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WINTER HOLIDAY CELEBRATION: Wednesday, December 21st; 9:00am-11:00pm

Let us never forget that we are the masters of our destiny Peter Erbe
You enjoy a good celebration, so you will be masters of your own celebration! What better opportunity to learn about winter
holidays around the globe?
You and your group-mates will be in charge of putting together a 15 minute center that focuses on one game, one craft, at least two
food items, and the general information of the holiday. Each member of your group needs to be assigned an aspect to research with a
list of options to be voted on by the other group- mates.
Ex.: I have been assigned the duty of learning about Christmas crafts. During my research I realize that there are many different types
of crafts that are significant for this holiday. I write down all the ones that seem reasonable to accomplish within 10-15 minutes with a
summary of their meaning/importance for the holiday and then share all of them with my group so they can vote on the one they like
Answer the following questions on your board:
When did my holiday begin?
What part of the world did my holiday begin?
Which parts of the world celebrate my holiday now? (Have a map on your board colored/shaded in where it is
When is my holiday celebrated (what time of year/month/day)?
Is my holiday celebrated by certain religious or ethnic groups? If so, which?
What makes my holiday so special?
Where might I see my holiday celebrated in the United States?
Which crafts are done for my holiday? What is the significance of the craft?
What types of foods might be made? What ingredients are necessary to make these items? What significance does the
food have?
Are there any items, religious or otherwise, that are necessary for the celebration? Their significance to the holiday?
How is my holiday celebrated?
What types of games may be played? What is necessary to play these games? How are they played?
Which parts intrigue me most about this holiday?
How does this holiday impact people?
Once you have researched and determined, as a group, which craft, game, foods, and information is most significant for the
holiday/celebration you are assigned, you will compile it and be paired with a parent volunteer to put your ideas into play for the entire
5th grade!

Table 1:
Diwali (Indian Festival of Lights)
Students: Erik, Anne Louise, Christian, Marr, Hailey, and Zach

Table 2:
Winter Solstice (pagan holiday where the tree originated for Christmas)
Students: Mackenzie, Cooper, Ezra, Cameryn, Jack

Table 3:
Hanukkah (Jewish holiday)
Students: Justin, Connolly, Ian, Deajah, Tyler

Table 4:
Kwanzaa (African-American holiday)
Students: Culli, Ellie, Kaelyn, Jathan, Mia, Maddie

Table 5:
St. Lucia (Sweden)
Students: Drew, Saniah, Jackson, Grace, Molly, Jontay

Table 6:
St. Nicholas (Greek)
Students: Maggie, Saila, Mike, Nathan, Katherine

Table 7:
Frohe Weihnachten (German Christmas)
Students: Anthony, Kylie, Patrick, Cammie, Will


Table 8:
Chinese New Year
Students: Georgia, Landon, Aeiress, Katie, Rohan, Brody