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Course : Strategic & Sustainable HRM

PGPM, MDI Murshidabad

Course Instructor : Prof.(Dr) Aloke Kr Sen

India is currently witnessing interesting happenings on the economic front.
With increasing global competition, organisations are under tremendous
pressure to improve their performance through reduction of cost and in quality
up-gradation. Indian business organisations have realised that they are now in
a more open, highly competitive, and market-oriented environment.
The change in the macro environmental scenario is most remarkable feature
today. There are many changes and there are certain changes which occur
without notice. Todays MBA students should have a thorough knowledge
about these changes. The business has a powerful tendency to overcome the
changes and challenges globally. The need is to upgrade the students, such
that they can catch up with the speed of the events of the moment.
The MBA students should be proactive and they should change their outlook
such that the changes in the micro and macro environment may not affect
them in the managerial functions and abilities. Since HR environment is fast
changing and the budding managers should be well conversant and trained
with the concept of Strategic and Sustainable HRM and how the HR activities
can be aligned with the Corporate Strategy and Business Strategies so that
they can foresee and act promptly with confidence and enthusiasm for getting
better organizational results.
The central idea behind Strategic HRM is that all initiatives how people are
managed need to be aligned with and in support of the organizations overall
strategies. No organization can expect to be successful if it has people
management systems that are at odds with its vision and mission. Thus,
Strategic HRM is about handling the choices to channelize human resources in
the best way to align with organizations business strategy.
Sustainable HRM on the other hand is foreseeing the change in human
resources many years down the line and act accordingly to frame and
implement those today to make them measurable for future. One of the
objectives of HRM should be to make human resource processes sustainable to
justify the investments on human resources on long-term perspective.

Course Objective:

The objective of this paper is to help the students have an application-oriented

conceptual clarity in the area of Strategicand Sustainable HRM. The paper will
acquaint and equip the students to apply theory to practice in their
professional capacity.

Course Content:
Strategic Management; Strategic HRM; Sustainable HRM;Models of Strategic
HRM; Strategic HR Challenges; Organization Structure& Job Designing;
Strategic HRP; Managing Diversity; Outsourcing; Planning & Implementing
PerformanceManagement; Strategic Compensation & Rewards Management;
HRIS;Sustainable HRM Strategy; Organizational Downsizing; Sustainable HRM
& CSR: Best Corporate HRPractices ; Talent Management.

Assessment will be done through class tests, assignments, case analysis &
presentation, group work. A provision for four lecture hrs has been kept for this
No. of Quizzes - 2
Class Participation through case discussion (five Cases)*
Case analysis report& presentation (People Express Airlines)
Mid Term Examination:
Case analysis report & presentation (Nippon Steel Corporation)
End Term Examination:



Suggested Text &References:

1. Jeffrey A. Mello (2014); Strategic Management of Human Resources,
CENGAGE Learning, New Delhi.
2. Schuler. R., & Jackson, S (2006) Strategic Human Resource Management,
2nd Edition, Oxford: Willey Blackwell (or latest edition).
3. Aloke K Sen (2007); Human Resource: Planning, Development
& Deployment; Asian books Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

Additional Readings:
The instructor as and when required shall provide additional readings, cases,
references including recent articles in the class.
** List of Cases for class participation & discussion:


Star Mills Limited

The Chess Player: Satrang Ki khiladi
Nava Bharat Corporation
Belgaum Smelter
Bharat Electronics Ltd.
Stakeholder Engagement Sonapalli: Mine or Minefield