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December 5, 2016

To our Saint Michaels Community,

On Sunday December 4, 2016, while exiting the Center of
Multicultural Affairs and Services (C.M.A.S), a student leader noticed
the attached image outside of the Center. The image reads Make
America Great Again. The intent behind this act is very clear. It is not
just an act of free speech, it is targeted hate. These actions follow a
very specific pattern with clear intentions. The longer our
administration waits to recognize and respond to these attacks on our
students of color, the more frequent they have become. Students on
this campus have been called niggers, a female student was called an
angry black bitch while working as an Apartment Community Advisor
(A.C.A), in the computer lab a white female student played loudly a
video titled why I hate black people while two black students worked
in the lab, a Muslim student was asked why she was attending the late
Father Mikes service in the Chapel, migrant Justice posters were
defaced with swastikas, Trump 2016, and Make America White Again.
We, the students of the C.M.A.S, are a part of an intercultural
center for all American and international students. These are attacks
on our home and our space, aimed towards those of us who are a part
of our Saint Michaels College community. The Center is a driving force
behind the following Campus programs and student-run clubs: Summer
Orientation for Academic Excellence and Retention (S.O.A.R), Global
Experience Academic Residential Program (G.E.A.R), Martin Luther King
Jr. Society, Diversity Coalition, GirlTalk, and SMC1st. The Center also
serves as a safe space for other clubs and groups to gather. Such
groups include Common Ground, Fix It with Five, Student Labor Action
Movement (S.L.A.M), Social Justice League, Christian Bible Study Youth
Groups, and remains open to many other groups.
We denounce all forms of racism, discrimination, bigotry,
xenophobia, sexism, and any hateful acts towards individuals based on
their sexual orientation, gender, gender-identity, immigration status,
religion, and disability. The C.M.A.S is the only place on campus we feel
welcomed and supported. These incidences are attacks on the
inclusivity of our campus. Acts of intimidation and hatred have moved
from the walls of the classroom and are now reaching outwards into
the Center, inching closer and closer to folks of color.
We refuse to be intimidated and targeted in our own community
and in our home. We reject the silence and the message that silence
sends to our students and the greater community of Saint Michaels
College. We ask that the administration recognize and respond to the
issues at hand. We demand accountability and active practice of
inclusivity. In addition to the day-to-day microaggressions, there is a
tremendous lack of transparency in the investigations of and response

to specific attacks on members of our community. This has left many

students, particularly those mentioned above, feeling scared, angry,
and silenced. Saint Michaels College prides itself on providing a safe,
welcoming, and tight knit community. However, the lack of urgency in
responding to incidences of harassment and hate makes us question,
where is our protection? Where is the administrations professed
obligation to ensure that all students, faculty and staff experience a
safe, supportive, and inclusive environment?
The message is clear; we are not welcome.
The members of this community,
Melanie Castillo, Co- President of the Martin Luther King Jr. Society
Manuela Yeboah, Co- President of the Martin Luther King Jr. Society
Sadie Taylor, Vice President of the Diversity Coalition
Benjamin Howland, Class of 2018
Carlos Villa, Treasurer of the Martin Luther King Jr. Society
Deborah-Julie Katsuva, Co-VP Diversity Coalition
Elias Dean, Class of 2017
Olivia Nestro, Class of 2018, member of S.L.A.M.
Gabriella Elmoussaoui, SOAR Co-Coordinator/Team Member
Deirdre McPhee, SOAR team member, Girl Talk Eboard
Sydney Moran, Vice President of the Martin Luther King Jr. Society
Jessie Clegg, SOAR Co-Coordinator/Team Member
Alanna Moriarty, 17, Vice-President of Common Ground, SOAR Team Member
Carolyn Leccese, 18, President of Diversity Coalition, GEAR housing Resident
Jameria Davis, 19, Treasurer of Diversity Coalition
Jacqueline Lalla, 17, Council Member of SMC 1st
Tiffanie Katsuva, 19, Secretary of Diversity Coalition
Lithza Miranda 19 GirlTalk Club Liaison
Abigail Adams 19 SOAR Leader
Keitsha Figueroa 21, Class of 2017
Amanda Greaves, Class of 2020
Queren Marte, SMC 1st
Talia Lawrence, 19 GirlTalk Club Liaison
Maria Rania, Social ambassador for GEAR program
Dyanna Martin, Class of 20
Diego Calderon,Class of 20
Justin Javier Pagan, 17, President of Gaming Club
Marissa Kelemen, SMC1st
Nga Thi Nguyen 18, Secretary of Martin Luther King Jr. Society, ALANA
OverKnight Coordinator, Resident Assistant for Ryan Hall
Antoinette Smith, Class of 2017, Apartment Community Advisor
Marie Salinas Class 2018, Resident Assistant, S.O.A.R. 2016 Coordinator
Osrica McLean 18