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Closure Research/Summary/ Response

Closure: Its more than just Lining Up: (Duncan and Clemons focus on phys. Ed, but
can be adapted)
May include:
1. Culminating feedback reinforcement of positive individual or group
2. Calming and cooling down activity to slow down students mentally and
3. Review of key learning points concepts, terminology, and/or facts
4. Suggestions for independent practice connecting learning to the childs world
5. Preparation for the next lesson suggestions for practice and building
anticipation (Duncan and Clemons)
Valuable but doesnt require equal time
Whats involved in culminating feedback?
Focus on emotional safety
o Have students look forward to next class
o Cant change a bad lesson make it positive
Positive vibes remain
They most likely wont remember the corrective feedback you
made at the end
o Rate their effort
o Put ups instead of put downs
Teachers select students to give put-ups to the entire group
Closure Activities that I found effective:
Exit slips
o Write something you learned
o Respond to ....
o Why questions
o Pros of exit slips
Concrete evidence of where students are at
Quieter students are more likely to respond
o Cons
Dependent on reading level however it can be adapted. I tell my
higher end students to write more before they are able to hand it in.
Paper trails trying to see how I can minimize this (perhaps
google classroom?)

Class question/answer ex. before you leave I need 3 answers to the following

Closure Research/Summary/ Response

o Pros of Class question/answer

Lets me choose someone who I havent talked to during the lesson
or gives students an opportunity to showcase their knowledge
o Cons of class question/answer
Quieter students might not want to speak in front of peers

Exit Quiz students have to answer a question about the lesson correctly before
leaving class (this requires more time)
o Pros of Exit quizzes
Leaving class on a good note got an answer correct
Competitive grade 7s feed off of competition
o Cons
Hinder some students who might not know an answer however,
teacher is able to gear questions to the student for best success

One sentence summary pick a student to give a one sentence summary of the
lesson other students can respond or make up their own
o Pros of one sentence summary
Analytical have to choose what is the most important concept we
learned about in that one lesson
o Cons of one sentence summary
Again, students may not want to share but this summary could be
incorporated into an exit slip

Simple heres what you need to know/important concepts/ whats happening

o Pros
Good when short on time as it is teacher driven and short
Good quick review heres what you need to know!
o Cons
Hard to maintain students attentiveness
Teacher driven students arent directly involved