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Singh 1

Mahadeo Singh
FIQWS 10105
Professor Lis von Uhl
October 5, 2016
Exploratory Self-Reflection
Accomplishing the exploratory essay took some hard work and dedication, not to
mention time, to fulfill all the requirements. Unlike the previous essay I have completed, the
exploratory took much of the time researching for sources. When brainstorming ideas for this
paper, I knew for sure that I wanted to combine the use of characteristics of the female
protagonists towards the meaning of females portrayed in society. There is a lot of symbolism
when it comes to Draupadis character. The Grimms fairy tale, Cinderella, was very bland to me.
It didnt excite me as much. I expected more action in the story. Nevertheless, the exploratory
essay challenged me in numerous ways, such as, finding sources and organizing my ideas. By
incorporating characteristics and the role females play in society formulated my exploratory
By considering the rhetorical context beyond the story itself, it has helped me learn more
about the character and the role females were portrayed as. When brainstorming, it was
important for me to look at the meaning beyond the story itself. I examined the text critically to
find anything that would help me to formulate my essay. As a result, I determined who the
audience is, the stance I want to create as a writer and the purpose of my essay. After re-reading
the stories it helped me gather relevant information for the essay.
There were a few bumps along the road that took time for me to evaluate and incorporate
into my essay. For the most part, when it comes to sources it is easy for me to find. I usually use

Singh 2

Academic OneFile to find primary and scholarly sources. Finding sources for Cinderella was
fairly easy. However, when it came to Draupadi, I could not find one. It was a challenge for me
to find a source for Draupadi other than the story. I wanted to incorporate what scholars gathered
about the story and their ideas. It makes an exploratory essay more interesting when I incorporate
other individuals ideas to further prove my stance.
Compared to other essays I have written in the past, this essay really motivated me to try
my best to accomplish my goals. It had much to do with the challenges. Challenges motivate me
to do the best I can do. It is that driving force that compels me to spend hours making sure that
all is right in the essay. When writing this essay, I was motivated to organize my ideas and
showcase what other professionals gathered when reading the stories. By incorporating sources
within the essay, it is much easier to explain the stance in which I am trying to prove. Including a
work-cited page polishes the exploratory essay to its potential. I for one enjoyed the challenged
of completing the exploratory essay.