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Erica Smith

Professor Wyss
EDUC 101
Exemplary Essay
There are many resources that can be helpful in your classroom and
technology can play a big role in a students success. Technology has grown so
much over the years that there are so many apps and devices that can help a
student grow in the classroom. As a teacher, you must keep up on what is going on
the world and what new resources can you use in your classroom that will be
beneficial. Back in time, they didnt have computers or tablets. They used books
and had to go to the library for all of their information. If the teacher is older, they
need to do research on the technology they use or practice themselves, so that the
students will be able to know to use it. From Brown, Englehardt, and Mathers (2016)
it says, They require the knowledge, skills, and experience to use technology
appropriately and effectively with their students. When the teachers can master an
app or a certain device of technology, they will be able to teach the students how to
use them correctly and they will be able to learn from it.
According to DAgostino, Rodgers, Harmey, and Brownfield(2015), it states
that, the authors describe how iPads, lent to educators in these settings, motivated
children to learn, provided opportunities for independent work and raised childrens
concentration levels(pg 527). Kids get motivated with technology when working
with them. There are apps on these tablets that let the kids see and play games to
help remember their homework or classwork. For example, there is a game/ app on
this iPad that the kids can use their cite words to practice it. By physically playing
the game and dragging the letters, they will remember a lot better.

If technology is going to be used in the class, which it will, it needs to be

monitored. Kids know so much about technology that schools need to put blocks on
certain websites. Essentially, technology should only be used for school purpose. It
is there as a resource and to help the students with school work, not to use for fun.
There are some educational games that are fun. According to Ditzler, Hong, and
Studler (2016), it states that however, students often do not use the technologies
for learning purposes. Further, they often multitask while engaged in educational
activities.(pg. 182). If the school monitor and block websites that they are not
supposed to be on, then they will not get off track and get distracted by other social
media and other apps. Technology is super beneficial in the classroom and if it is
used for the purpose of education, then the students will get to learn and grow from
using technology in the classroom.

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