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Time : 3 Hours

: Mechatronics Engineering
: ME6603 / Design of Mechatronics system
Max. Marks : 100
Answer all Questions

PART A ( 10 X 2 = 20 MARKS)
1. What are the three phases in mechatronics design process?
2. Why does traditional design approach is called as sequential engineering approach?
3. What are the commonly used modeling methods in mechatronics?
4. Write briefly on modified analogy approach.
5. List some of the softwares available for Data Aquision.
6. Differentiate between DA and DAC.
7. List some of the sensors used in an Engine management System.
8. A man picks a pen from the table. Is this an open loop system or closed loop system?
Justify the answer.
9. Why scaling is necessary between micro and macro systems?
10. Give any two applications of micro mechatronics system.
PART B ( 5 X 16 = 80 MARKS)
11. (a) What are the key elements of mechatronics system design? Discuss in detail.
(b) Discuss some of the advanced approaches in mechatronics system design.
12. (a) Discuss in detail about different approaches for model validation.
(b) Write short notes on (i) Logic/Petri net simulation (ii) Multibody simulation
13. (a) Briefly describe the elements of DAC with block diagram.
(b) Discuss in detail about the I/O process.
14. (a) Explain the data acquisition and control for pH control system with sketch.
(b) Discuss about the modern Engine Management System.
15. (a) Write short notes on component design and system design.
(b) Discuss about the modeling and simulation of micro mechatronics system with an