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Write a play, dance,

song, or poem from

the perspective of a
single molecule
experiencing one of
the three modes of
heat transfer, without
naming it. Can your
classmates guess
what it is?

Conduct a heat
transfer survey of
your home, and
draw a map of
what you
discover. Come
up with a 5-part
plan to conserve
heat in your

Teach a group of 5th

graders about
conduction, convection,
and radiation through an
interactive activity.
Share with the class
what you did, how it
went, what you think
went well, and what you
might do differently next

Create your own


Build your own solar

oven and use it to
prepare a treat for the

Interview a chef,
architect, builder, auto
mechanic, home
(You must
inspector, potter,
convince one
engineer, or ________
classmate and
and find out all the ways
your teacher that that different forms of
this challenge
heat transfer relate to
will delve deeper and impact their jobs
into the subject)

Build something that

will keep ice cream
cold for an entire
class period. Your
classmates will thank
you. Draw what you
think is happening to
help limit heat

Write a
persuasive essay
to your school
convincing them
to make at least 5
specific changes
that would
conserve heat in
the winter

Cook a healthy dinner for

your family. Draw a
diagram showing all the
different (at least 8) ways
heat is transferred in the