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Sports Astrology Predictions

Horary Astrology
The horary astrology is a special branch of astrology with quite different rules
of natal astrology, which allows predictions in all domains of life, including
sports predictions. Below is a text explaining the rules to follow in this speci
al kind of sports astrology.
Proper horary questions
sports astrology Will A or B win the foot race?
Which will win the quoite match?
Which will win the game at cards?
Shall I be able to win the battle?
Can I bargain to my advantage?
Shall I be succesfull in the rafle?
Shall I win this wager?
Shall I win or loose by purchasing these shares, etc.?
The lord of the ascendant and the Moon are for the querent.
The Vth house, its ruler, and planets therein are for the gain or loss.
The VIIth house and its ruler signify the opponent.
Rules for winning
sports predictions 1. Rulers of the Ist and Vth, or the Ist and IInd strong or V
enus and Jupiter therein, unafflicted and not retrograde.
2. The Moon unafflicted, or the ruler of the Ist or the IInd or the Moon in conj
unction or good aspect of the Pars Fortunae.
3. The Pars Fortunae in the Ist, Xth or Vth, and not in bad aspect with the male
fics, or the ruler of the Ist, Vth or VIIth.
4. Jupiter, ruler of both Ist and IInd or Vth, unafflicted.
5. The ruler of the Ist, or the Moon in the VIIth, or especialy in Taurus, in th
e Vth, or the ruler of the Vth in the Ist, in dignities, and not afflicted by as
pect of Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Mars or the South Node.
6. The governor of the Ist in conjunction, sextile or trine, to the lord of the
Vth, especially if these significators are in reception.
7. The ruler of the IInd a benevolent and powerfully posited.
8. A benevolent in the IInd or Vth, and also in good aspect of the lord of the I
st, IInd or Vth.
9. The ruler of the Vth better dignified then the ruler of the VIIth.
10. The ruler of the Vth and VIIIth separating from good with each other, and th
e lord of the Vth applying benevolently to either the ruler of the Ist, IInd or
Pars Fortunae.
11. The North Node in the Ist, IInd, Vth or Xth is a slight testimony.
Losing testimonies
1. The lord of the Ist, IInd or VIIth, an infortune, or retrograde, or debilitat
2. The ruler of the Ist or Vth, or the Moon, afflicted, or much debilitated.
3. The lord of the Vth in the VIIth, in reception of the ruler of the VIIth.
4. The lord of the Vth separating from the lord of the IInd, and applying to con
junction, sextile or trine, to the lord of the VIIIth, or Uranus, Saturn, Mars o
r the South Node.
5. The Pars Fortunae in the VIIth, or in good aspect to the ruler of the VIIth o
r VIIIth; or Neptune, Uranus, Saturn or Mars in the Vth, and not the ruler.
6. The Moon in Square of Jupiter or Venus will not detriment unless she be debil
7. The South Node in the Ist, IInd, Vth or Xth house.
If you find equal testimonies, judge the most powerful significators win; but if

there happen to be more of the one than another, always decide in all questions
in favour of the greater number of reasons or testimonies.
(source: "Horary Astrology" by W.J.Simmonite)