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News from the Lopez Family

Serving as missionaries with Commission to Every Nation at Wisdom and Grace Christian School
November 2016

A Year of Change!
Its hard to believe as I write from my dining room table in Guatemala that just a year ago we had
been accepted as missionaries with Commission to Every Nation to work with Wisdom and Grace
Ministries. We were still considering what that really meant for our family and how we would share
the news with others. A lot has happened in a year. God has shown His faithfulness to His call in so
many ways. Our church, Mountain West Church, really came alongside us in ways that we never
could have hoped or imagined. We were able to sell our home and belongings and tie up all loose
ends to be able to arrive in Guatemala almost 2 months sooner than planned. Our faith has grown in
so many areas. It has also been challenged in many ways. I believe that is where He meets us. He
gives us the faith to step out and trust in Him as He provides for all of our needs.
We spent our entire first month in Guatemala setting up our home
and waiting for our cars and personal belongings to arrive. It felt like
a VERY LONG wait. The wait was delayed by lots of government red
tape, a collapsed bridge at the port and lost car keys. However,
everything arrived and I can happily say that our belongings were in
the same condition as when they left the US. That is truly a miracle!
Christmas came in October this year for the Lopez family.
Enjoying our new surroundings

Christmas in October

There is so much to learn and re-learn about life in a third world

country. Vinicio adapted so well to the American culture and is also
relearning a new concept of time. Time is extremely flexible. An
appointment at 3:00 could really mean 7:00.
I am extremely empathetic in regards to how Vinicio may have felt
for the last 19 years living cross-culturally. Its a deeper level of
awareness now that I am walking in his shoes. I drastically
underestimated how challenging this transition would be for me
since I had already done this once. God is always growing us, He
wants us to come to Him with our burdens. He doesnt want to
leave us where we are. There is always a deeper level of growth and
healing that He desires for us. Im grateful. Grateful for the
opportunity to grow, to be stretched.
But He said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made
perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my
weaknesses, so that Christs power may rest on me.
2 Cor 12:9-10

There have been many great blessings in the midst of this transition.
We regularly attend church several times a week at Covenant of
Grace Church where the Holy Spirit is alive and the preaching is
inspired. We are learning so much from Pastor Rudi. It has been a
true blessing to reconnect with old friends and to live near family for
the first time. The girls are thriving and are so happy.
Womens Ministry Facials

Whats Next?
So what now? The 2016 school year has just ended. Vinicio has
several projects that will be occupying his time. He will be
working to make needed repairs to the current building. The
enrollment at Wisdom & Grace School continues to increase!
Vinicio is working on a temporary addition to accommodate the
more than 400 students who will study at the school next year.
I will be busy writing a team manual for those planning to work
alongside us in the future. We will be looking at the 2017
calendar to schedule and plan for visionary teams.
Emma & Selah will continue to observe and study their new
culture until they are ready for formal schoolingOur
in January.

Imagine 1000
We are not financially in a position to begin construction on the
new school and church at this time. Karry will be working with
Wisdom & Grace missionary, Lauren, to complete fundraising for
this project. We are hoping to inspire others to partner with us to
hold several fundraisers throughout Guatemala and the US in
2017. The estimated cost of the building project is $1.5 million.
We are reminded that nothing is impossible for God. Would you
like to host an Imagine 1000 fundraiser for us?
Please take a few minutes to watch our short video about
Imagine 1000 and our Child Sponsorship program.
Imagine 1000 - https://vimeo.com/183781814
Child Sponsorship https://vimeo.com/187093934
Thank you to all of our partners who have prayed for us and sown
into the ministry. You are an active part of what is happening at
Wisdom & Grace Ministries and we bless you!
If you would like to partner with us in ministry, we are looking for
monthly partners to help us fill in the gap as a result of unfulfilled
commitments since we arrived in Guatemala. We need about
$200 in monthly commitments to meet our monthly expenses.

PO BOX 291307
KERRVILLE, TX 78029-1307




www.cten.org/karrylopez or call 830-896-8326

With Love,
Karry, Vinicio, Emma & Selah
A Note about Taxes! Each year many people are looking to give end-ofyear gifts as a possible way to help reduce their tax liability. If you are one
of those people, here are some things to keep in mind! Contributions
mailed to CTEN must be postmarked no later than December 31 st. Online
credit card donations must be posted through the CTEN website no later
than December 31st. CTEN is also able to receive contributions of stocks,
bonds and mutual funds, which are then sold and the proceeds provided
to the missionaries. Remember that any year-end gifts of stocks, bonds or
mutual funds must be received in CTENs brokerage account by
December 31st. Call 800-872-5404 for more information.