Brands
For almost three decades, Interflow Communications has been one of the
pioneers of marketing communication services in Pakistan. With offices in
Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Interflow Communications brings creative,
media and advertising management acumen of around 300 professionals to
the industry. From mass effectiveness of electronic, print and out of home
media to the intimacy of new media, Interflow has the true grit it takes to
deliver beyond expectations.
Grew to become the largest advertising agency within 5 years and have
maintained leadership position since then
On July 1, 1983, one man's determination to change the way advertising
services were being delivered, gave birth to Interflow Communications. Over
the last three decades, this man Taher A. Khan and his dedicated team
has revolutionized the industry itself. Branded as one of the most innovative

advertising agencies in the country, Interflow has built and re-built brands,
raised the bar on solution delivery and brought the spirit of custodianship to
life over and over again. Over the years, Interflow has been intimately
associated with successful brands.


Products & Services

Film production
3D designing etc.

A company built on the legacy of the pioneer of Advertising Industry in

Pakistan, (Late) Mr. S. H. Hashmi, Orient McCann is an illustrious name in the
advertising world of Pakistan. He was awarded Sitara-e-Imtiaz and Pride of
Performance for his welfare services and under the leadership of his eldest
son and a thorough advert professional, M. Masood Hashmi, the organization
has gained immense reputation of innovatively adding value to peoples lives
through the enduring creative philosophy of Truth Well Told.
To cater to its global accounts with the power of truth to transform brands
and businesses, McCann joined hands with Orientm in 1993 and established
its stakes in the local market. Using Truth as a catalyst for authentic ideas, it
continues to be on top for 16 consecutive years of record. Our believably
powerful ideas drive positive change in a brands relationship with its
consumers, as well as employees. Orient McCann continues to derive benefit
from its strong belief in innovation and is adamant to explore new horizons

with provision of distinct and engaging communications that generate

demand for our clients products and services.

Q mobile
Allied bank
Bank Islami

Products & Services

Deal in television advertisements.

Established in 1978, Argus Advertising (Private) Limited with a team of 40

dedicated members, is a medium sized result oriented agency specializing in
personalized service to its clients and recognized for its innovative creativity,
absolute professionalism and command of leading edge communications
techniques. Like the 100 eyed giant of Greek mythology Argus is ever
watchful of the interests and priorities of its clients.
Argus has come to be regarded as an agency with enviable professional
standards and business ethics. Just like a man is known by the company he
keeps, an advertising agency is known by the clients it has. We feel

privileged in having on our client list some of the most respected corporate
names. Over the years, Argus has received many awards in the past and
should receive many more in the future. However, the greatest award of
them all is a simple Thanks for a job well done.
Argus is housed in its own specially designed building, fully equipped with
the technological requirements of an agency. We believe that to provide
excellent service to our clients, we must provide a stimulating environment
to our staff. We are a member of Advertising Association of Pakistan,
accredited with All Pakistan Newspapers Society (Since 1978) and Pakistan
Broadcasters Association, registered with Press Information Department
(Government of Pakistan) and a Member of Chamber of Commerce and

Meezan Bank
Askari Bank
General Tyre

Products & Service

Creative Services
Production Services
Planning Services
Media Services
Public Relations
BTL & Event Management

Synergy is all about interactions of discrete agencies, forces, energies and

brains such that the total effect becomes greater than the sum of the
individual effect. At synergy we use fresh ideas pragmatic approaches to
create results every time. From technology to corporate consumer and
finance sector, we provide our clients unparalleled levels of strategic and the
tactical execution of first class campaigns.

ACCA Management
ABL Asset Management
BYCO Petroleum Pakistan
Summit Bank
Paramount Books

DR. KAMRAN FAZAL is the CEO of The House of Kollaage and serves on its
board of Directors.
A doctor by training, Kamran brings a unique assortment of his service in the
Armed Forces and enterprising personal abilities to the corporate world. Dr
Kamran fazal is a young entrepreneur who is driven by the pursuit of dreams
and turning ideas into concrete realities through passion, decisive decision
making and critical thinking. He set up the House of Kollaage in 2011 which
in a very short span of time transformed into one of the leading BTL (Below
the Line) Advertizing Agencies in Pakistan which serves its customers
through Kollaage 360, Kollaage Concepts, Loom Creatives & Eventually
Panaash. These companies provide services and expertise to leading

organizations and brands in the corporate sector.With even higher goals and
a reservoir of infinite energy, Dr Kamran Fazal inspires those who work with
him through setting personal examples of hard work, commitment to service
and maintaining a conducive relationship with his employees continues to
work to cater to the needs of an ever demanding marketplace. Prior to his
business ventures, Dr Kamran served Pakistan Army with a distinct service
record in the capacity of a regular Doctor. He holds his service to the
Fatherland in very high esteem and that serves as the basis of his
philanthropist efforts aimed at helping underprivileged children, providing
suitable homes for the homeless old citizenry and awarding generous
scholarships to deserving students. The young entrepreneur is a motor
sports enthusiast and maintains a noteworthy collection of sports vehicles.

Mountain Dew

Products & Services


Maxim Group is a Karachi-based group of companies having full-fledged

offices in Islamabad and Lahore and nationwide business operations. The
Groups major business interests are in advertising, real estate marketing,
real estate development, housing and construction, and PR. Maxim Group
embarked on the journey of realizing its corporate vision and attaining its
business goals with the establishment of the Groups flagship company,
Maxim Advertising Co. (Pvt.) Ltd., in 1985. Achieving phenomenal growth
right from the earliest years, the Company has kept up an impressive record
of business development and professional excellence duly recognized
through several business performance awards from All Pakistan Newspapers
Society (APNS), the countrys apex independent media association that
regulates print media and advertising. While Maxim Advertising serves a
large and varied portfolio of public and private sector accounts, its hallmark
is its specialization in real estate and housing advertising.

Monga Corporation (Casio)

UHU (Sethi International)
Makro Cash & Carry
Skin Care Centre
Slimmers Club
Dominos Pizza
Dawood Engineerning & Technology University
Federal Urdu University

Spectrum lines is the Nations most renowned advertising company in

displays and provide unique opportunities to our valued clients for the
maximization of their image/business Nationally and Internationally. In
todays world, an Organizations success hinges on how well it communicates
with its most influential audiences. To maximize the image of the
Organization. Spectrum Lines has been awarded Outdoor Advertising
Award for year 2007 by New York Festivals in USA.


Products & Services

Outdoor Media
Event Management

We are ideas people, but a good idea can only stand on a strong foundation
of strategy and critical thinking that will help achieve significant and
measurable results for our clients.
Values Integrity: We never compromise our standards for an easy fix. We are
ethically bound to our work and deliver it guided by our principles.
Hard work: It's not easy building so many local success stories. And that is a
testament to the hard work put in understanding, valuing, relating and finally
achieving the right goals and results for our clients.
Creativity: Creativity is important across all aspects of the agency. From
planning to execution, we are always looking to find the most creative and
effective solutions for our clients needs.
Time Management: We understand the importance of meeting deadlines and
delivering under pressure. It's what we thrive in. Delivering Quality: Each
project is undertaken with passion, purpose and commitment. It's important
that our standards never drop. After all, quality delivers results and results
deliver success.
Birth of a Vision: Prestige is one of the oldest advertising agencies in Pakistan
offering full service to an array of national and multinational clients. Founded
in 1960 by Mohammad Iqbal Mir, the agency has successfully maintained its
tradition of delivering quality and a track record of building strong brands.
Prestige's vision and leadership have helped catapult many a national brand
to levels at par with multinational counterparts. With a strong reputation for
strategic and creative excellence, the agency has a plethora of success
stories to tell.


Package Limited

1996 was a good year for advertising, but it was not because of the
campaigns. 1996 saw the birth of a creative hotshop that was hell bent on
changing the advertising scene in Pakistan.
Advertising needed not an evolution, but rather a creative revolution
powered by consumer focus, strategic thinking and belief in the power of the
brand. In 1996 RED Communication Arts was poised to deliver on that
Our Approach
To be the best in the business, we attracted the best talent in the business
and translated our core belief into a full-fledged working advertising
machine. Our approach has helped transform businesses by engaging
consumers and developing meaningful relationships with them.
We have expanded into the three major cities of Pakistan, and are among the
fastest growing ad agencies today. In 2008 we also became an affiliate of the
Publicis Groupe. Our international affiliation has helped us empower brands
by leveraging the global depth of Publicis.
Today we remain committed as ever to the brand and the belief that there is
not a brand problem that creativity cannot solve. Because the problem is
always finite, but the solution is only limited by your creativity.

PAS Award Winner 2013: Best campaign in consumer electronics

category PEL Refrigerator

PAS Award Winner 2013: Best campaign in textile and fashion

category Servis Shoes

Winner: Global Achievement in Performance for Pakistan Tetra Pak

Finalists: Aurora Awards for Excellence 2005 Paktel GSM college


ACCA-WWF Pakistan Environment Reporting Award 2005 Tetra Pak

Finalists: Aurora Awards for Excellence 2004 Doodh Aur Kya

PAA Super Award 2005 (TV Commercial) Tetra Pak

Finalists: Aurora Awards for Excellence 2004 Paktel GSM launch


Hilal Foods
FAT Burger
Tetra Pack

We speak a different language, a language of creativity , truth and results.

We in our hearts when we nailed it until it signs. Its not about building our

portfolio or hanging awards on the wall. Its about setting industry


Bhairia Town
Creek City
Cartoon Network

Products & Services:

Event management,
Creative services