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ENG 101

Peer Review Cause and Effect Analysis

Students will be able to

Proofread essays for the use of semicolons, colons, and

Evaluate a peers essay for content

On the back of your essay

Write three content related questions for your reviewer to

On your own, you should have already

conducting these proofreading steps
MLA format (heading, header)
In-text parentheticals after every
works cited citations
Paragraph length
Topic and concluding sentence
At least one quote for support in
every paragraph

Introduction (opener, explanation,

Conclusion (refers back to intros
opener, summarizes, mic drop)
Verb passivity (circle be verbs)
Pronoun Antecedent Agreement
Shifts (verb tenses, point of view,
direct - indirect, mood/voice

Weve also done

Sentence Variety


Revising semicolons & colons

If youve used a semicolon, make sure you have a complete sentence
before and after
If youve used a colon, make sure you have a complete sentence
before or after
(on the side opposite the colon, you need a list or another
complete sentence)

Revising - commas
Highlight all FANBOYS
If there is a complete sentence before and after the
FANBOYS, place a comma before the FANBOYS
Read each sentence. Look for extra information. Place
commas around the extra information.
Which usually signifies extra information
That usually signifies essential information
Is there a beginning of a sentence that can be placed at the
end of the sentence? If so, place a comma after that
moveable part of the sentence (inverted sentence).

Peer Review
Exchange drafts
Read the essay
Answer the questions on the back

Sign your name

Return essay to owner

Any additional questions about the general assignment?

What did you learn about your writing or your essay?

Due next class

Cause and effect analysis final copy (staple together rubric, final
copy, prewrite (freewriting and discussion notes), plan (outline),
rough draft with proofreading marks and peer review
Comparison analysis mulligans (revision placed on top of
original submission [rubric, final copy, etc.])

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