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MAMA, I’M A BIG GIRL NOW from HAIRSPRAY Music by MARC SHAIMAN Lyrics by MARC SHAIMAN and SCOTT WITTMAN Freel Y, Dm # B Pemy: Mothers: Amber: Mothers: Stop! Stop tell - ing me to do- 00. Don't! “Don’t treat_me like Mothers: Tracy: Not Tow that you A fun Shuffle(JJ" J 2) a Mothers: Tracy: Tracy, Amber & Penny: Please! But, moth -er, please give it a ee! cenat200 by wining ton yas a Woo Ente ifaie Relaxed eodty Pema F = Mothers: Stop! Girls: Pleasst —— Bb Girls: Please! Girls: Pleaset No! a Ef 2 Ma-ma, I'm a big. gil Tracy: Once up-on a timewhen 1 was Dm "You nev-er let _me do just what the old - er kids id Delivered by Lane Musi, sn authorized Hal Leonor Digital Retsiler 3608910 —— lose that laundry list of what you won't al ~ low, “cause, mama, I'm a dig gil now! fi ® —— Amber: Once up-on a time I used to play with toys, Dm Bb B m now Td rath-er play a-roundwith teen-age 7 hick - ey, please don’t ei a @ "cause, ma-ma, I'm a big. gil Delivered by Lane Musi, an auchorized Hal Leonard Digital Retailer 3608910 tell you thet best danc-ing les-sons from you - Bb BR You're the one who taught me how to “Twist and Shout" be-cause you S DayC = stop and you're so twist = ed i a — ‘Tracy: Once 1 used to fid~get*cause 1 just sat ome, Amber: But now I'm just like Gid-get and 1 a Delivered by Lane Musi, an authorize lal Leonard Digital Reaer 3608910 Bb g Tracy: Aner: got -ta get to Rome! Penny: So, say ar- ri -ve-der-ci! Too-dle - oo! And cigo!__— Girls: "Cause, c. cr = = a ® a ma-ma,t'm a big gil now! All: Oh = oh - ob! Ebm_ big girl Delivered by Lane Must, an authorized Hal Leonard Digital Retailer 3608910 vb ob @ & Tracy: Chorus: Hey, mama, sty, mama, Onee up-on a time 1 was a shy young — thing. Could bm cba cb & barely walk and talk so much as dance and let_me bit the stage, I wan-na Db7 a ¢¢ @ = take my bow, “cause, _ma-ma, I'm a big gil now! Amber: Wo - oh - oh - oh - oht —. a & : Ee Once upon a time 1 used 10 dress up “Ken,” __ but now that I'm a wom-an like Delivered by Lane Music, an authorized Hal Leonard Digital Retailer 3608910 cb B big-ger_ men! — And I don'tneal a Bar-bie doll to show me how, “cause, bb by Gh Bbnyab Gbrysb cb B &@ 8 ff & & ma-ma, I'm a big gitl Girls: Ma, you al-ways taught me what was right from wrong, and now 1 just wan-na give it @ cb ab @ ue ‘ma, Pe been in the nest for far too please give a push and, mama, Delivered by Lane Music, an authorized Hal Leonard Distal Retiler 3608910 Ebmybh pb EhgyD> Db fa Beet Seer Amber: Watch Chorus: Hey, ma - ma, ma + ma Penny: One = Amber: And have some kids and thom.— Tracy: But let. me be a star be-fore I take that vow, Girls: "cause, Retailer 3608010 Delivered by Lane Musi, an authorized tal Leonard Di & &m é z & B ma-ma, Pm a big. gitl ! Ma~ma, I'm a big girl et Bm Em/D C6 DI aa 2 @ 5 —3i—— oS Amber: Fey ~ hey = hey - hey - hey! Girls: Ma > ma,— Se poe Alle Stop! —I— eae = Se *petivered by Lane Mase, an authorized Hal Leonard Digital Retailer 3608910 Ma - ma, a big gid Pstvered by Lane Misi. an authorized Mal Leonard Dinital Retailer 3608910