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PAPER 1 Fundamental & Astrological Calculations

There are two parts in Paper 1. First is Fundamental of Astrology and second is
Astrological calculations. Both parts having 50 marks each.

Knowledge of Solar system, Equator, Latitude, Longitude, Velanter,

Palbha, Solar eclipses, Lunar Eclipses, North & South hemisphere and
passage of Sun from both hemispheres, Calculation of Time zones from
Longitude, Enviremental effects of Latitude and changes of Seasons
Ayanamsha, Calculation and use of Ayanamsha,
Planet, Satellite, Zodiac, Division of Zodiac in Signs and constellations,
Point of Equinox, Rahu-Ketu
Knowledge and History of Shak samvat, Vikramsamvat, Hijrisan, Isvi san
Sun rise Sunset, Duation of day and nigh, Study and method to
findout Tithi, Vaar, Nakshtra, Yog, Karan and use of Ephemeries
Increase and decrease in Tithis,
Names of Twelve Indian Months their Introduction, Order and Base
Study of Adhik maas, Purushotam maas
Relation between Indian months, sesaons and English Calander
Lunar month, Bright and Dark half of Moon
Name of constellation their dities, planetry lordships
Result of birth in different constellations
Calculation of Time
Standard time, Local time, Medium time, Apparent time,
Greenvich time, Diff. between Greenvich & Standard time
War time correction & Summer time correction

Casting of Horoscope
Calculation of Ghati pal, Istkal, Bhayat, Bhabhog,
Calculation of Longitude of Moon, Ascendent,
Mid Heaven and Twelve houses of Horoscope
Calculation the longitudes of Planets with Gomutrika Method,
Making of Kundli With Indian and South Indian methods
Calculation and making of Navmansh Kundli and method to
predict from navmansh kundli

PAPER 2 Predictive Astrology

1. Name of Planets, thier signs, Distance fron Sun, Orbits, Satellites,
Position, Exaltion, Debilitation, Mooltrikon, Own signs and degrees
2. Rising and setting of planets, Combustion and degrees of combustion,
Retrograde and direct motion of Planets, different Speeds i.e. stambhit
Atichari etc.
3. Natural Friendships, Temporary Friendship, Panchdha friendship, Enmity,
Natural enmity, Enmity by Placement, Fast friend, Common friend,
Neutral, Enemy etc.
Making of Panchdha Maitri charka
4. Nature, Character, Element, Direction(east west etc,) their signification
And other characteristics of Planets
5. Study of all Major aspects of Planets
6. Study of Avasthas of Planets i.e. (Bal, Kumar, Yuva, Vridh, mrit)

Introduction to Signs
Nature, Element, Direction(east west etc,) their signification and
Characteristics of Signs, Even-odd signs, male-female, Dwipad,

Chatushpad, keet, Animal, fixed, Moveable and Commen signs

Firey, Earthy, Airy and Watery signs, Shershodaya, Prashthodaya,
Ubhyodaya etc.
Result of Planets in different signs

Twelve houses of Horoscope

Twelve houses of Horoscope and their different Names
Trik, Trishdayesh, Kroor va Paap sangyak, Aapoklim, Upachya,
Kendra, Trikon bhav etc.
Signification of Twelve Houses on Different Matters
Result of Planets in twelve houses in brief

Analysis of Vimshotri Dasha

Dasha years of Planets and their order
Calculation of Dasha-Antradasha according to position of Moon
Making of Dasha-antardasha chart with Dates
Basic knowledge of Ashtotri Dasha

Analysis of Yogini dasha :

Calculation and prediction of Yogini dasha

Paper -3 (Practical Astrology)

Casting of Horoscope & match the calculations with computer horoscope
Predict Horoscope according to Planetry situations in Signs and Bhavas
Code and conduct of an Astrologer
Sayan and Niryana systems of Astrology and difference between these

Grah parichay
Rashi parichay
Mathematics notes
Example kundlis
Kundlis of celebrities for practice

Nakshatra parichay