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User Guide

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2 Window 15

Introduction 3 Network 15

For Your Safety 4 Connection Setting 16

Setup Info 17
Parts of the USB Modem 5
PIN Code 18
Installing Software 6
SMS Write/Send 19
A. Installing Dialer Client 6
SMS Inbox 21
B. Uninstalling the Dialer Client program 11
Sent Message 22
Using Dialer Client 12
Linux 24
Running the Dialer Client 12
Connect 13 Troubleshooting 26

Disconnect 13 Specification 28
Address Book 13 Supplied Accessory 30
Setup 15
Introduction For Your Safety
Congratulations on your purchase of the Please carefully read these guidelines Keep the modem in a safe place out of
advanced and compact SXC-1080 USB before you proceed. These safety children's reach. It contains small parts
Modem, designed to operate with the latest warranty and cautions are very important which may cause a choking hazard, if its
digital mobile communication technology. for proper usage of SXC-1080. detached.

Warning Caution
USB Modem must not be used in an Do not use the modem in areas with
aircraft at all times. special regulations against electronic
Do not use your Modem near petrol usage. (i.e. The hospitals where
The User Guide contains important stations, fuel depots, chemical plants or sensitive medical equipment can be
information on the proper use and blasting operations. affected by Modem usage)
correct operation of SXC-1080 USB For your safety, use the ONLY specific Only use ORIGINAL accessories to
Modem. Please read carefully to ensure PC. avoid damage to your modem.
optimal performance and also to Do not handle the modem with wet All radio transmitters carry risks of
prevent any misuse of the product, as hands while it is being operated. interference with electronics in close
any improper usage outside of this User It may cause an electric shock or proximity. Minor interference may affect
Guide may result in warranty void. damage your modem seriously. TVs, radios, PCs, etc.
3 4
Parts of the USB Modem Installing Software
A. Installing Dialer Client
Front view Rear view
Please unplug the USB Modem from the
PC before installation.
When you install new version of Dialer
USB Connector client in your PC, please uninstall the
already existing one from your PC.

LED Indicator 1. Insert II n s t a l l e r C D into the CD-ROM

drive. 3. Clicking U U s e r M a n u a l or QQuick
R-UIM Socket G u i d e & T r o u b l e S h o o t i n g icon in
2. When the first screen appears, click the first screen will prompt you to
the II n s t a l l a t i o n icon to start the OO p e n or SS a v e the Manual. Click
installation wizard. OO p e n to see the Manual or click
* N o t e : If Auto-Run did not start, double SS A V E to save the Manual into your PC.
T A T A _ G A T A _ S X C 1 0 8 0 . e x e
click T
on your CD-Rom Drive to start the
5 installation. 6
Installing Software Installing Software
4. When the InstallShield wizard window 7. A window will appear as shown to indicate Installation time for completion can be
N e x t to
appear as follow, click the N that InstallShield Wizard completed is different up to user's PC spec.
continue for the next step. completed. Click FF i n i s h to exit the

6. When the next screen appears, the

program is ready to be installed, click the
II n s t a l l button to begin installation.

TATA Indicom Dialer has been successfully

5. Default installation directory is
CC:\Program Files\Epivalley\TATA N o t e : Since Driver is to be installed
Click Next to proceed to the next step.
I n d i c o m D i a l e r . which can be changed automatically, please do not unplug the
by clicking on C C h a n g e button. USB modem from the PC while driver
7 installation. 8
Installing Software Installing Software
Read the licence agreement and then
click Yes to proceed to the next step.
If you do not agree, click No to abort

Starting to install Speed+ 4.3.0 Choose a directory for installation files.

Click Install to start installing Speed+. Read about Speed+ and then click Next Click Next to proceed to the next step.
Click Finish to finish the installation to proceed to the next step.

The following screen captures Network connection will become

demonstrate Speed+ installation unavailable while the installation is in
procedure. progress. Before starting installation, save
all open documents and close all
9 applications. Click Next to start 10
Installing Software Using Dialer Client
Starting to install the application. B. Uninstalling the Dialer Client Running the Dialer Client The main window has 6 Menu Buttons
When installation files are completely program with specific functions.
copied, the installation screen There are 2 ways to launch the installed You should select appropriate
automatically moves to the next step. If you want to uninstall the Dialer Client Dialer Client. connection from the SELECT menu
program, Select S t a r t > A l l P r o g r a m > Either by pressing the shortcut icon before connecting to internet.
Epivalley > TATA Indicom Dialer > in the desktop, or by selecting S t a r t > And after selecting the connection, click
U n i n s t a l l T A T A I n d i c o m D i a l e r as All P r o g r a m > E p i v a l l e y > T A T A the CONNECT button on the dialer.
shown. Indicom Dialer > TATA Indicom
D i a l e r . e x e as shown.

After initialization, the main window of

The application has been installed. The
application will be displayed in the
system should be restarted to apply the
screen as shown.
installed program. Click Finish to finish
the installation procedure.
11 12
Using Dialer Client Using Dialer Client
Connect Address Book 2. You can use the FF i n d option to find 4. If you want to synchronize phone
already saved Numbers from the book between PC and R-UIM Card,
This function is to connect wireless By using the Address book, you can save Phone Book. click the PP h o n e B o o k button as
internet via Dial Up connection network. contact details (Name, Phone Number, shown.
Address and Etc.) as well as send SMS 3. You can send a message by selecting
Disconnect to the already saved number. a Phone Book number from A Address
B o o k and then clicking the Send
If you want to disconnect wireless 1. If you want to save a new number, just
D i s c o n n e c t button
network, click the D A d d button.
click the A
in the main window. and will disconnect You will see Add Contact and Add Group.
the dialup connection. And select A A d d C o n t a c t for
adding a new number as shown.

Use left, right arrow buttons to select

a phone number and use copy/move
option to synchronize the selected
13 14
Using Dialer Client Using Dialer Client
Setup ] A l w a y s o n t h e t o p : Display Dial Number. Also you can make To choose Profile name, please follow
window always on top. multiple profiles to access the internet below procedure.
This function is to customize the ] Tray icon blink : and see the internet Call logs. Click the S S e t u p s c r e e n -> Click
application according to your When application receives ] S h o w I n t e r n e t L o g : If you click the NN e t w o r k -> Click the
preferences. messages, tray icon blinks on this button, you can acknowledge C o n n e c t i o n S e t t i n g
1. W i n d o w working bar. used data volume and time. Network Connection Settings screen
] A U T O P O P - U P : When application
will be shown as below.
This is to set up the window display 3. C o n n e c t i o n S e t t i n g Choose the profile name you want to
function. receives messages, Message Box
window appears automatically. set.

] S o u n d n o t i f y : When application
receives messages, it sounds to
To return main window, click the
C l o s e button.

15 2. N e t w o r k 16
In Network you can set Dial-Up
connection's Username, Password and
Using Dialer Client Using Dialer Client
TATA Indicom Profile Name can't be 4. S e t u p I n f o 5. P I N C o d e To enable PIN Status, input the
deleted, but it is able to modify original PIN Code provided. Next,
This function is to show the PIN Code Change can only be used
Authentication section by clicking input the original PIN Code and your
application version information. when PIN Status is enabled.
Modify button. In order to create new new PIN Code to change the PIN
profile name, click the New button Code.
and choose the profile you want to
set. Once profile setting is finished,
please press OK button to close it.

To return to the main window, click

17 C l o s e button.
the C 18
Using Dialer Client Using Dialer Client
If the PIN Code is entered incorrectly SMS Write/Send 1. Fill in the number you want to send in ] D e l i v e r y a c k : Select this function
for three consecutive times, the blank box, T T o : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . to obtain notification when the
following window will appear If you want to write and send SMS T o : _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _,
In the T recipients received your Message.
prompting you to enter your PUK (Short Message Service), click the S SMS
] You can use Multi-Send function by ] P a g e r M s g : Select this function
Code. W r i t e / S e n d button in main window,
dividing each recipients with a to transmit just the sender number
and the picture appears as shown.
semi-colon ;; . without the contents.
] You can choose the user name in 3. When the message is being sent, the
the phonebook instead of typing a following window will be shown and
recipient number (Except for you will be returned to the main
phonebook stored in R-UIM). window automatically after message
] When you click To, the Address has been sent successfully.
book window will appear and you
If you do not know your PUK Code, can select recipients from your
please contact the service provider. address book.
2. Write a message in the blank box, and * N o t e : The C
C a n c e l function will
19 20
S e n d button.
click theS not work when the message to be
sent is already in progress.
Using Dialer Client Using Dialer Client
But in case of multi-sending, it can 1. Select the message you want to read Please delete
] The message P Sent Message
cancel to send next message except and double click with the left mouse stored message(s) in the
for message in process. button (or click the right mouse R-UIM to receive new This menu allows you to see the SMS
button) to see the whole message. m e s s a g e ( s ) .will appear if the which is already sent or failed to send.
SMS Inbox You can also forward/reply/delete the SMS inbox in the R-UIM is at its After sending the SMS, the message will
message on the "R R e a d M e s s a g e" maximum. be moved to S S e n t M e s s a g e menu.
You will be alerted when you receive new window.
D e l e t e button to erase
3. Click the D
SMS. All new SMS will be stored in the message.
2. A pop up will appear asking whether
SS M S I n b o x menu. In SMS Inbox, you can
you want to transfer the R-UIM SMS to
identify each message by Date, Name, 4. To return main window, click on
PC. (This menu will not appear if the
Number etc. the top of the right.
SMS stored in the R-UIM is already on
the Dialer Client.
Y e s to have all SMS in the
] Select Y
R-UIM transferred to PC.

21 22
Using Dialer Client Linux
1. Select the sent message you want to * N o t e : SXC-1080 allows only internet 6. A configuration file will be created as
read, and then double click the left connection to PC with Fedora Core 6, below
mouse button. You can see the whole Ubuntu 6.06, SUSE 9.1 personal [Dialer Defaults]
message version and 10. Modem = /dev/ttyACM0
2. Click the "ff o r w a r d" button to send Baud = 460800
Linux connection for Internet
the message to new recipients and Init1 = ATZ
D e l e t e" button to delete
click the "D 1. Log in in the root user. Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2
the message. +FCLASS=0
2. Connect the USB modem to PC ISDN = 0
3. If the message has failed to send, the 3. Run terminal in Linux Modem Type = USB Modem
"FF a i l e d" comment will be shown in ; Phone = <Phone number>
the Status column. You can send it 4. type following command. ; Username = <Username>
again using "R R e s e n d" button. wvdialconf /etc/wvdial.conf ; Password = <Password>
4. To return to the main window, click 5. wvdialconf will detect the modem, 7. But the user still need to edit
at the top right hand corner of its maximum baud rate, and a good /etc/wvdial.conf to specify the phone
the window. initialization string and will generate number, login name, and password of
23 24
or update the wvdial configuration file your internet account in order for
based on this information. wvdial to work.
Linux Troubleshooting
8. User should edit the configuration file How to connect Internet You may find below a series of solutions to troubleshoot some known problems that may
as given below. occur when using SXC-1080 USB Modem along with certain types of hardware.
1. Open the terminal.
[Dialer Defaults]
1. The message M Modem driver not and reconnect one minute after. Next, go to
Modem = /dev/ttyACM0 2. Type wvdial and press enter.
installed. Install driver and restart Start > Control Panel > System >
Baud = 460800
p r o g r a m is displayed on the Dialer Client. H a r d w a r e > D e v i c e M a n a g e r to check
Init1 = ATZ How to disconnect Internet whether USB Modem is in it. If Modem is
] Dialer Client is not installed properly,
Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2
1. Press ctrl + c Reinstall Dialer Client. not in the list, remove USB Modem from PC
and reconnect after one minute.
ISDN = 0 Or 2. There is no Antenna indicator on the
Modem Type = USB Modem Dialer Client and nn o s v c is displayed 4. The message II n v a l i d M o d e m P o r t ,
Phone = #777 2. Close the terminal and the LED of USB Modem is in red. R e i n s t a l l d r i v e r is displayed on the
Username = internet Dialer Client.
] Modem Number is registered incorrectly.
Password = internet Please contact service provider for more ] The PC recognizes USB Modem as a
stupid mode = 1 information. different system. Remove USB Modem
from PC, and reconnect after one minute.
3. The message M Modem unplugged. Plug Next, go to S t a r t > S e t t i n g > C o n t r o l
25 m o d e m is displayed on the Dialer Client. Panel > System > Hardware > 26
] USB Modem is not connected to PC. If D e v i c e M a n a g e r to check whether USB
connected, separate USB Modem from PC, Modem is in it. If Modem is not in the
Troubleshooting Specification
list, remove USB Modem from PC, and 7. When PP H O N E _ L O C K message is SXC-1080 Remarks SXC-1080 Remarks
Function Function
reconnect after one minute. If the displayed,
Message II n v a l i d M o d e m P o r t ] This message occurred when invalid R- Main Operation MSM6025, Up to 153 Kbps
Data Rate
continues to appear, please re-install UIM card has been inserted for more than Chip RFR6122, RFT6122 (TX:153Kbps /
Dialer Client after removing the previous five times. Please contact service provider TIA/EIA/IS-2000, RX:153Kbps)
program. to unlock. CDMA IS-98D, Backwards
Standard compatibility with Feed through :
5. Do not remove an R-UIM Card while USB 8. When the message M MIN out of Data options Packet data,
IS-95 A/B
Modem is in use. r a n g e is displayed, A sync data
Cellular 800 Single
] This may harm the PC and Modem. Please ] Please enter valid MIN. Frequency
Band Support Protocol : SMS,
use the Safely Remove Hardware 9. The message C C o n n e c t appears even
Band of
Operation Simple IP
command to disconnect the USB Modem after connecting the Internet.
Band Class 0
first or remove the UIM Card after the PC Connector & USB Power input
is shut down. C o n n e c t again. It is
] Do not click C TX: 824 ~ 849 MHz connector
necessary to take time to connect to the
6. When M M I N _ L O C K message is D i a l - u p n e t w o r k.
Internet using the D RX: 869 ~ 894 MHz
Hardware USB 1.1 and 2.0
displayed, Interface
10. If you fail to input correct pin number, Transmit Power 200mW
27 ] This message occurred when invalid R- Software 28
please contact service provider. IS-707.3 AT
UIM card has been inserted.Please ensure Power supply 4.5 ~ 5.5V DC USB
Interface Command set
that a valid R-UIM card is inserted. 11. For software upgrade and customer support, Power
please visit at w w w . s i t s v c . c o m
Specification Supplied Accessory

Function SXC-1080 Remarks Function SXC-1080 Remarks Installation CD

Gift box
3 colour MS Windows:
LEDs 2 LED (Power) O/S support 2000, XP and Vista
(32 & 64 bit)
PRL/OTA * WHQL certified
support by Microsoft
Linux (Internet
Phone book use only): Quick Installation Guide
Redhat Enterprise
Antenna Internal type 3&4 Quick Installation Guide

Fedora Core 5 & 6


USB Power input

Connect SUSE Desktop
9 & 10
Laptop Computer/ USB Debian 5 & 6
Installation Desktop PC Interface Ubuntu 5 & 6
Dimension W: 88, D: 28.9,
H: 10.6 (mm)
29 30
Weight Net (19.5g),
Gift box (100g)
Memo Memo
ED : 03
ED : 02