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Removal Exam
CA 2
Crim. Sherwin A.
your answer.

TEST 1. MULTIPLE CHOICE, Choose the letter of the correct answer. (2points each)
1. Presidential Decree No. 968 established the
a. A. Child & Youth Welfare
c. Juvenile Justice
b. B. Family Welfare
d. Adult Probation
2. Which of the following statements are wrong?
I. Amnesty will erased the crime
Amnesty may be given before final judgment
III. Amnesty is given to a group of offenders.
Amnesty is given to political offenders.
a. I and II
c. IV
b. II and III
d. None
3. Which of the following factors are considered in petition for executive clemency?
1. age of the petitioner
2. gravity of the offense
3. manner in which offense was committed
4. petitioners institutional conduct or behavior
5. previous criminal record, if any
a. 2, 3, 4 and 5
c. all these listed
b. 1, 2, 3 and 4
d. 3, 4, 5 and 1
4. The Parole and Probation Administration administers a
corrections program.
a. institutional
c. integrated
b. community-based
d. traditional
5. Which of the following statements are wrong?
I. Conditional pardon refers to the exemption of an individual with certain
limits or conditions.
Conditional pardon is a contract between the Chief executive and the
convicted criminal with the recommendation on the court of first instance.
III. Conditional pardon is applicable to those inmates slapped with fixed
Conditional pardon may be extended through Parole.
a. I and II
c. II and IV
b. I and III
d. II and III
6. Manny Yakish was convicted to a prison term of prison correctional. Will he qualify for
a. Yes, his sentence is three (3) years and one (1) day
b. No, his sentence is six (6) years and one (1) day
c. Yes, his sentence is less than six (6) years and one (1) day
d. No, his sentence is more than six (6) years and one (1) day
7. Which of the following statement is TRUE?
a. A parolee may be authorized by the Parole and Probation Officer to travel
outside his operational jurisdiction for a period of more than thirty (30) days.
b. Outside travel for a cumulative duration of more than thirty (30) days within a
period of one (1) year shall be considered transfer of residence.
c. It is not mandatory for the parolee to comply with the terms and conditions
appearing in the release document.
d. A parolee cannot transfer to a residence other than that indicated in the
Release Document without the prior written approval of the Board of Pardon
and Parole
8. Prejolito is 17 years old when he was convicted for the crime of theft. Can he apply for
probation under the Adult Probation System?
a. No, because he is entitled for parole
b. No, because his crime is theft
c. No, because he is only 17 years old
d. No, because he is convicted of a crime
9. What document is issued to a parolee when the maximum period of his prison term
has expired?
a. Certificate of Final Discharge
b. Certificate of Prison Term Completion
c. Certificate of Final Release

d. Certificate of Final Release and Discharge

10. Which of the following is considered in the grant of conditional pardon?
a. Good conduct shown
b. Discipline of the prisoner
c. Old age provided that he was not yet 60 years old at the time of his
commitment to prison
d. Length of time spent in prison
11. Which among the following is the procedure for the application for probation?
1. The prosecutor submits his comments on such application within 10 days
from receipt of the notification
2. The court grants or denies the petition for probation within 15 days upon
receipt of the PSIR.
3. The offender or his counsel files a petition with the convicting court
4. If petitioner is qualified, his application is referred to the probation officer
for post-sentence investigation
5. The court determines convict qualifications and notifies the prosecutor of
the filing of the petition
6. The post-sentence investigation report (PSIR) is submitted by the
probation officer to the court within 60 days
a. 2,3,4,6,5,1
c. 3,5,1,4,6,2
b. 3,4,5,1,6,2
d. 3,1,5,4,2,6
12. It is a judicial action or legal disposition that allows the offender to remain in the
community subject to conditions imposed by court order?
a. commutation
c. reprieve
b. probation
d. parole
13. The following are the causes for the probation cases to be terminated, except.
a. Expiration of the period of probation.
b. Revocation of probation.
c. The death of the probationer.
d. Through court order.
14. It is referred to as the institutional record of the inmate.
a. Carpeta
b. Prison Record
d. Jail Book
15. Parole supervision shall be deemed to start when?
a. After 72 hours from receipt of the release order
b. After he is discharged on parole
c. By order of the BPP
d. When he present himself for supervision
16. One of the following is not an administrative function exercise by the executive
branch of the government.
a. Probation
c. parole
b. Pardon
d. Amnesty
17. The following are the effects of pardon granted by the President, except.
a. Extinguishes the criminal liability of the person
b. Extinguishes the accessory penalties
c. Must be given after service of the sentence
d. All of them
18. The parolee shall be required to appear or report to his supervisor not less than
______ times a month during the first six (6) months period of supervision.
a. two
c. six
b. four
d. eight
19. The proclamation granting amnesty to MILF members.
a. Proclamation No. 22
c. Proclamation No. 21
b. Proclamation No. 11
d. Proclamation No. 12
20. Which of the following statement is correct?
a. amnesty is an executive clemency
b. amnesty is an act of grace
c. amnesty can be given to individual
d. amnesty must have the concurrence of the congress
21. The following are disqualified offenders for probation, except.
a. Convicted by subversion.
b. Those who were previously granted under PD.603.
c. Imprisonment of more than six years.
d. Who are already serving sentence at the time the substantive provisions of
this decree became applicable.
22. He is known as the Father of Parole.

a. Maconochie
c. Crofton
b. Brockway
d. Trinidad
23. The proclamation that was issued by former President. Elpidio Quirino granting
amnesty to the group of HUKBALAHAP.
a. Proclamation #. 76
c. Proclamation #. 86
b. Proclamation #. 81
d. Proclamation #. 164
He is known as a boot maker in Boston.
a. Matthew Davenport Hill
c. John Augustus
b. Father Cook
d. Alexander Rice
Which of the following statement is wrong?
a. The father of Philippine Probation is Teodolu Natividad
b. PD. 968 is created by Ferdinand Marcos
c. The PPA in Filipino is Pangasiwaan ng Parol at Probasyon
d. Probation is derived from the Latin word Probare meaning to give.
26. It is referred to as an act of executive clemency conceded to an individual for an
ordinary crime.
a. Absolute Pardon
c. General Pardon
b. Conditional Pardon
d. Special Pardon
27. It is referred to as the Amnesty given to a whole class of persons within territorial
a. Limited Amnesty
c. General Amnesty
b. Express Amnesty
d. Conditional Amnesty
28. The following are the purpose of PD. 968, except.
a. Promote the correction and rehabilitation of an offender by providing him with
individualized treatment.
b. Minimize the population of adult prisoner.
c. Provide and opportunity for the reformation of a patient offender which might
be less probable if he were to serve a prison sentence.
d. Prevent the commission of offense.
The following are the benefits of Probation, except.
a. Probation protect society
b. Probation protect the victim
Which of the following statements are true?
I. BPP is created under Act. 4103
Act. #. 4103 is known as indeterminate sentence law.
III. BPP is under DOJ
BPP is composed of 6 members.





a. I, II, III
b. I, II, IV
The Following are the crimes against National Security, except.
a. Treason
c. Piracy
b. Rebellion
d. Espionage
Which of the following statement is wrong?
a. The period of probation of a defendant sentenced to a term of imprisonment of
not more than 1 year shall not exceed two years.
b. If more than 1 year to 6 years, the said period shall not exceed 6 years.
c. Probation order shall take effect upon its issuance.
d. Probation shall be under the supervision of the court of first instance.
The Person who issued aProclamation No. 80.
a. Aquino
c. Ramos
b. Marcos
d. Quirino
The following are the purpose of the PPA, except.
a. To create appropriate conditions for parole supervision.
b. To administer the Parole and Probation system
c. To exercise supervision over parolees, pardonees and probationers.
d. To promote the correction and rehabilitation of criminal offender.
The following are the limitations of granting amnesty, except.
a. It cannot be granted in cases of impeachment.
b. It cannot be granted in violation of election code.
c. It must be in concurrence of the congress.
d. It cannot be given to a civil contempt.
It is known as the Philippine Probation act.
a. Commonwealth No. 4221
c. Presidential Decree. 4221



b. Commonwealth No. 4122

d. Commonwealth No. 4222
The Person who introduced the first federal probation bill.
a. Mc. Call and Copeland
c. Copeland and Graham
b. Robert T. Owen and Copeland
d. Mc. Call and Robert T. Owen
It is known as the Juvenile Probation Law.
a. PD. 968
c. PD. 903
b. PD. 608
d. PD. 603
Which of the following condition is the first thing to do by the probationee?
a. Not to commit another crime
b. Probationer must present himself to his probation officer within 72 hours
c. Report to his probation officer at least once a month
d. Comply with any other lawful conditions imposed by the court.
It is the best definition of Parole.
a. It is the conditional release of the prisoner form a correctional institution after
he has served the minimum of his prison sentence.
b. It is a privilege given to a prisoner after he has served the minimum of his
prison sentence.
c. It is the release of the prisoner form a correctional institution after he has
served his prison sentence.
d. It is the conditional release of the prisoner form a correctional institution after
he has served the minimum of his prison sentence and recommended by the
judge to the President.

TEST 2, Identification, Give what is being described. 5 points


It is the meaning of the acronym CFRD

How many are the Executive Clemency?
It is the Greek word for Amnesty.
It is the meaning of RA. 8353.
It is referred to a person in charge of the New Bilibid Prison.